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    News You Can Use

    Want Trees To Plant In Your Neighborhood (like the ELB neighborhood events earlier this year)? Get Grant To Green Up...But Application Deadline Is Sept. 20 So Your Group Must Hustle Now

    Tree planters(Sept. 15, 2002) -- Remember those ELB tree plantings reported earlier this year in the area of Palo Verde Ave. between Spring and Willow Sts.? Do you want to do that in your neighborhood?

    Tree planting group 2Eligible groups (details below) can apply for a grant to get the trees and to green up your area, but you'll have to hustle because the application deadline is Sept. 20 (and the paperwork can't be faxed, although we believe it can be hand delivered to a Newport Beach address, details below.) provide a direct web link with info below but here's some salient info excerpted from the Trust for Public Land web site (link provided below):

    The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) has contracted with California ReLeaf, the statewide urban forestry division of the Trust for Public Land, to develop and administer this grant program. The purpose of the program is to distribute funds for community tree-planting projects throughout California initiated and undertaken by volunteers.

    The program is intended to accomplish the proper selection and planting of large-crowning, environmentally tolerant, high-quality trees in appropriate places on public land to provide shade and other community benefits, and to ensure the long-term maintenance of those trees. By focusing on community involvement in tree planting, the program seeks to increase public awareness of the benefits of urban forests and strengthen public commitment to maintaining and enhancing them.

    Note: Groups with little or no experience in organizing and carrying out tree-planting projects are encouraged to keep their proposals modest. Organizing the planting of hundreds of trees with volunteer labor takes some practice. A modest proposal will allow such groups to focus attention on a quality planting project and ensure that the trees they plant will thrive. Inexperienced groups are also encouraged, if possible, to work with an established urban forestry group in their area. Contact California ReLeaf if you need help finding a group in your area.


    Fund Total: A total of $100,000 will be distributed in the form of grants to California community groups and city-affiliated volunteer entities.

    Minimum/Maximum Award: The minimum grant request is $500; the maximum is $5,000.

    Application Deadline: Applications must be received, not just postmarked, by 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 20, 2002. Faxed or emailed copies will not be accepted.

    [ note: The Trust for Public Land web site lists a Newport Beach address CA ReLeaf for courier delivery, so you may be able to hand deliver the application on Friday. We suggest you call CA ReLeaf first at (949) 642-0127 to make sure.]

    Selection: Applicants may submit only one proposal. Notification of grant award or denial will be mailed on November 14, 2002.

    Grant Period: Projects receiving grant funds may be initiated after November 14, 2002 (upon execution of the grant contract), and must be completed by December 15, 2003.

    Grant Payments: All grant payments will be made on a reimbursement basis for actual expenses incurred after reports with supporting receipts have been submitted.

    Inquiries: Direct questions regarding the grant program to California ReLeaf at (949) 642-0127.


    Eligible Applicants: Incorporated nonprofit organizations [footnote on web page below], unincorporated community groups, and city-affiliated volunteer entities (e.g., tree advisory boards, beautification commissions) located in California may submit applications and carry out projects. Applicants that are not incorporated as nonprofit organizations must have an incorporated nonprofit organization or a public agency to act as their sponsor for the project.[footnote on web page below]

    Ineligible Applicants: These funds are not available for use by public agencies and institutions, such as cities, counties, school districts, and special districts. These funds are provided in the spirit of improving urban forests through citizen involvement and should not be viewed as a substitute for municipal or county funds.

    Eligible Projects: Volunteer-driven projects that involve the public in the planting of large-crowning, environmentally tolerant, high-quality trees in existing urban or developed settings on public property (e.g. city-, county-, district-, and state-owned property) to provide shade and/or other community benefits are eligible. Appropriate sites are streets (i.e., parkways, medians, sidewalks, and publicly maintained front yards/easements), landscaped parks, landscaped school grounds, existing urban trails, parking lots, public building grounds, and similar urban or developed sites. Large-crowning trees are defined as those with a minimum mature height of 30 feet with a proportional crown spread. Smaller-growing trees may be permitted in situations where site conditions are restrictive, (e.g., narrow planting strips, small cut-outs, etc.). Note: Projects that involve multi-cultural populations will be given additional consideration.

    Ineligible Projects: Projects on private or federal properties are not eligible, nor are projects in natural, wild land, and/or previously undeveloped urban settings, (i.e. new city/county parks, streets in new residential subdivisions, new school sites and/or public building sites, etc.), railway rights-of-way (public land located directly adjacent to railroad tracks), known historic districts (within a populated or unpopulated area), and/or riparian areas (within 100 feet of a stream, lake, or wetland). Projects to plant trees under overhead utility lines where the species selected could eventually interfere with the wires are also ineligible.

    Eligible Expenses: Funds may only be used for the purchase of trees and tree-planting materials with one exception: an amount equal to 10 percent of the grant award may be used for public awareness and educational activities. has created a direct link to the Trust for Public Land page with the grant info. Just click on Trust for Public Land, 2003 Tree Planting Grants.

    We strongly suggest you use the local LB assistance offered by the very able Margaret Madden at LB's Neighborhood Resource Center. (We're confident she knows how to hustle on these things.) You can email her at:

    Or stop by the Neighborhood Resource Center, 425 Atlantic Ave., LB 90802, or phone (562) 570-1010.

    Remember: the deadline is Sept. 20.

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