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City Hall Proposes Significant Re-Write Of Citywide Land Uses And Accompanying Urban Design In General Plan; Read Them Here

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(May 27, 2015) -- City Hall is proposing a major re-write of the document guiding land uses and urban design throughout the City of Long Beach -- a revised Land Use Element of the City's General Plan and an accompanying "Urban Design" element to the General Plan -- and given the public roughly 25 hours notice by its e-notify system and a press release of a meeting (May 27) to comment on the scope of the upcoming Environmental Impact Report on these items.

Changing the land use element of the City's General plan is a VERY big deal affecting property owners and residents citywide.

The proposed Land Use document can be viewed at this link.

A proposed "Urban Design" Element can be viewed at this link.

[Scroll down for further.]

Substantive details of these items are beyond the scope of our advisory here. We ask readers to join us in carefully reading the document and letting us know by email -- -- of areas you view as potentially impactful and newsworthy.

In a release received in the 4 p.m. hour May 26 (text below) City Hall announced the meeting scheduled about 25 hours later (May 27), calling it a public opportunity to comment on the scope of a forthcoming Enviropnmental Impact Report on the Land Use re-write. [It was presumably preceded by a statutory notice buried in some newspaper.] To read the official Notice of Preparation of Draft Environmental Imapct Report, click here. To read the draft initial study regarding the draft EIR click here.

The City release also announced a Planning Commission "study session" (no voted action) on the matter next week June 4th at 5:00 p.m.

[City release text]

The City is in the process of updating its General Plan, and the public is invited to attend two important events and provide input on the City's progressive vision for future land use and urban design.

1. Scoping Meeting: Wednesday, May 27, 2015; 6:00 p.m. at the Long Beach Gas & Oil Auditorium, 2400 E. Spring St.

2. Planning Commission Study Session: Thursday, June 4, 2015; 5:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 333 W. Ocean Blvd.

Both events will feature a presentation of the proposed update to the General Plan Land Use Element and the proposed addition of a General Plan Urban Design Element. The community will have the opportunity to speak with project team members and discuss the next steps for adopting the General Plan update. No formal action will be taken at either event.

To view the Draft Land Use Plan Element, go to

To view the Draft Urban Design Element, go to

For more information, go to

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