UPDATED: LBPD Describes Intense Pursuit And Search For Suspect With Warrant For An Armed L.A. Carjacking Who Fled Into Alamitos Beach Neighborhood And Sought To Elude Capture, Leading To Rooftop Encounter With Officers In Which He's Fatally Shot, Area 4th/Nebraska

Early a.m. reporting at the scene
by Cathy Franklin for

(Nov. 20, 2013) -- LBPD has provided new information describing an intense pursuit, dogged search and ultimately fatal encounter with a suspect who had a warrant for an armed carjacking in Los Angeles. The suspect, now identified as Tyler Damon Woods, 19, of Rialto, was uncovered through a 2:30 a.m. LBPD traffic stop in the area of 3rd St./Walnut Ave., where he allegedly ran from officers and fled into the Alamitos Beach residential neighborhood.

In the predawn hours of Nov. 19, residents heard an LAPD helicopter overhead, saw a K9 unit on the ground and heard loudspeaker announcements warning residents to stay inside and urging the suspect to surrender. Officers set up two containment perimeters in an effort to apprehend the suspect who, LBPD says in a Nov. 20 release, variously hid in shrubbery, ignored LBPD announcements to surrender, ducked into apartment complexes, climbed rooftops and jumped from roof to roof (at point spotted by a resident on her balcony) before officers confronted him on a rooftop in the area of 4th St./Nebraska Ave.

Photo shows general area, may not show exact shooting location. Photo via Cathy Franklin

LBPD's release says the suspect "took a kneeling position [on the rooftop] and began to turn towards" officers. "Knowing the significant danger the suspect posed, being an armed robbery suspect in a previous crime, [officers] believed based on his actions he was armed" and "discharged their weapons believing the suspect was about to fire at them"...and the suspect was killed.

LBPD's release text follows:

[LBPD release text] On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, at approximately 2:30 a.m., Long Beach Police conducted a traffic stop of a car containing three occupants, which resulted in an officer involved shooting that occurred in the 400 block of Nebraska Avenue.

  • Officers observed a vehicle driving down the street and saw two violations. Further, they remembered seeing the same vehicle in the area a few hours prior and, working in a densely populated area with a significant number of burglaries and auto thefts, they decided to stop the car to investigate further as to why this car was repeatedly driving around in the same area

  • During the traffic stop, which occurred in the area of 3rd Street & Walnut Avenue, a passenger provided false information regarding his identity and then ran from the officers

  • Officers chased the suspect, and as they attempted to locate him, other officers interviewed the passengers in the car and learned his true identity

  • A records check revealed the suspect had a felony warrant for robbery and soon thereafter, officers learned that robbery was an armed carjacking in Los Angeles

  • Officers continued their search and located the suspect hiding in bushes on 4th Street, between Walnut and Nebraska Avenue, at which time, he ran from them again

  • Though a containment was established, the suspect continued to move around between buildings from 4th to 5th Streets and Walnut to Nebraska Avenues

  • A K9 unit was called to search for the suspect and an announcement was made to the neighborhood warning residents to stay inside. Further, the announcement named the suspect and asked him to surrender to the nearest officer

  • The suspect's exact location was unknown for approximately one hour, during which time officers awaited the arrival of a police helicopter

  • At approximately 3:35 a.m., a resident called from the 1500 block of East 5th Street to report hearing someone climbing up on his roof. He further indicated the suspect could be hiding in the laundry room

  • A Los Angeles Police Department helicopter responded to assist and located the suspect on a roof in the 1500 block of East 5th Street

  • The suspect ran, jumping from roof top to roof top, and was then seen jumping down to the ground and running into an apartment complex courtyard in the 400 block of Nebraska Avenue

  • The suspect was seen attempting to gain entry into several residences at the complex, and after unsuccessful attempts, ran westbound and began jumping fences and entered another apartment complex where another containment was established

  • A search team, along with a K9 unit, began searching the first level of the apartment complex

  • A resident called police dispatch to advise that she had encountered a subject matching the suspect's description on her balcony when she was leaving for work

  • She was concerned for her safety, went back into her apartment, and closed the door

  • This information was relayed to officers because it was the same building where the containment was established

  • Knowing that the suspect previously tried to gain entry into multiple apartments, and upon learning a resident just encountered the suspect outside her door in this apartment building, several officers moved quickly to the third floor to prevent the suspect from entering one of the homes and harming a resident

  • Officers located the suspect on the third floor balcony, at which time he again failed to stop and surrender and fled from the officers, climbing onto the roof

  • Once on the roof, the suspect took a kneeling position and began to turn towards them. Knowing the significant danger the suspect posed, being an armed robbery suspect in a previous crime, and they believed based on his actions he was armed, the officers discharged their weapons believing the suspect was about to fire at them.

  • Long Beach Fire Department responded and pronounced the suspect deceased at the scene

  • The suspect has been identified as Tyler Damon Woods, 19 years, of Rialto

    The Long Beach Homicide Detail investigates all officer-involved shootings. Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact Long Beach Police Homicide Detectives Teryl Hubert and Mark Bigel Guarino at (562) 570-7244.

    The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office is also conducting an independent investigation of the shooting, as they do with all officer involved shootings that occur in Los Angeles County that result in injury or death.

    Anyone wishing to remain anonymous may call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or text TIPLA plus your tip to 274637 (CRIMES), or visit

  • (Nov. 19, 2013, last updated 1:25 a.m. from 7:10 a.m. front page) -- The Alamitos Beach neighborhood saw/heard overnight police activity and a major news presence at dawn Tuesday (Nov. 19) after an LBPD traffic stop in the area of 3rd St./Walnut Ave. prompted an occupant of the vehicle to flee...and a foot pursuit ensued of the man whom officers determined had a felony armed/dangerous warrant. A containment perimeter followed, in which the man was spotted on a rooftop in the area of 4th St./Nebraska Ave. where an officer involved shooting occurred that left the suspect dead.

    Initial official information remains sketchy at midday. LBPD Public Information Officer Marlene Arrona says that at about 2:30 a.m,, officers were conducting a traffic stop in the area of Walnut Ave./3rd St. when a subject in the vehicle fled from officers (triggering a foot putsuit); officers interviewed passengers, obtained suspect ID and determined the suspect was wanted on a felony armed and dangerous warrant out of Los Angeles.

    PIO Arrona says a containment [perimeter] was set, the suspect was located on a rooftop and at some point an officer-involved shooting occurred in the area of 4th/Nebraska. The suspect was deceased at the scene [we believe on the roof of a building.]

    [Update from Cathy Franklin on-scene] A woman who identified herself as "Judy" said the suspect ran through the courtyard area of a building on Nebraska Ave, just north of 4th St., then across the street to a building where the suspect's body was later on the roof. She didn't get a look at the suspect and couldn't estimate an age.

    As a helicopter hovered overhead, Judy said she heard someone inside say "put it down or we'll shoot." Then came the gunfire.

    "The first time it was 10-15 rounds," Judy said. "Thirty seconds later, there was another 10 shots."

    Another man in the neighborhood, who also did not want to be named, said he had heard the fleeing suspect jump a fence and police warn that they had K-9 units at the scene. [end Franklin update]

    In an on-scene briefing for reporters at about 7:00 a.m., LBPD Deputy Police Chief Robert Luna indicated LBPD was assisted by LAPD's helicopter...and the foot pursuit with suspect covered an entire city block, leaving a large area to be searched from which evidence must be collected.

    LBPD has advised avoiding the area of 4th St from Orange to Walnut and Nebraska 4th to 7th due to police activity. Further to follow on in the area has been affected. LBPD advised avoiding the area of 4th St from Orange to Walnut and Nebraska 4th to 7th due to the follow-up police activity.

    A written release is expected; will update our text and report it here as received.

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