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LB City Prosecutor To Launch New Community Prosecution Program with Federal Grant

(November 22, 2000) LB City Prosecutor Tom Reeves has announced his office will launch a new Community Prosecution Program, using a $200,000 federal grant.

The Office of City Prosecutor issued a release quoting Mr. Reeves as follows:

"Community Prosecution is a new, neighborhood-based strategy where we will focus on criminal activity in a specific area, meet with residents, community leaders and law enforcement officers about the cirme problems in that area, then prosecute those individuals responsible for the criminal activity. We will prosecute criminals 'block by block' if that is what it will take to clean up the streets of Long Beach."

Funding for the program will come from a $200,000 federal grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice in response to a grant request submitted by the LB City Prosecutor's office. The grant request indicates the City Prosecutor's office will work closely with Neighborhood Improvement Strategy (NIS) groups to deal with crime in NIS areas.

Support for the grant came from LB Congressman Steve Horn.

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