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Suppose Our City Officials Had Applied These Efforts To Assure World Class Kroc Center Instead Of For This, This & This...

(March 1, 2011) -- I was just wondering:

What would have happened if Mayor Bob Foster and the City Council had applied the same effort to ensure a world class Kroc Center (valued at $120 million for $17 million Long Beach outlay) in the 6th Council District that City Hall applied to get a homeless service facility in the 5th District?

Would 6th district families have benefited from an amenity filled Kroc Center, that would have transformed a historically ignored part of Long Beach, if Mayor Foster and the Council had marhsaled the same efforts for Central Long Beach that they used to acquire 33 acres of overpriced wetlands?

Would children in the 6th Council district have benefited if Mayor Foster and the Council had used a sum city management still hasn't stated with precision but intends to spend to replace the part of the Public Service Yard we swapped away to acquire overpriced wetlands and instead applied the sum toward the $17 million that would have produced a $120 million Kroc Center for Central Long Beach?

I was just wondering.

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