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    See Latest Radar Scan Showing Debris From San Gabriel Mtns. Wildfire Clearly Visible Across L.A. Basin...Including LB

    (Sept. 25, 2002) -- The large wildfire now burning in the San Gabriel mountains above Azusa and LaVerne has sent debris across the L.A. basin...even including LB.

    This is clearly visible on's live link to Doppler Weather radar from the National Weather Service, shown below. (We keep the National Weather Service material continually posted in the public interest; it's public domain and not our copyrighted material).

    The live Doppler Radar image below (also linked on our front page, usually with an miniature image subject to other breaking events) is from the Nat'l Weather Service site in the Santa Ana Mtns. The Nat'l Weather Service switches monitoring between "precipitation" mode (when rain is imminent or occurring) and "clear air" mode (showing dust, debris and particulates).

    The NWS radar is in "clear air" mode when numbers on the left side range from -28 to 28 dBZ which show dust and particulate matter. When it's threatening rain or very foggy, the radar switches to "precipitation" mode and left side values range from 5 to 75 dBZ. During much of today, the radar has been in clear air mode and shown debris from the fire concentrated over the San Bernardino mountains...and wafting over the L.A. basin, including LB.

    [For reasons unclear to us, central and coastal parts of Orange County appeared to be getting some of the worst of it around 4:30 p.m.]

    How to tell the time

    "UTC" (displayed on the image) is "Universal time" (formerly called "Greenwich Mean Time"). It's eight hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (in the winter, fall back) and seven hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time (in the summer, spring ahead). That means "15:15 UTC" is 8:15 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (until the end of October) and 7:15 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (during the winter).

    Remember to click refresh or reload on your browser for most recent image.

    WX Radar from Nat'l Weather Service

    Meanwhile, the Air Quality Management District's monitor in Bixby Knolls (to which also maintains a permanent live link) has not shown any unusual spikes in levels of PM10 small particulate matter. The AQMD's monitor, which indicates a 24 hour average, has not shown any large increase here. It can be viewed by clicking Live AQMD Hourly LB Pollution Readings. maintains a large number of weather and environmental links on our front page ( These include:

  • Latest LB forecast

  • Detailed LB weather data (monitor at LB Airport)

  • Latest reported LB & regional temps (scroll to LB reading)

  • Latest marine forecast

  • Live Satellite Image and Doppler Weather Radar

  • Live AQMD Hourly LB Pollution Readings

  • AQMD Multiple Air Toxics Exposure Study (MATES-2) incl. Cancer Risk Map

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