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New: Man Shot In Broad Daylight, 2200 block E. 14th St. (b/w Cherry & Junipero)

Today: UPDATE: At 7:00, Peninsula Power Restored; Sizable Belmont Shore/Peninsula Edison Power Outage
Today: DA Files Multiple Felony Charges -- Including Attempted Murder Counts -- After NLB Standoff / Shooting of Code Enforcement Inspector


New: WLB Store Employee Sees Two Men Enter With Guns; He Fires At Them, Sending Them Fleeing

First (Again) on LBReport.comProposed El Dorado Park Dog Park, Previously Described As Facility To Be Built/Run With Privately Raised Funds, Quietly Slated To Receive At Least $31,300, Perhaps Up To $65,000, From 4th Council District Infrastructure Funds

Amazing Photo: NASA Releases This Panoramic Image From Surface of Mars

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ.

This Coming Saturday: 7th Annual Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo Set For Sat. July 14, Guests Include Former Racing Rivals Don "The Snake" Prudhomme & Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen

Photo credit: Susan Sabo

Photo Essay: July 4th Freedom Fest
by Diana Lejins

Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske interviews U.S. Marines, Staff Sgt. Mike Johnson (Vietnam & Desert Storm) and Sgt. James Cannon (Vietnam) with Montfort Point Marine Ass'n., honored at the event. Photo credit: Diana Lejins
Photo Essay: July 4, 2012: Long Beach Junior Concert Band Performs At California Gardens
by Diana Lejins

Useful Links To See If East European Malware Changed Your Computer's DNS Settings, Avoid Possible Internet Loss At 12:01 a.m. Monday
As Seen LIVE: State Senate Approves Funding For High Speed Rail; Senator Lowenthal Votes "No"; Senators Wright & Lieu Vote "Yes"

Image: High Speed Rail Authority

"Long Beach Central Project Area Council" (LB CPAC) Is Launched (In Former RDA PAC's Wake); Independent Group's First Meeting Opposes Title-Loan Business In Wrigley, Pursues Long Term Plans To Improve Long Beach Blvd.
Las Vegas Man Found Shot To Death (Multiple Gunshots) In Parked Car, 1300 block Temple Ave. (just north of Anaheim St.)

Read LBPD Info/Details On What Happened In NLB: Suspect Taken Into Custody After LB Code Enforcement Inspector Is Shot/Wounded
K9 Unit, Bomb Squad Unit, Tear Gas + SWAT End Nearly Seven Hour Standoff Began Following Story in 8 a.m. Hour
LB Muni Band Draws Big Opening Night Crowd @ Marine Stadium; Council Vote Last Year Shrank Schedule to 18 Shows This Year; Council's Coming Budget Vote In September, Plus Privately Raised Sums, Will Decide Next Year's Schedule

Photo below doesn't include people in a park across the street. Photo credit: Dan Halverson
Here's LB Muni Band Schedule
VIDEO (as seen LIVE July 4)
See/Hear LB Jr. Concert Band performance atop California Gardens (Orange Ave. b/w Spring/Willow)

Video streaming by Ustream
New / VIDEO (as seen LIVE July 4)
See/Hear Freedom Fest at Rosie the Riveter Park, honoring U.S. veterans. Among the events: the names of 14 LB Hometown Heroes -- who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan -- were read and Taps was sounded.

Video streaming by Ustream

Giant Photo Essay: How Long Beach Celebrated the 4th of July (Part 1 of 2); LB Marked Independence Day In Independent Ways

Photos credit: Joe Mello

VIDEO: See What Thousands Saw As Queen Mary Fireworks Lit Up Long Beach Shore by Joe Mello Community Correspondent

Subsequent developments above
"Declaration of Independence" Signed In Philadelphia, Asserts Right To Self-Rule No Longer Accountable To Royal Authority, Cites "History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations"

Advisory: An reader advises that two coyotes were spotted at approx. 3:30 a.m. Weds. (July 4) in the 2600 block of Josie Ave.

On-Demand Video above
July 4th Freedom Fest Tonight (5:00-8:30 p.m.) @ Rosie the Riveter Park (Clark Ave./Conant Street); No Fireworks But Meaningful Words, Music And Food Trucks Nearby
On-Demand Video coming
LB's All Volunteer Jr. Concert Band Gets Big Gig: July 4th Free Concert To Preview LB's Newest Park At Highest Point In LB (2745 Orange Ave. b/w Willow/Spring
Review: A New Tradition For Long Beach
by Dan Pressburg

Photo credit: Holly Pressburg

MORE Independent Views

Attention former PressTelegram "Letters to the Editor" readers/writers: Tired of seeing letters about things you don't care about in Valencia and Azusa? now features a new, old fashioned Letters to the Editors column about things you care about here. The usual Letter to the Editor rules apply (opinions are fine; personal attacks and invented "facts" aren't) and we want your name and a phone number (not for publication) so we can reach you. Email your letter text to:

Statement by the Publisher: When Barbarians Were At The Gate
Opinion: Long Beach Is Shortchanging Itself On Oil Revenue, November Ballot Measure Could Update Old Verbiage, Bring City Millions For Police/Fire/Street Repair/Libraries/Recreation
Says Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske
Opinion: Renewal of DLBA/PBID Is Far From "Done Deal" Despite Rubberstamping By City Council
by Sandra Rendell, Spokesperson, Downtown Homeowners Unite

Opinion: Term Limits: The Voter-Enacted Initiative That Some Don't Remember
by Dan Pressburg
Editorial: The Whole City Is Watching
Common Sense: Opinion by Terry Jensen: Good Or Bad Deal For Taxpayers? Info & Answers Needed Before Council Leases Parking Spaces To 6th/Pine Owner

Want to Sound Off with a published opinion (op-ed) piece on Email it to us at: Be sure to include your name and a contact phone number (day and night) Sound Off: You Say It So LB Hears It
Don't Let The Music Die: Help Find Home for LB Jr. Concert Band
by Jeffrey Varney

Former LB Redevelopment Committees Should Unify And Amplify Their Efforts
by Jim Lewis

Editorial: Now, It's the Voters' Turn (Revisiting Sept. 2011 Editorial)
Opinion: Common Sense: Important Questions Not Asked, Answers Needed Re Uncollected Parking Ticket Revenue
by Terry Jensen
"We need to know [the answers to a number of questions] before we allow the Mayor and Council to outsource any departments or try to burden taxpayers with any new taxes..."...MORE Featured Writers
Volunteering their expertise and views to support independent news in LB
Joe Mello, Community Correspondent. Enterprising and insightful stories told in words and photos

Greening Up with Ann Cantrell Issues affecting parks, people...and birds.
Ann Cantrell c. 2008

Former LB Mayor Eunice Sato Mayor Sato writes on...everything.
Mayor Sato, c. 2004

"Pets & Their People" by Miriam Yarden, B.Sc.. MS. Book author, co-founder Friends of LB Animals, animal behavior expert.
Miriam Yarden

Gerrie Schipske's Blog

Gerrie Schipske's Blog

Rae Gabelich's Blog

The Road Is Not Always Paved With Good Intentions...MORE
Tonia Reyes Uranga's blog
Tonia Reyes Uranga
Another decision pushed behind the closed door...MORE

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  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"

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    by Kerrie Alley
  • Hear Appellant Kerrie Aley's Testimony re City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil...And City Mgm't Response & Her Rebuttal
  • Read CA Court of Appeal Ruling (Late 2004) Reversing L.A. Council, Chastising Its Councilmembers Who Voted To Deny Appeal After Not Paying Attention To Testimony In Quasi-Judicial Appeal Hearing
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
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  • Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Aquarium, Nov. 21/04
    Photo: T'giving wkend 2004 (not typical)
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    Video Showing Portions Of An LBPD Enforcement Action Re A LB Medpot Outlet Under Review By Department; Percolates Into L.A. News Media; Excessive Force?
    Council Narrowly Defeats (4-5) Motion To Let 14-18 Medical Marijuana Outlets Continue Operating Till CA Supreme Court Rules On Medpot Issues; Unanswered: To What Extent Is LB's Ban On Others (Which Will Apply As Of Aug. 12 To 14-18 Currently Allowed Operators) Still Valid After LA County Court of Appeal Ruling?
    Also at Tuesday's City Council meeting:

  • Funding For Police, Fire, Infrastructure, Libraries, Rec Services Without Taxing Ordinary Taxpayers? Councilmembers Schipske, Neal & Gabelich Propose Nov. Ballot Measure To Let Voters Update/Adjust LB's Oil Production Tax -- On Oil Producers -- To More Closely Parallel Signal Hill
    Councilwoman Schipske removes the item from consideration (further to follow).

  • Editorial: Council Oversight Overdue Before Vote Tonite After What City Hall Told Sac'to To Get Nearly $4 Mil For 7th/Alamitos/MLK ("Armory Park")
    Council votes 9-0 to accept the grant without questions.
    Subsequent development above
    Editorial: Council Oversight Overdue Before Vote Tonite After What City Hall Told Sac'to To Get Nearly $4 Mil For 7th/Alamitos/MLK ("Armory Park")
    Subsequent development above
    Intense Lobbying Targets Proposal By Schipske-Gabelich-Neal To Update/Adjust LB's Oil Production Tax -- On Oil Producers -- To More Closely Parallel Signal Hill; Chamber Wants Measure (Which Proposes Using Add'l Oil Revenue for Police/Fire/Infrastructure) Sent To Budget Oversight Committee (Chair = DeLong), Chamber Says "Impact On Long Beach and Its Corporate Citizens Must Be Taken Into Consideration"
    Funding For Police, Fire, Infrastructure, Libraries, Rec Services Without Taxing Ordinary Taxpayers? Councilmembers Schipske, Neal & Gabelich Propose Nov. Ballot Measure To Let Voters Update/Adjust LB's Oil Production Tax -- On Oil Producers -- To More Closely Parallel Signal Hill
    Subsequent development above
    CA 2d dist. Court of Appeal -- Whose Rulings Are Controling Authority In L.A. County -- Strikes Down L.A. County Supervisors' Blanket Ban On Medpot Outlets (in unincorporated areas), Reasoning It Conflicts With And Is Preempted by State Laws Allowing Storefront Medical Marijuana Outlets
    AND Subsequent development above
    Lowenthal, Neal & Gabelich Agendize July 3 Council Item To Let 18 14 Marijuana Collectives Remain Open (Past Previous August 12 Council Deadline) Until CA Supreme Court Rules on LB's Now-Stricken Ordinance That Sought To Regulate MJ Outlets
    City Mgr. Names Mike DuRee New LB Fire Chief
    Assembly + State Senate Both Pass Two Major Portions of "Homeowner Bill of Rights"
    Woman Visiting NLB Apt. Is Fatally Stabbed In Sunday Afternoon Dispute

    Now, It's Murder: One of Two Men Shot Walk-Up, Drive-Off Shooting in NW NLB (67th/Butler) Dies

    Follow-Up / AUDIO: Hear Supervisor Knabe Describe Successful Advocacy Efforts to Remove Forced Flood Insurance Text From Fed'l Bill; They Came "Down to the Wire"; He Describes What Took Place...And Advises Continued Vigilance
    Major Legislative Victory: House & Senate Vote To Approve Flood Insurance Legislation That DOESN'T Impose Mandatory Flood Insurance In Areas At Low Flood Risk Protected By Levees; Last Minute Action Spares Homeowners & Comm'l Property Owners In Long Beach & Southeast L.A. County From Costly Annual Mandatory Flood Insurance Premiums

    Timed As Residents Enter Holiday Period: Caltrans & Multiple Agencies Release Proposed 14 Lane 710 Fwy EIR/EIS; Release Triggers Start Of 60 Day Window To Read & Comment On Massive Document Affecting Region For Decades To Come
    NLB CAG Celebration, Open House & Community BBQ Is Sunday July 1, 2-4 p.m. at Historic LB Dairy/Creamery: Free Food, Modest Donation Requested To Support Grassroots Group
    Stockton Files For Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Protection
    Woman Shot In Drive-By, Area 15th St./Peterson Ave.

    First (Again) on Councilman Garcia Tells LBPD West Division Public Meeting He Won't Support Upcoming Budget Unless It Includes Police Academy Class in FY13
    Funding mechanism unmentioned for now
    Read Historic Ruling: Here's U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" ("Obamacare")

    Glass Doors Smashed Overnight (6/26-6/27) at Bay Shore Branch Library And At 2nd St. Carwash
    Via Cal/OSHA Cites Human Misjudgment in Report on Deadly CSULB Elevator Accident
    Cal State Long Beach escapes blame, but many questions remain
    K9 Officer Helps LBPD & U.S. Marshals Take Felony Drug Suspect Into Custody in Central LB
    Sun Nite Pursuit From WLB to East Wrigley After Cops Spot Stolen Car; Suspect Crashes Into Parked Car Area LB Blvd./Eagle St., Prompting Neighborhood Search w/ K9 & Helicopter
    Passenger (19 Yr Old Man) Dies In Single Vehicle Crash On 710 Fwy Near Downtown LB; Driver (18 Yr Old Woman) Is Booked By LBPD For Alleged Felony Impaired Driving/Vehicular Manslaughter
    Sunday: Long Beach had a presence as the Levitated Mass that brought crowds to Bixby Knolls and downtown LB is now permanently levitating at the L.A. County Museum of Art in L.A. LB's Laurie Angel and Chuck Fowler were present. Photos below are by Linda Ivers (thank you!)

    Photos above by Linda Ivers

    UPDATE: LBPD Says Tireless Work By Investigation Detective + West Division Officers Brings Arrest Of Suspect Driver In Anaheim/Linden Fatal Hit-And-Run
    LB's All Volunteer Jr. Concert Band Gets Big Gig: July 4th Free Concert To Preview LB's Newest Park At Highest Point In LB Great Views + Great Music...Although Band STILL Needs A New Rehearsal Location
    LB Water/Sewer Rates Will Remain Unchanged For Third Straight Year; Management Manages To Keep Rates Flat Despite Higher Imported Water & Pumping Costs & Less Water Consumed
    USS Long Beach Will Be Disassembled, Auctioned & Sold For Scrap In Coming Weeks
    Takes place while USS Iowa will bring tourists and revenue to San Pedro



    Via Rose Park Residents Left Hanging By Verizon's High-Wire Act by Dave Wielenga,
    Further By the Numbers: O'Donnell Received 71-86% Of Votes Cast In Usually Low Turnout Western Precincts
    LBPD Arrests Fraud Suspect, Recovers $200,000 In Stolen Merchandise

    LBPD photo

  • Four People Rescued (Three By Ladder) From Apt. Blaze, 600 block Magnolia Ave.
    June 23: Friends/Family Of Brian Beato (Millikan Baseball Team Member) Schedule Fundraiser (To Help Pay Funeral Costs): Sat. June 23, 6-10 p.m. @ St. Cornelius Church

    Via NBC4LA: Road-Rage Victim Arrested, CHP Confirms; Incident Includes Links to LB
    In Depth Coverage w/ Audio: Hear It: What the Council Did & Didn't Say And Do When It Voted To Let Some LB Medpot Outlets Stay Open While Banning Others
    City Mgm't Hired Consultant Firm Says City of LB's Per Capita Costs For Services (Incl. Police & Fire) Higher Than Median And In Some Cases At High End Compared To Other Cities
    Says some savings may be possible by combining some City Depts., says public may be amenable to tax increase ballot measure

    New / With No-Spin Audio Clips: LBPD & DA's Office Rep Tell Council LB's Current Medpot Policy, Banning Some But Not All Outlets, Creates Prosecution Problems (Hear It)
  • Police Chief McDonnell Describes PD Calls For Service/Criminal Activity He Alleges Are Related To Some Outlets But No Details Citing Ongoing Investigations (Hear It)
  • Mayor Foster & Collectives' Advocate Kemp Have Hardball Verbal Exchange (Hear It)
  • Mayor Foster Reiterates He's Opposed To Extending Current Exemptions To Ban While Awaiting CA Supreme Court Ruling on LB Ordinance
    In add'l Council action Tuesday night:
  • Re downtown PBID (annual assessment to include for the first time downtown residential property owners): Council launches mail-in ballot vote and sets Aug. date for hearing on PBID assessment (for the first time applied to downtown residential property owners). Process is sought by DLBA and supported by some downtown property owners as beneficial to them and to downtown, and is opposed by Downtown Homeowners Unite as double-taxation and anti-democratic. Vote was 6-0 (motion by Lowenthal; Garcia & Andrews absent; Schipske recused based on partner's real estate downtown)
  • Re 4th district election: Certified the June runoff election results as a "consent calendar" (no Council discussion) item.
    Earlier Tuesday afternoon: Council held a budget meeting to receive a presentation on "Potential Government Reform Ideas and Trends." Some information presented by hired consultants on LB's per capita costs compared to other cities was eye-opening. Details to follow.
    Subsequent development above:
    Rose/7th St. (2nd dist.) Area Resident Repeatedly Tells Council About Alleged Impacts Of A Collective Near Him; Collective Ass'n Advocate Kemp Denies Claims; City Mgr. Makes Memo Claim re DA Policy We Can't Confirm
    Subsequent development above:
    Editorial: Garcia Hiding From Med Pot Hot Potato, Evading Council Meeting Accountability For Costs & Impacts His Policies Helped Create
    By the Numbers: 4th Council District Challenger Supernaw Carried Most Eastern Precincts/Los Altos Areas While Incumbent O'Donnell Prevailed With Large Ballot Totals In Usually Lower Turnout Western Precincts
    Public Meeting Weds. June 20 To Discuss 5th dist. Traffic Issues & Infrastructure Needs; Topics Will Include Possible Changes Along Spring St. In El Dorado Park Area Where Teen Was Recently Struck/Killed Near Stevely Ave.
    Man Is Shot Minutes Before Midnight, 1300 block Lemon Ave.

    LBPD Commander Josef Levy -- Five Years Cancer Free -- Says Perspective Lets Him Never Have A Bad Day

    Wrigley Residents Roused Amid No-Nonsense Suspect Search Fri Nite-Sat Midnite Hr, 2500 block Earl Ave.
    Motorcyclist Is Killed, 5500 block E. PCH, In Collision With Pick-Up Truck
    First (Again) on LB's All-Volunteer Junior Concert Band Finds Place To Store Its Trucks/Containers BUT STILL Needs Rehearsal Hall, Will Lose Current Location July 16; Do You Have Or Know Of A Good Location?
    Muni Band Schedule Shrinks to 18 Concerts This Year; Here's Info From City Mgm't Memo
    Rodney King, Whose Videotaped Beating by LAPD Officers Ignited Days of Looting/Rioting in LB and L.A., Found Dead at 47
    Man (Adult) Shot, 19th/Myrtle (North of PCH, West of King Park)

    VIDEO & Photo Coverage: Long Beach's Test Drive Expo Goes Beyond Ordinary Car Shows, Adds Driving Excitement For Adults, Passenger Thrills For Kids

    Perspective: Via On-Time State Budget Full of Holes, Games, Gimmicks
    by Katy Grimes
    LIVE STREAMING VIDEO: Aquarium of the Pacific's "Penguin Cam" Streams New Penguin Habitat LIVE (Above AND Below Water Line)

    Resident Spots Suspicious Activity, Area San Antonio/Cedar & Calls Cops; LBPD Responds, Finds & Arrests Residential Burglary Suspect
    See CA Dept. of Education Rankings Of All LBUSD Schools (Academic Performance Index Scores) Compared To All CA Schools And Schools w/ "Similar" Demographics
    UPDATE: Police Seek Public's Help And Now Have More Detailed Vehicle Description And Partial License Plate Of Suspect Vehicle in Anaheim/Linden Fatal Hit-And-Run
    In Sight & Sound: Long Beach Symphony Chamber Players + Aquarium of the Pacific = Marvelous Musical-Oceanic Experience; Hear It!
    by Diana Lejins

    Photo credit: Diana Lejins

    Wrigley Area Advocates McDonald & Greenfeld-Wisner Describe Crime Impacts At Council's Public Safety Committee, Urge Replenishment Police Academy
    LBPD Mgm't Updates Public Safety Committee On Crime Stats and LBPD Staffing Levels, Says Need For Replenishment Police Academy Class "Is Compelling" If Funding Resources Can Be Identified, PD Working w/ Mgr. On Plan For Council In A Couple of Months
    LBPD Mgm't Says It Plans Demonstration/Validation Test Shortly Of A Type Of Gunfire-Location Technology But Not "ShotSpotter" System; Calls It A Similar, Cost-Effective Technology That Was Deployed in Iraq And Can Be Mobile
    VIDEO Coverage: LBPD Says It Has Arrested Alleged Leaders & Multiple Members of Baby Insane Crips Gang; Links Gang to 13 LB Shootings In Three Series & At Least One Murder Since Nov. 2009

    June 13, 8:17 p.m.: 4.1 Quake Near Yorba Linda Lightly Felt in LB

    Perspective: Inconvenient Truths vs. Flinching Crime Stats & Bureaucratically Boosted PD Staffing
    Via Reuters: World Health Organization Reclassifies Diesel, Now Puts It Among Substances With Definite Links To Cancer (Same Risk Category As Asbestos, Arsenic and Tobacco)
  • Perspective / Amnesia File w/ Audio: As Council's Public Safety Committee Meets Today On Police Levels, See/Hear What It Did & Didn't Do On Replenishment Police Academy Class And Other Items photo: Jan 31, 2012 Committee meeting

    With AUDIO: Council's State Legislation Committee (O'Donnell, Johnson, Garcia) Votes 3-0 To Recommend Full Council Endorse SB 1243 (Would Let Shippers Continue To Avoid Paying Full Amount of CA's Sales/Use Tax On Marine Fuel)
    When no Committee member asks about State Bd of Equalization estimate that continuing exemption will cost state approx. $90-137.5 million annually (incl. local revenue losses), asks about this; hear Committee members' responses

    Mother Who Gave Birth And With Child's Grandma Invented Story Of Finding Infant At Gas Stn. Both Admit Guilt To City Prosecutor Charges...And Both Have Now Been Sentenced
    Cluster Mgm't At PressTelegram & Eight Other Former Independent Local Dailies To Make Further Editor/Newsroom Changes; Read Their Memo
    Video on Shows An LBPD Arrest; See It...And LBPD Statement

    Hit & Run Driver Allegedly Kills Pedestrian Crossing Anaheim @ Linden; Police Say Driver & His Passenger Allegedly Exited Their Vehicle, Approached Victim, Then Left
    Belmont Shore Business Robbed, 5200 block 2nd St. VIDEO & Photo Coverage: Emotion-Packed 2nd Annual Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial Run/Walk Recalls Lives, Plans For The Future

    This happened at 10th St./Roswell Ave. at late afternoon/early evening Sunday June 10

    Photo credit: Chris Brito

    LB Violent Crimes Year To Date Up Almost 6%, Property Crimes Up A Little Over 12% Citywide; In East Division (46% of LB East of Cherry to City Limit), No Increase in Violent Crimes But Property Crimes Up Almost 22% Over Last Year
    Updated Tally: DeLong Within 3.6 Percentage Points of Lowenthal Districtwide
    LBPD + Multiple Agencies Incl. U.S. Marshal Service Conduct Four-Day Enforcement Operation in LB, Make 280 Arrests (Incl. 170 Felonies + 75 Alleged Gangmembers)

    Subsequent coverage above
    Saturday Morning Is 2nd Annual Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial 5K Run/Walk @ Patrick Henry Elem. School
    Editorial / Appreciation: On Ray Bradbury
    Sharp Eyed LB Cops Spot Stolen Vehicle in East Wrigley; One Suspect Swiftly Arrested, Another Hides/Barricades Himself In Neighborhood Shed & SWAT Gets Him Out, 2400 block Earl Ave.
    Woman Is Beaten/Badly Abused By Group of Males, June 6 Approx. 3 a.m. Area Anaheim St./Redondo Ave.
    Via Two Women Robbed At Gunpoint on 2nd St./LaVerne Ave. in Belmont Shore, June 5 Approx. 1:20 a.m.
    2nd Annual Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial 5K Run/Walk & Is This Saturday, June 9; Register Now To Walk/Run And Be Part Of It

    Passage / Archival VIDEO: Ray Bradbury, Famed Author of Fahrenheit 451 And Outspoken Critic of LB RDA/City Hall Plans To Demolish Acres of Books Bookstore, Sic Transit

    Councilman O'Donnell Day-After Election: "I Look Forward To A Good Strong Four More Years..."
    State Leg. Committee Chair O'Donnell Agendizes Item Recommending Approval of SB 1243 (Would Let Shippers Continue Avoiding Full Amount of CA's Sales/Use Tax On Marine Fuel They Buy); Measure Recently Passed Senate, Is Now In Assembly Co-Authored By Bonnie Lowenthal
    First (Again) on Largest City Employee Union (IAM) Wins Proposed Order From Public Employment Relations Board ALJ Concluding City Hall-Imposed Furloughs Violated State Law (Without Bargaining To Agreement or Impasse) And Ordering City To "Make Whole" Employees "Adversely Affected"
    City Att'y will recommend appealing proposed ruling in upcoming Council closed session
    WITH VIDEO: Councilman O'Donnell Is Re-Elected To Third Term

    WITH VIDEO: Morning-After Statements By Lowenthal & DeLong Congressional Campaigns; Candidates Alan Lowenthal & Gary DeLong Proceed To November Runoff; Lowenthal Carries LA County Vote; DeLong Carries OC Vote; Includes Quick Video Comments/Q & A w/ Sen. Lowenthal
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