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(Nov. 8, 2016, 7:10 a.m.) -- Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, who introducted Hillary Clinton at an LBCC rally and appeared alongside Cher at a LB fundraiser for the candidate, published the words below on his personal Facebook page on November 7.

I voted for Hillary Clinton and I'm looking forward to the election tomorrow. My vote is not a protest vote against Donald Trump, but a vote for Hillary. In fact, it's an enthusiastic vote to elect someone I believe is well qualified, ready on day one, and someone who is a fighter and never gives up. I believe her work as an attorney for children, as an advocate for the poor, as a progressive U.S. Senator, and as Secretary of State have provided her a worldview that is diverse and global.

I've met Hillary, and she's nothing like the caricature that is often portrayed in the media. She is warm, funny, and kind. She's not perfect, and that's ok. No one is. I don't expect perfection in a president, but I do expect a person who will stand up for the values that I believe in: equality, compassion and hard work.

No one in the modern history of politics has had so much anger and vitriol thrown their way. No one has been more vilified, no one has been more unfairly investigated, no one has been more insulted, no one has been more attacked, and no one has been subjected to these inhumane levels of misogyny.

I also happen to like Hillary's platform. She supports rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, wants to reform our gun laws, wants to make college more affordable, believes in a woman's right to choose, supports gay rights, wants to improve not replace Obamacare, and believes in a robust foreign policy for our country.

And another thing. I'm an immigrant. I'm incredibly proud to be an American, but part of that story is my journey from being an immigrant to a citizen. This is where I get to Donald Trump. I could never support a man who has so thoroughly insulted my family, our experience, and our culture. From the day he started his campaign he has been attacking us. We are not criminals and rapists and thugs. We are people. We are humans. And I believe he is unfit to be President.

I know folks voting for Trump, and that's fine. I represent many of them as mayor. I respect everyone's right to vote and hope as many people vote as possible. After the election I hope we can all come together and move forward.

And finally - yes, I'm voting for Hillary because she's a woman. I love that. It's time. I'm not one iota ashamed that part of my vote is a gender consideration. Women make things better and they improve everything they are a part of. I want little girls to see themselves as future presidents.

I'm excited about the election. I'm fired up. I'm ready. And #ImWithHer.







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