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Detailed LB Vote Tally Shows City Hall's Prop I Trailed Ryan's Prop J In Every Council District

(November 9, 2000) -- An analysis of detailed vote tallies from the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder shows LB City Hall's counter-measure Prop I (2.5% utility tax rate cut) trailed Norm Ryan's petition initiated Prop J (5% utility tax rate cut) in every LB City Council district.

To defeat Ryan's Prop J, City Hall's Prop I had to pass with more "yes" votes than Prop J. It failed to do so in any Council district.

Although Prop I drew more "yes" than "no" votes, Prop J did so by greater margins and in greater numbers.

A preliminary tally from the County Registrar-Recorder, based on roughly 82% of citywide votes for the measures counted, shows votes for Prop I and Prop J sorted by Council district (below). A final tally of LB's Council districts based on 100% of the vote is expected in a few weeks.

Roughly 100% of LB's citywide vote (not broken down by Council districts and not including some absentee and provisional ballots) has previously been provided by the County and is displayed on's front page.

For clarity of comparison in the Council district breakout, we've displayed only "yes" votes (since the "yes" votes are relevant and the "no" votes can be arithmetically derived).

With roughly 82% of citywide votes on Props I & J:

District 1
Prop I, Yes: 2392, 66.4%
Prop J, Yes: 2515, 70.7%

District 2
Prop I, Yes: 6023, 64.8%
Prop J, Yes: 6424, 69.5%

District 3
Prop I, Yes: 9637, 59.4%
Prop J, Yes: 10559, 65.4%

District 4
Prop I, Yes: 5387, 61.3%
Prop J, Yes, 6047, 68.9%

District 5
Prop I, Yes: 9303, 54.3%
Prop J, Yes: 11733, 68.2%

District 6
Prop I, Yes: 1924, 62.4%
Prop J, Yes: 2037, 66.7%

District 7
Prop I, Yes: 5695, 62.0%
Prop J, Yes: 6394, 70.7%

District 8
Prop I, Yes: 6096, 62.6%
Prop J, Yes: 6972, 72.0%

District 9
Prop I, Yes: 5064, 63.0%
Prop J, Yes: 5715, 71.6%

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