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    Special Report, Follow-up

    Dog Spotlighted By Gets A Home, Is Adopted Via SPCA-LA LB Facility awaiting freedom of information responses from City Hall-run Animal Control Dept. re number of animal killings

    Stray Dog, Aug. 24(Sept. 6, 2001) -- A stray dog spotlighted in articles on August 29 and 30 re practices at LB's City Hall-run Animal Control Dept., and apparently independent of our attention selected for prospective adoption by SPCA-LA's LB facility, has been adopted. was informed today that the dog has been adopted into a LB home.

    After an ELB family discovered the dog on its front lawn, and tried without success to find an owner (the dog had no address tag or ID chip), they took her to LB's Animal Control Dept. on August 23.

    On Friday, August 30, after holding her for possible redemption by an owner, City Hall's Animal Control Dept. found no reason to deem her unfit for adoption. That gave SPCA-LA the option of whether to take her in and make her available for adoption or leave her with Animal Control to be killed.

    SPCA-LA took the dog in. was informed today that a LB resident adopted the dog from SPCA-LA on September 5.

    Meanwhile, has made a state freedom of information (Public Records Act) request, currently pending, for data on the number of killings by LB's City Hall run Animal Control Dept. for dogs (and cats) that the Animal Control Dept. deems unfit for adoption or SPCA-LA does not take in for adoption.

    As previously reported, despite gleaming new facilities, LB's City Hall-run Animal Control Dept. follows user unfriendly practices, in some respects near useless, that make it harder than necessary to reunite pet owners with lost pets, making it more likely that animals will be needlessly killed.

    As we also reported, LB's Animal Control's antiquated practices contrast with Orange County Animal Control, which puts photographs of lost and adoptable animals on the internet and (it says) updates its web site every 30 minutes. An OC Animal Control spokesperson told us the system was implemented for roughly $100,000.

    More to follow.

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