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    Special Event Coverage

    Hear Debate Between Assembly Candidates Steve Kuykendall & Betty Karnette

    Karnette v. Kuykendall Oct 19/04(Oct. 24, 2004) -- Steve Kuykendall and Betty Karnette, the respective Republican and Democrat candidates seeking to represent the Long Beach/San Pedro/Palos Verdes area in the state Assembly for the next two years, have debated under the auspices of the League of Women Voters.

    The debate took place on October 19 at the Rolling Hills Public Library. attended and provides our readers with extended audio coverage below. Our coverage is virtually unedited. (Lengthy pauses between audience speakers, inaudible portions and the like were removed and are detailed below.)

    The 54th Assembly district encompasses much of LB, plus Signal Hill, San Pedro, Palos Verdes & Avalon. It has been represented since 1998 by Alan Lowenthal, a Democrat, who is term limited in the Assembly and seeking the Long Beach area state Senate seat currently held by Karnette.

    Karnette Oct 19/04State Senator Karnette, a Democrat, is term limited in the Senate (1996-2004) and seeking the Assembly seat held by Lowenthal.

    A former teacher, she held the Assembly seat from 1992 through 1994 before being beaten by Mr. Kuykendall, a Republican.

    Kuykendall Oct 19/04Mr. Kuykendall, a former Mayor/Councilmember in Rancho Palos Verdes, held the Assembly seat from 1994 through 1998.

    In 1998, Assemblyman Kuykendall was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and represented the area in Washington, D.C. from early 1999 to early 2001.

    Our streaming audio coverage of this event is brought to you by the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce political action committee. The LB Area Chamber PAC has endorsed Mr. Kuykendall. It has placed no conditions or restrictions on our coverage. To borrow a phrase from NPR, (which pioneered the use of streaming audio coverage of newsworthy actions by the LB Redevelopment Agency Board and LB Unified School District Board) is solely responsible for our content.

    The League of Women Voters event, moderated by Mary Ellen Barnes, Ph.D., was open to the public and attended by various media outlets. The League is not sponsoring or otherwise involved with our coverage.

    Our audio coverage is unedited except for removal of some pauses between audience questions; deletion of audience members' names and shortening of inaudible questions (which are reiterated by the moderator). Twenty seconds of Mr. Kuykendall's closing statement near its conclusion were lost when our audio mini disc reached capacity; we switched to a new one as quickly as possible. We indicated all audio edits by inserting a "whoosh" sound. A Libertarian party candidate did not attend.]

    Launching Audio

    We have posted the audio in the .ra ("Real Audio") format that should "stream" into your computer. It can be played back via the free "Real Audio" playback device that many people already have on their computer. The playback device can be downloaded free on a link below.

    For easier computer access, we have divided the debate into four sections: Opening Statements, Q & A (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4) and Closing Statements. (In real time, these were contiguous.)

    The sharpest, most clearly drawn exchanges occurred in Q & A Parts 3 and 4 (on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, health insurance issues, support for Proposition 13 and preventing state legislative takings of city revenue).

    We have included a time index for each section; the audio playback device includes a "slide bar" that lets users jump to a desired point during playback.

    To launch audio, click on the hyperlinks below:

    Opening Statements
    Karnette rebuttal08:37-09:20
    Kuykendall declines rebuttal, questions follow09:20 - 09:31

    Q & A Part 1
    Do you support CA Performance Review re starting Kindergarten later?00:28-03:23
    Do you support stem cell research?03:30-04:37
    What are options for reducing the CA budget?04:50-09:13
    Re high school graduation requirements9:30-12:13
    What about "no child left behind" versus arts education?12:22-16:05

    Q & A Part 2
    What are your views on assuring a reliable water supply?00:00-04:17
    Further question on "no child left behind"04:20-06:37
    What's your position on Open Primary proposition?06:50-09:05

    Q & A Part 3
    What is your position on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants?00:26-01:38
    Where are we going to get qualified teachers?01:56-04:56
    What will you do to fix health insurance and deal with health care issues in Sacramento?05:02-09:17
    Do you think that the CA minimum wage should be raised?09:30-11:07
    Do you support Proposition 13 [1978 Jarvis property tax limitation measure]11:13-13:44
    What are your reasons for supporting or opposing Prop 63 which would impose an additional 1% on income over $1 million for funds to counties to expand mental health services?13:53-15:43
    Follow-up: Is it good public policy to fund items with separate taxes on different income levels? Do you think this is a good way to fund things? [paraphrased from complex question]15:50-21:02

    Q & A Part 4
    Position on Prop 1-A/protecting city revenue from taking by state gov't00:13-06:53
    Moderator's follow-up: [paraphrase]: Are you going to be a leader in fixing the problems cited tonight?06:53-12:35

    Closing Statements

    If you don't have the "real audio" playback unit, you can download it free at: RealOne player download

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