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SB 250 (Pet Responsibility Act) Being Turned Into "Two Year" Bill, To Be Taken Up Further Next Year, Says Author Sen. Dean Florez's Office; Action Comes After Bill Stopped On 28-42 Vote; LB Area Ass'yman Furutani Votes "No" And Ass'ywoman B. Lowenthal Doesn't Vote

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  • (Sept. 9, 2009) -- Sen. Dean Florez's office has told that SB 250, authored by the Bakersfield-area Democrat, is being made a two year bill (so it can be taken up next year, the second year of the Assembly's two year legislative session).

    The action comes following a lopsided vote (28-42) against SB 250 in the Assembly yesterday (Sept. 8), previously reported by (The bill requires 41 "yes" votes to pass).

    On the Sept. 8 vote on SB250, Assemblyman Warren Furutani (D., Carson-LB) voted "no," and Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal voted absent/abstai/not voting. A statement by her Chief of Staff Will Shuck acknowledged that the Assemblymember was present on the floor for the vote on SB250, and said:

    "She supports the policy goal, but believes it will best be achieved through further refinement of this bill, and hopes the author will continue working on it through the second year of this two-year session."

    SB250 proposed to restrict ownership of unsterilzed dogs and cats and require surgical sterilization of intact animals in specified circumstances.

    The measure is backed by the City of LB (on Council vote) and a number number of local animal advocacy groups.

    The measure is opposed by the American Kennel Club, show-dog/show-cat fanciers and breeder interests.

    The measure failed passage by a wide margin -- 28 to 42 -- with 41 "yes" votes needed for passage.

    These developments relate to the following story: Assemblyman Furutani Votes "No," Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal Doesn't Vote...And SB250 (Pet Responsibility Act) Supported By City of LB/City Council Fails By Wide Margin In Assembly

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