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List of Mayor's Proposed Appointees to Council Limited "Non-Partisan Ethics Task Force"

Council asked to approve nominees at Nov. 20 Council meeting

(November 16, 2001) -- After the City Council (on motion by Councilman Dennis Carroll) voted 5-4 not to create an ethics commission with substantive enforcement functions, instead creating a "blue ribbon" City Hall chosen body to discuss ethics issues (Yes: Colonna, Carroll, Kell, Shultz, Webb; No: B. Lowenthal, Baker, Batts, Grabinski), Mayor Beverly O'Neill has nominated the following people to serve on what is being called a "non-partisan ethics task force."

  • Mario Cordero (District 1)
  • Richard Green (District 2)
  • Susan Wise (District 3)
  • Doug Haubert (District 4)
  • Ed Barwick (District 5)
  • Felton Williams (District 6)
  • Betty Ann Downing (District 7)
  • Dennis Lord (District 8)
  • Rev. Garon Harden (District 9)
  • Doug Otto (At Large)
  • Robert Parkin (At Large)
  • Dr. Sandy Blazer (At Large)

Reached for comment, nominee Richard Green -- who had urged the Council to create an ethics commission with more substantive powers -- told

"I am very pleased to have been recommended for appointment to the Mayor's blue ribbon committee on ethics. While the creation of this committee is a positive step forward for the issue of ethics legislation in Long Beach, I am disappointed that we have been asked by the Council not to even consider common enforcement mechanisms such as a ethics commission at this time. I commend Councilwoman Lowenthal for her leadership on this issue and I look forward to participating in the important work of this committee."

LB activist Traci Wilson-Kleekamp, who also testified in favor of a stronger ethics commission, was less diplomatic:

"What's the point of a "task force" that can't develop an enforceable code of ethics with teeth, not gums? This group will have no enforcement powers. What is this going to do for the public? It's superficial at best."

The City Council will be asked to approve the Mayor's "task force" nominees at its November 20 Council meeting (agenda item #13).

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