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(Sept. 4, 2018, 1:30 p.m., updated Sept. 5, 12:30 p.m.) -- As separately reported by, the City Council voted on September 4 (actually completed at roughly 1:50 a.m. Sept. 5) to approve police and fire restorations in a FY19 budget proposed by city management with recommendations by Mayor Robert Garcia. The net result leaves LB taxpayers with a budgeted sworn police level for routine citywide deployment of 1.59 officers per thousand residents (up from 1.58 in FY18.)

By comparison, L.A.'s Mayor/Council budget 2.47 officers per thousand residents (not including Airport/Port police.) Signal Hill, surrounded by Long Beach, budgets 3.15 sworn officers per thousand residents for its taxpayers.

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Our LB ratio doesn't include officers that the Council doesn't allocate or pay-for; that number is decided -- and paid for -- by various entities that contract with LBPD to provide police services at LB's Port, Airport, LBUSD, LBCC, LBTransit, L.A. County Carmelitos housing and Metro. Contracted officers aren't routinely available during their contracted shifts to respond to citywide needs or to calls for service where you live (unless you live inside the Port, the Airport or on a LBTransit bus or a Metro train.) If the number of contracted officers were included, LB's FY19 budgeted police level would be 1.79 officers per thousand.

For details on LB's FY19 citywide deployable budgeted figure, see coverage at this link.



In calculating the officer-to-population ratio, used the most recent updated population estimate for CA cities provided by the CA Dept.of Finance (May 2018 Report E-1.)

In FY17, LB's Mayor/Council restored 17 citywide deployable officers. In FY18. the Mayor/Council restored no additional citywide deployable officers. For FY19, Mayor Garcia recommends restoring 6 citywide deployable (bicycle patrol) officers while city management proposes shifting one citywide deployable officer to an Airport-contracted position, producing a net increase from FY18 to FY19 of 5 additional routine citywide deployable budgeted officers..

The net result for taxpayers as for FY19: 22 citywide deployable officers restored out of 208 erased...with 186 citywide deployable budgeted officers that LB taxpayers previously received yet to be restored.


As previously reported by, Mayor Robert Garcia recently defended the current pace of officer restorations and balked at fully restoring the 180+ remaining officers he voted as a Councilman (2009-2014) to erase. coverage (with audio) here.



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