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In Final Push, Grassroots LB Reform Coalition PAC Receives $5,200 In Contribs From Four Contributors, Incl. Retired Councilwoman Gabelich is reader and advertiser supported. Support independent news in LB similar to the way people support NPR and PBS stations. We're not non-profit so it's not tax deductible but $49.95 (less than an annual dollar a week) helps keep us online.
(October 30, 2018. updated 11:30 a.m.) -- The Long Beach Reform Coalition PAC opposing Measure BBB reports recently receiving an additional $5,200 from four contributors -- including a second $1,000 contribution from retired Councilwoman Rae Gabelich. The recent contributions bring its total in just over two months to over $30,000 in cash and in-kind contributions, an unprecedented sum for a recently organized grassroots PAC. The group's initial target is defeat of Measure BBB that would let the incumbent Mayor/Councilmembers avoid a write-in requirement in seeking a third term. The Reform Coalition's most recent contributors are:

Oct 24Rae Gabelich$1,000
[second $1,000 contribution]
Oct 24Seascape, Inc.$1,000
Oct. 24Helena Segelhorst$1,200
Oct. 24Christine Zion$2,000

A financial disclosure form previously filed with the City Clerk's office shows that between Oct. 1 and Oct 20, the Long Beach Reform Coalition PAC spent $16,565 -- including $7,332 for a bluntly worded mailer ("City Hall is Lying To You About Term Limits") and reported $10,831 cash as of Oct. 20 (that it may have already spent by now) entering the final days leading up to the special Nov. 6 citywide election sought by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

It's facing a Mayor Garcia/Auditor Doud titled "Good Government" Committee supporting Measure AAA-DDD that most recently reported roughly $42,000 cash on hand, bolstered by $22,500 in contributions from Edison Int'l, PG&E and Panattoni Development ( follow the money coverage here) plus a new committee that surfaced on Oct. 18 supporting BBB and DDD armed with on Oct. 19 with a $10,000 contribution from the L.A.-based "Southern California Pipe Trades, District Council #16" union. ( follow-the-money coverage here.)

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Among the Reform Coalition's salient contributors between Oct 1 and Oct. 20 were:

Oct 3Dave Lanham$2,500
Oct 3AJP Real Estate, LLC$1,000
Oct 9Pat Bliss$1,000

During the reporting period, other contributors provided sums from less than $100 to $500.

Previous Reform Coalition contributors include:

Aug 16Rae Gabelich
[Retired 8th dist. Councilwoman, co-founder LBHUSH2]
Aug. 16 Joe Mello Mr. Mello founded the Los Altos Center Adjacent Neighborhoods group$500
Aug. 23Fox Enterprises [Robert Fox is Exec. Dir of the LB Council Neighborhood Organizations]$1,500
Aug . 23Joe Sopo, Ltd. [Mr. Sopo founded Neighborhoods First]$1,000
Aug 23Corliss Lee [Ms. Lee was a 5th dist. Council candidate, April 2018]$500
Aug 23Joe Weinstein [Dr. Weinstein heads Citizens About Responsible Planning]$575
Aug 24Richard Treece$300
Aug 30Citizens About Responsible Planning$2,000
Sep 6Fox Enterprises$242.94 [in-kind, rented equipment for Town Hall meeting
Sep 11Christine Dosland$300
Sep 16Jane Nadeau$500
Sep 22Kevin Kayse$500
Sep 22David Osborn$500
Sep 22Jeffrey Patterson$500
Sep 22Karey Sharp$250
Sep 14L&L Mortgage$700
Sep 20Christian Ovalle$250
Sep 20John Deats$600 [in-kind contribution to host bar tab for Reform Coalition's Sept. fundraiser
Sep 27LBHUSH2, Inc $2,000
Sep 27Linda Tomita$1,000


In its previous August-September reporting period, the Reform Coalition reported over two dozen individual contributions of $100 each from LB residents including: Richard Dines [5th dist. runoff candidate, June 2018], Melinda Cotton [shoreline/environmental issues], Kerrie Aley [neighborhood issues], Elizabeth Guzman, Gordana Kajer [shoreline/environmental issues], Charles Nicholas, Kristie Manelli [active in "No Kill Long Beach"] and Tom Stout [co-founder LB Taxpayers Ass'n]




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