UPDATED with LBPD Information; LBPD Encounter With Suspect (Including Baton/Taser) Recorded And Anonymously Uploaded Onto YouTube

(Sept. 4, 2013, 8:20 a.m., updated 8:43 a.m.) -- An anonymous individual has uploaded the video (linked below) onto YouTube.

Screen save from YouTube video, linked below

The 4:23 video begins part of the way into an LBPD encounter with a suspect in which a baton and taser are used while the suspect is on the ground in the middle of South St. at Locust Ave. The audio captures crowd reactions but what the officers and suspect say can't be heard.

[UPDATE] LBPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Aaron Eaton tells

[Transcribed from notes; Sgt. Eaton in motion using headset cell phone]...On Sept. 2, 2013 [Labor Day] at about 6 p.m., LBPD received a 911 call from the 300 block of South St...and before officers arrived, a second call came from a business indicating there was a fight in front of the location involving three subjects.

When officers arrived they encountered a suspect who was [allegedly] being uncooprative, irrational and combative. He was asking officers to kill him and punching the asphalt. When officers went to take him into custody, he [allegedly] began to throw punches at them. [Sgt. Eaton indicates there's independently recorded store video showing some of this; we'll add it if it becomes available.]

Officers deployed a taser which didn't immediately have an effect on the suspect. When the suspect fell to the ground, he began to kick his feet and at one point [allegedly] struck one of the officers, causing his baton to fly off. When the officer went to try to handcuff him, he [allegedly] continued to kick and eventually kicked one of the officers in the face.

Officers used their batons and their tasers to get the subject to roll over onto his stomach so they could safetly handcuff him. The suspect adamantly told the officers he was not going to roll over on his stomach and refused to do so.

Eventually he was taken into custody. Officers noted that he showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol and later [allegedly] admitted to investigators that he had used meth amphetamines before the incident.

LBPD conducts a review of every use of force incident which started out with the patrol sergeant who arrived at the scene. That review process is continuing and gives us the opportunity to look at our training, equipment and policies.

LBPD is asking the public to come forward if there are other videos or witnesses to what took place. LBPD would like to see or hear what they have to say which may help provide pieces of the puzzle to get a better perspective on what happened.

Q: What's the status of the officers involved?

A: The officers are on duty because the review process takes some time. In a use of force situation, officers do not automatically go off duty as in an officer-involved shooting.

The title of the video below is by its anonymous uploader "BeachBoilLBC."

"BeachBoilLBC" also uploaded text stating:

[BeachBoilLBC text] "Long Beach police beat man and knock his teeth out he is not resisting and still gets tasered...he trys to protect him self from the officer hitting him on his knee and shin... Oh and I forgot to mention the man lost his front teeth had a open wound on his forehead and broken looked way worse in person the video makes it look too nice...How is this man resisting? Point out one time he resisted or assulted the police.. yes he tried to SHIELD him self? after the officer struck him on the knee and shin just like any normal human being would...there was about 5-6 officers there they had plenty of ppl to take him into custody."

Further as we learn it on

UPDATE: LBPD has released security cam video showing two different views, one of which shows an alleged altercation between a suspect and two unidentified individuals prior to the suspect's encounter with police at South St./Locust Ave. that ended with a use of force by officers (including a baton and taser.)

See LBPD-Released Security Cam Video Showing Different Views, And Alleged Altercation Involving Suspect In South St./Locust Ave. Encounter

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