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    Here's Useful Info On LB Animal Control Seeking Homes For Remaining Noah's Ark Animals

    (October 5, 2006) -- Following-up on a story first reported Oct. 1 by, LB Animal Control is pursuing the goal of finding new homes for almost 300 animals it seized from Noah's Ark (a non-government rescue group) where Animal Control alleged (and Noah's Ark denied) the animals were living awful conditions.

    LB Animal Control Services Officer Wesley Moore told a legal administrative period has now expired within which Noah's Ark had to tender $86,000 in restitution or lose control of the animals. Noah's Ark didn't pay the money...and the animals became the property of the City of Long Beach, Mr. Moore said.

    And he added, "Our goal is to hold them until we can adopt them into good homes. "We rescued these animals from horrible conditions and we want to find them good homes."

    LB Animal Control's usually holds stray dogs and cats for a required legal period, then offers them to SPAC-LA (housed next door at ELB facility between the Nature Center and 605 freeway). Those not selected by SPCA-LA for potential adoption are scheduled for euthanasia as soon as the next day.

    That clock isn't ticking immediately for the remaining Noah's Ark animals. "They're not on any euthanasia list and they're not scheduled to go on any list at this point," Mr. Moore told us.

    It's not an absolute guarantee (sought by Noah's Ark) that they'll never be euthanized, which Mr. Moore said could occur if a licensed vet said they were irremediably suffering; LB Animal Control retains the possibility of euthanasia at some point if it becomes necessary.

    Mr. Moore the process for these animals is unusual, but not unprecedented, for the city agency. However its success ultimately depends on enough members of the public coming forward to offer the surviving animals good homes.

    That's where the public comes in.

    LB Animal Control encourages the public to come see the animals for themselves. With so many involved, they're being housed in LB Animal Control cages and at SPCA-LA's adjacent facility at the P.D. Pitchford Animal Village at 7700 E. Carson Street (south side, near Nature Center) [note hours, below].

    The public adoption process itself is being handled through SPCA-LA. Its hours are Wednesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (closed Monday and Tuesday).

    To adopt an animal, you must come in personally, seeing the animal yourself, fill out an application to SPCA. There's a fee of $125 for a dog, $105 for a cat which includes an ID microchip, a free vet visit, all current vaccinations and spaying or neutering (if it hasn't already been done).

    SPCA-LA communications/marketing specialist Jeff Blodgett says if the animal is already spayed or neutered and the application is complete, SPCA-LA staff can decide on the spot whether you'll take the dog or cat home that day (spaying/neutering takes a day or so lolnger).

    SPCA-LA and LB Animal Control also have processes in place by which animals can also be adopted out to qualifying 501(c)(3) animal rescue groups.

    "Our goal is to ensure they go to good loving homes where they can remain for the rest of their lives," Mr. Moore said.

    Of the 299 animals seized from Noah's Ark, Mr. Moore said 289 (roughly half dogs, half cats) remain as of the morning of October 5. Noah's Ark previously released three to former owners/boarders or sent them to new owners who'd purchased them; two were euthanized; five died, Mr. Moore said.

    Friends of LB Animals is separately raising funds for the medical care of the dogs and cats at LB Animal Control. "Animal Control has provided and will continue to provide all necessary medical care and treatment for these animals; however, many animals still require ongoing treatment and medical costs are building," says Friends of LB Animals in a release. (Checks can be made out to "Friends of Long Beach Animals" -- marked in the memo line "Special Medical Fund" -- and mailed to: Friends of Long Beach Animals, P.O. Box 92736, Long Beach, CA 90809.)

    To see the animals in person and possibly adopt one for yourself go to:

    P.D. Pitchford Animal Village
    SPCA-LA/LB Animal Control
    7700 E. Spring St.
    East Long Beach

    SPCA/LA Hours:
    Weds-Fri 10a-5:30 p.m.
    Sat & Sun 10a-4 p.m
    Closed Mon & Tues

    SPCA/LA: (562) 570-7722
    LB Animal Control: (562) 570-7387

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