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    Largest Development in LB Proposed: Five High Rises (4 Res + 1 Ofc and including Retail) On Parcel Along Ocean Blvd. From Westward Shoreline Dr. Curve Eastward To Oceangate Plaza

    (Nov. 10, 2007) -- The largest development in LB -- four residential high rises + one office high rise and including retail -- has been proposed for a parcel along Ocean Blvd. from the westward Shoreline Dr. curve extending eastward to Oceangate Plaza.

    View looking eastward from Shoreline Drive curve on west (Shoreline Drive is in foreground). Image: Golden Shore Master Plan (by developer)

    The proposal was unveiled on the site of the proposed development in the penthouse office of the Keesal. Young and Logan law firm, which owns part of the land with Molina Health Care. The owners hope to develop what they've named the "Golden Shore Master Plan" in phases over the next ten years, eventually removing existing buildings (including their current office sites) to make way for the new high rises foreseen as their future homes...and the future homes of many other people and businesses.

    Office tower is in foreground amid four residential high rises. Image: Golden Shore Master Plan (by developer)

    View from Ocean Blvd. looking south/southwest. Image: Golden Shore Master Plan (by developer)

    Rooftop footprints/proposed layout. Image: Golden Shore Master Plan (by developer)

    By the numbers:

    • Office tower: 270,000 sq. ft (parking provided: 846 stalls; req'd = 810)

    • Residential tower A (west lot)
      Net total unit area: 424,424 sq ft (parking provided = 745 stalls; req'd = 684 stalls)
    • 1 BR/1 BA = 858-998 sq ft: 174 units (42%)
    • 2 BR/2 BA = 1134-1297 sq ft: 126 units (35%)
    • 3 BR/3 BA = 1360-2964 sq ft: 80 units (22%)

    • Residential tower B, west lot:
      Net total unit area: 424,424 sq ft (parking provided: 745 stalls; req'd = 684)
    • 1 BR/1 BA = 858-998 sq ft: 174 units (42%)
    • 2 BR/2 BA = 1134-1297 sq ft: 126 units (35%)
    • 3 BR/3 BA = 1360-2964 sq ft: 80 units (22%)

    • Residential tower C, east lot
      Net total unit area: 347,337 sq ft (parking provided: 966 stalls; req'd = 1024 [valid during phase 1 only, parking transfer = 56 during phase 1])
    • 1 BR/1 BA = 858-998 sq ft: 124 units (43%)
    • 2 BR/2 BA = 1134-1297 sq ft: 100 units (36%)
    • 3 BR/3 BA = 1360-2964 sq ft: 66 units (23%)

    • Residential tower D, east lot:
      Net total unit area: 424,424 sq ft (parking provided: 448 stalls; req'd = 708 [residential + retail]; surplus parking to provide 273 stalls; add'l office space of 91,122 sq. ft also entails surplus parking)
    • 1 BR/1 BA = 858-998 sq ft: 154 units (42%)
    • 2 BR/2 BA = 1134-1297 sq ft: 126 units (35%)
    • 3 BR/3 BA = 1360-2964 sq ft: 80 units (22%)

    The development will be guided by George Medak (Affiliated Development Group) who told that the project isn't seeking any subsidies. So it's a stand-alone, arm's length deal, we asked? Yes, he said.

    It's on land which was part of LB's original 1970's redevelopment ("west beach") area...but what's being proposed now is being privately pursued by the landowners, in effect a private re-use of property that LB government originally redeveloped.

    What's Mr. Medak's involvement? "I help to bring help the two land owners to put their vision together and figure out how to get it through the process to where we can get down to concrete and steel and build it. So I'll bring the financing, the development partner and all of that into play and manage the entitlements."

    LB Mayor Bob Foster said, "This actually not only represents a strong investment in our city, but this represents confidence in Long Beach...I think it will dramatically change this downtown area. The mixed use is exactly what we'd like to see down here. I think the residential looks fantastic. And the fact that it's going to be a green building, a LEED certified [silver]...speaks well to the designers and the corporate citizenship of those who brought it forward."

    As the sun bathed his penthouse offices (and Mayor Foster observed), Samuel "Skip" Keesal recalled his law firm's growth from its more modest original facilities to its present site...which will be part of the future Golden Shore development.

    Also present were the Molina brothers, who indicated that the health care firm bearing their family's name is growing at a pace that requires significant room to expand.

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