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    LB Activists & TV Producer Receive "Everybody is Good At Heart" Awards

    Awards Oct 26/04

    (October 28, 2004) -- Three prominent LB area activists and a veteran LB television producer have received the "Everybody is Good at Heart (Golden Retriever)" Awards.

    LB ECO-link founder Diana Mann, LB writer and community activist Bry Myown, CA Earth Corps president Don May and Charter Cable Television Production Manager Ron Petke were honored for their work in bringing to public attention issues surrounding an 80+ million gallon Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal that a private firm hopes to build and operate in the Port of Long Beach.

    Awards Oct 26/04The awards, launched by LB resident Geoffrey Millar, were bestowed at an October 26 banquet ceremony at Kings Fish House in downtown Long Beach.

    Awards Oct 26/04Mr. Millar created the Good at Heart awards ("golden retriever" to indicate a good hearted, good friend) after he learned of the LNG proposal. "I think it's bad for business, I think it's bad for health, I think it's bad for tourism," Mr. Millar told attendees at the awards ceremony, adding:

    Our right to vote, our right to have a ballot on this LNG issue are slipping away very, very fast. There's a bill in the House of Representatives saying the state will not have the right to choose over an LNG facility. Seven cities up and down the coast have said "no" to LNG...We have to get this message out. How is it going to happen? There are some great people in this room tonight...

    Awards Oct 26/04Ms. Myown, a former City Council office aide, writes frequently on LB history and city policies and has spearheaded local opposition to the proposed LB LNG facility. Ms. Myown's unflinching positions on issues ranging from development practices to open government have earned her a reputation as "relentless when provoked."

    Awards Oct 26/04Mr. May, in the forefront of efforts to restore LB area wetlands, has for years urged less-polluting techniques for ships, trucks and trains accessing the Ports of LB and Los Angeles. The issue is now receiving widespread public and port attention.

    Awards Oct 26/04Ms. Mann, a tornado of energy on environmental issues, created LB ECO-link to network with local activists. She also hosts "In Your Backyard" on LB Charter Cable TV to reach a mainstream audience.

    Ms. Mann helped alert the public to AQMD's historic Multiple Airborne Toxic Emissions Study (MATES-2) which concluded that diesel emissions and other airborne toxins have produced an increased cancer risk in southeastern Los Angeles County roughly paralleling areas to and from Port areas. The MATES-2 cancer risk map is now routinely cited by local officials (and maintains a permanent link to it on our front page).

    In November 2002, Mr. May and Ms. Mann held a mock funeral at the Port of LB to put a human face on statistical deaths attributed to diesel event that drew widespread media coverage.

    Awards Oct 26/04Mr. Petke, Charter Cable Television's Production Manager, was honored for producing the "In Your Backyard" programs hosted by Ms. Mann. Mr. Petke is widely credited with using his considerable television talents to fairly convey significant issues to local residents. "It's great to work for a company like Charter that lets us produce programs that inform the public," Mr. Petke said.

    Awards Oct 26/04He gave the first award to Ms. Mann...

    Awards Oct 26/04...whose reaction speaks for itself.

    Awards Oct 26/04Mr. Millar invited Ms. Mann to present the awards to the other recipients...and the next went to CA Earth Corps President Don May, "my favorite environmentalist on the planet," she said.

    "What's going to win this [the LNG issue] is whether or not there's a hew and cry out there," Mr. May said.

    Awards Oct 26/04Mr. Petke, who momentarily quipped about working with Ms. Mann, thanked her and Charter Cable Television for the opportunity.

    Mr. Petke said he was

    Awards Oct 26/04Ms. Myown, scheduled to address a major conference on "Headwaters to Ocean (H20)" in LB on Friday (Oct. 29), described how she became involved in the LB LNG issue...and now finds herself at the heart of a national test case on homeland security and energy policies, her biggest challenge ever:

    ...When I heard that City Hall wanted to put 85 million gallons of liquid natural gas condensed by 600 times on a man-made piece of landfill in a liquefaction zone on top of 27 earthquake faults in a hundred miles that has subsided 26 feet due to oil extraction in the nation's busiest port which is a terror target, I said (laughs) you know, there is no talking to my City Hall...

    Awards Oct 26/04....We're about to make all of the same mistakes with liquefied natural gas that we made with petroleum, and what that means is there will not just be one facility in Long Beach, there will be many.

    Mr. Millar also unveiled video announcements he's created on the LNG issue...and indicated he hopes to distribute them on DVD to decisionmakers and local residents. He's also launched a web site ( on the LNG issue.

    Ms. Myown told that she also plans to launch a web site on LNG soon.

    Among those attending he ceremony were newlyweds Coby Skye and Gabrielle Weeks (both LB Greens), Jessie Marquez (Wilmington anti-pollution activist), Alice Wank (LB activist, turned actress in the video) and Tom Politeo (with the Sierra Club).

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