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    Horn Tells Redistricting Issue Is For Public To Decide

    Quick comments made as Congressman arrives at LB school event attended by U.S. Education Sec'y Rod Paige

    (Sept. 7, 2001) -- Just days after announcing he'll retire at the end of his current Congressional term, LB area Congressman Steve Horn, a moderate Republican whose 38th LB district will likely be erased in a redistricting controlled by state legislators (who are majority Democrats), has told that efforts to prevent or change the outcome are up to the public.

    The proposed redistricting proposes putting 80% of LB in a new Congressional district with Carson and Compton and splitting ELB with a new OC/PV district. caught up with Cong. Horn as he arrived to attend an event with U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige at LB's Bret Harte Elementary School today.

    Our conversation with Congressman Horn necessarily brief as he was about to enter the school to attend the event: Do you think that the redistricting of your [soon to be former] constituents adequately protects their voting rights for the next ten years?

    Cong. Horn: Well, who knows. You just can't know that, what happens in this district 'cause it's being chopped up. ...Do you think that your constituents' voting rights are being diluted or adequately protected?

    Cong. Horn: Well, I can't judge that. That has to be judged by the people that go and try to be in the primary [election] or in the general. So that's up to other people than me. What should your constituents, Republicans and Democrats, be doing now, if anything?

    Cong. Horn: Well, I don't know. It's up to them...

    Today's event with Education Secretary Paige at LB's Bret Harte elementary (vicinity Cherry Ave. and South St.) was part of a "Back to School, Moving Foward" tour, launched in Albuquerque with President Bush.

    The Bush administration's plan, titled "No Child Left Behind," is premised on four stated principles: accountability for results, local control and flexibility, expanded parental choice and instructional methods that have been proven to work. LB's Bret Harte Elementary was reportedly chosen for progress it has made.

    Among those attending the event were LBUSD Supt. Dr. Carl Cohn (arriving, left) and LB Mayor Beverly O'Neill. Some L.A. news media also attended.

    After his LB stop, Secretary Paige travelled to San Diego.

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