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On Mayor Sato's Mind / Opinion

Mayor Sato, c. 2004Kroc Center Is Opportunity Too Good To Miss
by former Mayor Eunice Sato
LBReport.com Contributing Editor At Large

(April 20, 2010) -- As an active citizen residing in Long Beach, I have been involved with the Kroc Community Center and thus very interested and concerned about the progress of this Community Center.

This project is probably the only one in size and its comprehensive programs with Olympic quality facilities to implement activities for all residents in the neighborhood. It's just once-in-a-city's-lifetime that there is such a huge gift to the City of Long Beach.

It is transformational. It's historical. Its facilities will be available to all residents in the neighborhood next door and south of the Long Beach City College Pacific Coast campus.

There will be scholarships for those who are not able to pay the fees to participate. This Kroc Center gives an opportunity to leave a legacy to the future of our city. Those who have been successful and have accumulated wealth may leave it for the most meaningful and everlasting center in Long Beach, a legacy for our city now.

After the donor passes on, the gift lives on.

Besides, in this poor economy, this huge building project with a multitude of activities for growth and self-improvement will be a financial boon. Many jobs and employment will provide sources of income for the family members who need work, a good job.

I am anxiously waiting for the day the doors are opened.

Image from Councilmembers' Andrews & Gabelich memo for April 20 agenda item

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