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    Port of LB Begins Converting Equipment To Cleaner Fuel, Includes Pollution-Control Devices

    (May 13, 2003) -- Surrounded by an array of local dignitaries, Port of LB officials launched an ambitious program to use cleaner-burning diesel fuel in all terminal equipment and outfit the equipment with pollution-control devices.

    Kanter, Calhoun, May 12/03
    Port of LB photo
    At a May 9 press event attended by LB Mayor Beverly OíNeill, LB-PV Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal, CA Air Resources Board officials and others, Port Planning Director Dr. Robert Kanter (left) and Harbor Commissioner John Calhoun (right), along with other Harbor officials, unveiled the Port's newest industrial strength cleaner gizmos and practices.

    As described in a written release, Port officials and terminal operators demonstrated use of an alternative diesel fuel (Chevron ProformixTM fuel) and displayed equipment already outfitted with a special diesel oxidation catalyst, a pollution-control device that reduces odor, noise, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and particulates from exhaust. The diesel oxidation catalyst, made by Lubrizol Engine Control Systems, is known as the AZ Purimuffler.

    The Port release indicates LB Port tenants Hanjin and CA United Terminals "have already switched to ProformixTM fuel on all terminal equipment. In addition, the AZ Purimufflers have been added to the engines on 14 utility trucks, forklifts and other equipment used by Hanjin and California United Terminals to handle cargo containers at their Port of Long Beach facilities, with a fleet-wide retrofit expected by the end of summer. Use of ProformixTM fuel does not require engine modifications or replacements when used by itself or in combination with diesel oxidation catalysts."

    Emissions from diesel engines using the alternative fuel and outfitted with diesel oxidation catalysts produce 50 percent less particulate matter and 20 percent less nitrogen oxides, the Port release said.

    The Port said it intends to expand its program to other tenants, retrofitting all diesel engines - approximately 1,000 pieces of equipment - with the special catalysts and using alternative diesel fuel exclusively by summer's end...and providing tenants with more than $2 million in incentives.

    "The use of alternative diesel fuel and diesel oxidation catalysts will significantly reduce emissions from Port operations," said Port of LB Executive Director Richard D. Steinke in the release, adding, "I congratulate Hanjin and California United Terminals for being forward-thinking and joining the Port in our ongoing dedication to a healthy environment."

    The effort is part of the Portís Air Quality Improvement Program, which includes a number of measures aimed at reducing diesel emissions resulting from Port operations. These include converting Port-operated vehicles to alternative fuels, promoting more efficient operations to reduce truck congestion and idling, and studying the use of electricity rather than diesel engines to power ships at berth.

    The Port says its Air Quality Improvement Program exceeds state and federal regulations. In April, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced proposed rules designed to reduce emissions from off-road vehicles such as the utility tractors and forklifts operated at Port terminals, but those proposed rules are not expected to take effect until 2008.

    The air quality effort is part of Healthy Harbor Long Beach, a Port initiative to improve air quality, water quality and wildlife habitat through existing and new programs. Additional elements will be introduced over the upcoming year, the Port says.

    The Port is paying for installation of diesel oxidation catalysts in tenant equipment using $1 million in grant money from the CA Air Resources Board. In addition, the Port is establishing an incentive fund to defray increased tenant costs associated with use of the alternative diesel fuel.

    Among those also attending the Port event were representatives from CA United Terminals; Hanjin; Marine Terminals Corporation; Chevron Products Company; General Petroleum and the Lubrizol Corporation. Chevron manufactures ProformixTM and General Petroleum, one of the largest ChevronTexaco-brand lubricant marketers, delivers ProformixTM to the terminal operators.

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