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    3d district Council Candidate Gary DeLong Reports $20k+ Fundraiser, His Total Raised This Year Tops $90k+

    (Nov. 19, 2005) -- 3d district City Council candidate Gary DeLong's campaign says it raised over $20,000 at a fundraiser at the offices of the Keesal, Young & Logan law firm on November 15, bringing the total raised this year by his campaign to over $90,000.

    Mr. DeLong told the campaign wanted at least 50 people to show up...and about 150 did.

    "I think they were there because they recognize my commitment to job creation, job protection and economic development," Mr. DeLong said. He added that over 400 people had contributed financially to the campaign so far "which I believe is reflection of widespread support throughout the 3d district community."

    In a written release, the campaign said the roughly 150 people attending included "over 100 3d District residents, including members of the Belmont Shore Residents' Association, members of the Belmont Shore Business Association, and many other 3d District neighborhood and business organizations. District neighborhood and business organizations"...but didn't identify them individually.

    The release also indicated members of City Hall's appointed Harbor Commission, Planning Commission, Water Commission, "Airport Advisory Commission" and other city commissions attended...but didn't identify them individually either.

    The DeLong campaign letterhead lists an "Advisory Council"; we list it at the end of this article.

    In his campaign's written release, Mr. DeLong said, "I continue to be overwhelmed by the strong show of grassroots support from so many people in the 3d District community. In addition, I was honored to have the support of residents from outside the 3d District who also live in the City of Long Beach and believe that Councilmembers should do not only what is best for their district, but also for the entire city." didn't ask the DeLong campaign to disclose individual contributors...but unless voluntarily released early by a campaign, individual contributions during the last six months of 2005 won't be known until a required disclosure form is filed in late Jan. 06.

    [ comment: In September, asked Mayoral candidate Bob Foster if he'd voluntarily identify contributors attending a fundraiser at Keesal, Young & Logan later that night. He replied, "I've got to think about that, I'm not sure. Let me think about that. I'll give that some thought." Mr. Foster must be giving this a lot of thought because we haven't seen the list yet.]

    The DeLong campaign release said its fundraiser's featured speaker was L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe, quoted by DeLong campaign manager Steve Conley as giving "great remarks, commenting on the need for leadership and responsibility in the community, and reaffirming his support for Gary DeLong."

    Mr. DeLong told that his priorities on the Council would be "increased public safety, greater attention to neighborhood needs, improving the business climate in Long Beach and increasing efficiency at City Hall."

  • On public safety: "We need more cops on the street, need to make public safety a priority and focus on funding. That means when someone comes along and proposes creating a 'Housing Trust Fund,' we need to say 'no,' we need the money for public safety because it's more important than subsidized housing. It's a matter of setting priorities and focusing on them."

  • On improving the business climate: "We don't need more programs or giveaways to businesses. We need to do away with obstacles that prevent businesses from succeeding, to streamlining the planning and building process."

  • On the size of expanded LB Airport terminal area facilities: "I think the EIR [Environmental Impact Report] recommendation of 103,000 [sq ft] is the most environmentally friendly option and needs to be a priority." What about the 130,000 sq. ft size that some favored? "We have what we have and it's important to more forward with the process now."

  • On what should happen if the Council and the Port disagree on policy: "The Port is responsible for some things and the Council is responsible for others. I don't think the City Council should take over the Port and I don't think the Port should take over the Council. I think there should be a partnership and both should work collaboratively to solve problems in Long Beach. I think the Council should reach out to Port Commissioners through partnerships."

  • On the petition-initiated utility tax cut campaign (Nov. 2000 ballot) led by now 3d district Council candidate Norm Ryan: "I wasn't engaged in the [utility tax cut campaign] process. I didn't come out for or against it. I voted for the one that had the more significant decrease [City Hall put a competing measure on the ballot proposing lesser tax relief, a 5% reduction over ten years instead of a 5% reduction over five years.] I'm hearing on campaign trail that many residents wonder whether a small reduction in the utility tax was worth the large reductions in city services. They're concerned about the reductions and cuts in services and they're wondering if saving a few dollars annually was worth it." So, does Mr. DeLong favor increasing the utility tax? "I'll continue to do a lot of listening before taking a position on that."

    The DeLong campaign letterhead lists an "Advisory Council" [caveat: doesn't call them formal endorsers]. Here's the list:

    [begin letterhead text]

    Steve Conley, Co-Chair
    Roy Hearrean, Co-Chair
    Alex Bellehumeur
    Mark Bixby
    Gary Burroughs
    Lou Anne Bynum
    John Calhoun
    Tom Clark
    Doug Drummond
    Tom Fields
    Jeanette Gavin
    Dick Gaylord
    Ben Goldberg
    Jim Gray
    John Hancock
    Jim Hankla
    Terry Harbour
    John Higginson
    Russ Hill
    Mari Hooper
    Skip Keesal
    E. Jan Kehoe, Ph.D.
    Jeff Kellogg
    Matt Knabe
    Shaun Lumachi
    Bob Luskin
    Dave McNaney
    Jon Meyer
    John Molina
    Jane Netherton
    Steve Oettinger
    Freda Hinsche Otto
    Doug Pennington
    Carmen O. Perez
    Chris Pook
    Dede Rossi
    Mitch Rouse
    Shirley Saltman
    Kurt Schneiter
    Nita Scott
    Sandi Shadden
    Dave Shlemmer
    Bill F. Simmons
    Jean Bixby Smith
    Nick Sramek
    Mort Stuhlbarg
    Mike Trainotti
    Mike Walter
    John Wang
    Kimball Wasick
    Jim Worsham
    (a partial listing . . .)

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