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Gov. Davis Tells CNN Three Fed'l Agencies Indicated Potential Terrorist Attacks on West Coast Suspension Bridges In Rush Hours b/w Nov. 2 and Nov 7

(November 1, 2001) -- In a live appearance at 6:00 p.m. PT today, CA Governor Gray Davis told CNN's Larry King that three federal agencies indicated possible terrorist attacks on west coast suspension bridges in rush hours between Nov. 2 and Nov. 7.

"We received information from three separate major federal agencies, indicating that there was a potential terrorist attack against suspension bridges on the west coast, and that that attack would begin on, during rush hour Nov. 2, which is tomorrow...They don't specify the bridges; obviously, I'm concerned about bridges in our state..."

He added, "If I didn't make that statement, and God forbid something happened, I'd be kicking myself. I have an obligation to share with the people of this state information that may well be credible that affects their lives. More importantly, I want them to know that we've gone the extra mile to protect them, and certainly calling up the National Guard shows that we're serious about this."

The Governor said he'd been in touch with Homeland Security Dir. Tom Ridge "who supports my decision," adding "If I had said nothing, and there had been some terrorist activity on a bridge in California, and people found out we had information warning of that threat, I'd just be kicking myself from now till Sunday."

Governor Davis indicated one federal agency believes the threat is credible and reported it to the FBI, which is checking it out "but while they're checking it out, they're providing this information to the sheriffs, the police chiefs and the law enforcement agencies on the west coast. We got that late last night and early this morning, and because the threat is supposed to start tomorrow, I wanted to tell people what we're doing to keep them safe, and tell them what might happen..."

The Governor added, "I think if terrorists know we know they may be coming, they may not come, and that's what we want. We don't just want to clean up the dead and wounded. We want to prevent terrorism in the first place, and letting them know we know what they're thinking and we've already beat 'em to the punch is a good strategy."

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