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    Large LB March/Rally Blasts Voter-Passed Prop 8, Speakers Vow To Overturn It

    (Nov. 7, 2008, updated Nov. 8, 1:50 a.m.) -- In a physically peaceful and at times rhetorically belicose demonstration, roughly 2,000 protesters [some participants claimed more] marched down Broadway from Redondo Ave. to Alamitos Ave. where speakers blasted CA's voter-passed Proposition 8 (which reversed the CA Supreme Court 4-3 ruling that made same sex marriage a constitutional right) and vowed to overturn it.

    Speakers at the Nov. 7 evening event included Rodney Scott, President of L.A. Pride, who told the crowd:

    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Mr. Scott: ...We have a message to everyone who voted Yes. You were lied to! [cheers]

    We stand with the President Elect, Barack Obama who said No on Prop 8! [cheers]...

    California: you have messed with the wrong group!

    California: we have the right to marry!...

    California: we have the right to vote the legislators out who said no to us!...

    Over the next few weeks, we are taking to the streets...We are taking to the streets like the Stonewall Rebellion. We're taking to the streets like every single Pride organization does in this country...We're taking all of you, all the people in California, to the steps of Sacramento!

    To hear Mr. Scott's remarks in full, click here.

    Democratic Party Regional Director Sergio Carillo said of the statewide vote approving Prop 8:

    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Mr. Carillo: ...I am pissed off at what happened Tuesday! [cheers] But I'm telling you here today, that we're going to do everything we can and kick some ass and turn this thing around...

    To hear Mr. Carillo's salient remarks, click here.

    Mr. Carillo introduced likely 1st Council district candidate Robert Garcia who spoke briefly:

    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Mr. Garcia: Let me begin by saying nobody here is a second class citizen...I love animals too, but last Tuesday, a lot of people thought that animals and high speed rail are more important than our civil rights. Remember: the City of Long Beach, our city, we are the fifth largest city in the state of California. Look at the people power. Yes we can (repeats chant).

    Mr. Garcia then introduced 2nd dist. Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal, who told the crowd:

    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Councilwoman Lowenthal: ...Welcome to democracy...This is your city. This is our issue. This is our right. Just like every civil rights issue in this universe this too [mike loses power, switches to bullhorn]. This is what Martin Luther King used. This is what Gandhi used and we are going back to our roots. [cheers]. If both those heroes were alive today they would be standing here with you. [cheers] What do we want? [crowd: Equal rights] [repeats chant several times]
    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Anti Prop 8 Nov. 7 Speech

    Other speakers included LB lawyer/L.A. County Dem Party official (54th Ass'y dist. Delegation chair) Stephanie Loftin who told the crowd that "if things go according to plan," LB could have gay or lesbian representatives in the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th Council seats.

    The march began at Broadway/Redondo at about 7 p.m., headed west on Broadway to Alamitos Ave. for the rally/speakers, and the event ended a little after 9:00 p.m.

    LBPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Dave Marander estimated the starting crowd at roughly 2,000 or perhaps slightly more.

    From the podium, organizers directed rally attendees not to continue marching beyond Broadway/Alamitos...but some did so (moving westward toward LB Blvd.) LBPD responded with a large show of force and declared the after-rally march an unlawful assembly. Most participants dispersed but three were arrested.

    About an hour later, about a dozen people allegedly refused to disperse/engaged in inciting behavior near Redondo Ave. and they were also arrested.

    The rally and march were otherwise peaceful.

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