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    McClintock @ LB Pro-Recall Rally Says He's In The Race To The Finish...And If His Momentum Continues "In Another Week It Will Be A Two-Person Race"

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03(Sept. 13, 2003) -- In an upbeat, confident appearance at a Long Beach pro-recall rally, state Senator Tom McClintock said his campaign had grown from "an asterisk" to 18% in the latest statewide survey "and if this momentum continues another week it will be a two person race."

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03After wading through a crowd of supporters and the media, Sen. McClintock told over 300 people attending a "Victory Lap" rally organized by

    "I had a professor in college who once said a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged. [laughter] The people in California have been mugged by state government and they are now aware, they are angry, and they are ready to change things."

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03The event drew considerable media attention...and took place while the other major Republican recall candidate, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was at the state Republican convention near LAX. Sen. McClintock addressed the GOP gathering that evening.

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03Entering the rally site with his wife, Sen. McClintock walked straight into a gauntlet of cameras, microphones and notepads. A reporter immediately asked if he would drop out of the race in favor of Mr. Schwarzenegger. Sen. McClintock replied:

    "I believe we ought to have a campaign first and then let the voters decide who wins it...I'm in this to the finish line. I've said that all along." buttonholed Sen. McClintock as he entered the park and we asked about a LB area issue: Lt. Gov. Bustamante's vote on the State Lands Commission that facilitated commercial development on state coastal tidelands at LB's "Pike at Rainbow Harbor." [For previous coverage of this issue, click here.] Senator, can I get a word while you're walking?

    Sen. McClintock: Sure, absolutely. [while walking] Lt. Gov. Bustamante on the State Lands Commission approved a commercial development just across the way there on state tidelands property, movie theaters, restaurants and the like. Do you think that's a good use of state tidelands property and what would the difference be under Governor McClintock?

    Sen. McClintock: I'm sorry I don't know the details of that particular project, so I'm not in a position to comment. Do you favor commercial development on the state tidelands along the coast?

    Sen. McClintock: Well it depends upon the state lands. I don't know because I don't know the circumstances of the project, I'm sorry. posts excerpts of rally remarks below:

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03Sen. McClintock: "We have got to have a Governor that knows every inch of this government and has the demonstrated ability and experience and determination to confront and challenge and defeat the spending lobby that now controls this government."

    "Ladies and gentlemen, we can do this. You've watched my campaign over the last few weeks. Starting out as a mere asterisk behind Peter Camejo of the Green Party, and outspent eight to one, we have moved steadily forward showing a momentum that vastly exceeds any other campaign, from nothing [cheers], from nothing we've gone to 18% in the latest statewide survey in what has now become a three person race and if this momentum continues another week it will be a two person race." [extended cheers, applause].

    "We are watching a political sea change across California. I had a professor in college who once said a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged. [laughter] The people of California have been mugged by state government and they are now aware, they are angry, and they are ready to change things. [applause]

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03McClintock signs greatly outnumbered Schwarzenegger signs...and many signs were hand-made.

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03The sign at right refers to Gov. Davis as "Gumby," the stinging nickname bestowed by the John & Ken show on KFI, Los Angeles.

    Rally organizer and former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian ( said the recall demonstrated the power of talk radio and the internet. He credited Melanie Morgan of KSFO, San Francisco with launching the recall by asking former CA Republican Party chief Shawn Steele on air about the possibility of recalling Gov. Davis.

    Ms. Morgan told the crowd:

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03Ms. Morgan: "I thought I might see Mr. Schwarzenegger somewhere, because this is a Yes on Recall rally, everybody welcome under our big tent in the Republican Party. But Arnold was busy today. I went out and looked at his rally being had at the [Republican] convention and it was very nice, and it was very stage managed, and they had good visuals and lots of television people took pictures that they wanted them to take. But in the meantime out here today, we're not nearly so organized with the pictures but we've got the heart and soul of the recall, and you are it!"

    Rick Roberts, heard on KFMB, San Diego, also addressed the rally:

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03Mr. Roberts: "Bottom line, this is not about Republicans versus Democrats, conservatives versus liberals. This is about people being able to work hard, raise their children in what used to be the finest state anywhere and at the end of the day being able to enjoy some quality of life. Whether it's the tripling of the car tax, the ridiculous energy contracts, the giveaways and it just goes on and on and on and on. The bottom line is, the only reason it's stopping is because of you."

    LB Recall Rally Sept. 13/03Among those greeting Sen. McClintock and speaking in favor of the recall was former gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon.

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