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    Citizen Videographers Record Details & Perspectives On LB Protest Against Prop 8

    (Nov. 9, 2008, last updated Nov. 10, 8:00 p.m.) -- Within hours of the Nov. 7 LB protest march/demonstration against voter-passage of Prop 8, videos of the event began appearing on

    By Sunday Nov. 9 (48 hours after the event) there were at least sixty videos online; some had a dozen or so viewers; others had nearly 500 viewers (as of Sunday night).

    It's raw material but can help corroborate or disprove matters...and provides a perspective that might otherwise go unreported; the videos capture the conduct of the demonstrators as well as the police.

    We reported that "organizers directed rally attendees not to continue marching beyond Broadway/Alamitos...but some did so (moving westward toward LB Blvd.) LBPD responded with a large show of force and declared the after-rally march an unlawful assembly. Most participants dispersed but three were arrested."

    The video below shows that a large group did indeed march west on Broadway from the rally site after the rally ended.

    We also saw (from a block away) a second large group simultaneously moving west on 1st St.

    One of our readers on-scene later emailed, "[I]n fact the majority marched down LB Blvd. to 1st, back over to Alamitos, up to Broadway, then all the way down to Redondo. Some arrests were made. After a good while the crowd moved down Redondo to 2nd and blocked THAT intersection, and more arrests were made."

    [update] The reader later amplified where the after-rally marchers went: on Broadway west to Long Beach Blvd., south on LB Blvd. to 1st St, east on 1st St to Alamitos Ave., north on Alamitos Ave. to Broadway, east on Broadway to Redondo Ave. (stop) and then south on Redondo to 2nd St. (stop). [end update]

    There were arrests on the video shows. [If you can corroborate the cross streets in the video, please email us at:]

    The video below shows an arrest being made. (Once the crowd sees this, a number of them take off.)

    At Broadway/Redondo, demonstrators blocked the intersection.

    We're told that about a dozen people were arrested in and around the area of Broadway/Redondo.

    Does this change your opinion of what took place? Let us know at Include in your reply whether you'd like us to publish your response (and let us know what general part of town you're in).

    [Reply to our question asking whether the arrests/demonstrators' actions changed your opinion of what took place:]

    Yes, as a matter of fact, it does.

    It makes me more proud that I marched that 3 miles. It makes me wildly in love with those people who took it to the next step. It makes me happy to know that our community will not sit still for this debacle of our inalienable rights!

    The women's movement, the African-American movement and the Vietnam era movements were much more violent and radical than this stand-off.

    There is no reason to think less of this demonstration because a few people took it all the way. If I wasn't a single-mom, I probably would've joined them!

    Honestly, how can you even call it a "protest" when we all walked peacefully down ONE side of the street for 3 miles? The majority of us performed like good little boys and girls, within the guidelines that the police would "agree" to....

    Thank goodness there were those who knew a bigger noise had to be made.


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