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    Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


    Oct. 2006: LB Area Chamber Endorses Gov. Schwarzenegger's Reelection

    June 2006: Incumbent Councilwoman Kell Won't Wage Court Challenge After Hand-Recount Shows Majority Of 5th District Ballots Favored Schipske (photo below) Who Becomes ELB's New Councilwoman in Mid-July

    June 2006: 5th District Hand Recount Completed & Schipske Extends Her Lead Over Kell, Outpolling Her By 247 Votes

    June 2006: First Day Hand-Recount Of 5th Council District Ballots Has Schipske Cautiously Optimistic, Kell Mulling Next Move

    June 2006: Kell Requests Hand-Recount Triggering Individual Inspection of 11,000+ 5th Dist. Ballots, Process Will Start Weds. 9 a.m.; Clerk Certifies Schipske As ELB's 5th District Winner, She Prepares To Take Office

    June 2006: Some 5th District Council Ballots May Have Had Candidate Choice Bubbles Completed By Someone Other Than Write-In Voters For Kell In Post-Election Processing Snafu; Update: City Clerk Herrera Says Info Gathered At Present Indicates Limited Effect; Part Time Worker May Have Used Black Marking Device, Not Easier To Spot Blue Marker...But Extent Still Uncertain; Result May Have Boosted Kell's Current Vote Count...Who Still Trails Schipske By 169 Votes

    5th Dist. Council Update: Schipske Declares Victory, Ready To Begin As New 5th Dist. Councilwoman; Now Has 169 Vote Lead Over Kell; Incumbent Kell Confers With Lawyer; Recount, Legal Challenge Possible Depending On What Ballots Show; City Clerk Investigating Snafu With Some Write-In Ballots

    June 2006: Post-Election Editorial: Checks And Balances

    June 2006: Vice Mayor/Councilwoman Jackie Kell Congratulates Apparent Councilwoman-Elect Gerrie Schipske...But Hasn't Conceded, Is Awaiting Count Of Remaining Ballots, Her Consultant Says

    June 2006: Bob Foster Is LB's Mayor-Elect; Suja Lowenthal, Gary DeLong And (Unless Absentee/Provisionals Change Outcome) Gerrie Schipske Will Be LB's New 2d, 3d and 5th District Councilmembers; Councilwoman Laura Richardson Likely On Her Way To Sacramento, Wins Dem Primary For Carson-LB Assembly Seat

    June 2006: Former LB Councilwoman, Now Assemblywoman, Jenny Oropeza Wins Dem Primary For SW L.A. County State Senate Seat

    LB's unofficial vote total from the City Clerk's office -- which notes that over 5,000 additional absentee and provisional ballots still remain to be counted -- can be viewed by clicking here.

    June 2006: Councilman/Mayoral Candidate Frank Colonna Delivers Commencement Address to St. Anthony High School Graduating Class of 2006

    June 2006: Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Endorses Bob Foster For Mayor; Richardson Ditto

    May 2006: Some Familiar LB Names Contribute To Councilwoman Richardson's Bid For State Assembly

    May 2006: Editorial: Colonna Bashing, Clashing Messages

    May 2006: SF HQ'd Union (Whose Local Affiliate Backs "Labor Peace Agreement" Applied To Hotels On City-Owned Land) Plans Nearly $35,000 Last Minute "Independent Expenditure" To Support Suja Lowenthal In 2d District Council Race

    May 2006: DeLong vs. Loftin Face Off In 3rd District Council Runoff, Contrast On Studebaker/Loynes Development, Council Words vs. Power Over Harbor Comm'ners On Pollution, LNG

    May 2006: Foster & Colonna Launch Runoff TV Ads

    May 2006: Deukmejian, O'Neill Praise Colonna At Energized Belmont Shore Campaign Event

    May 2006: Perspective: ELB Now At Ground-Zero In Showdown Council, School Board Races

    May 2006: Mayoral Finalists Foster & Colonna Say Airport EIR Doesn't Sufficiently Address Neighborhoods' Concerns; We Post Their Verbatim Responses At Wrigley-Area Forum

    May 2006: Florence Wilson, Finished Third In April School Board Race, Endorses School Board Incumbent Jim Choura In Runoff

    May 2006: Recount Of Selected School Board Precincts Indicates Schoolboard Member Stanton Outpolled Challenger Deaton

    May 2006: Charter Cable's Televised Foster vs. Colonna Mayoral Forum Now Posted On-Demand 24/7 Via Host Art Levine's StraightTalk Website

    May 2006: Schoolboard Candidate Deaton Retains Counsel, Seeks Recount And Inspection Of Ballot/Voting Materials Re April Election vs. Incumbent School Boardmember Stanton

    April 2006: Former Mayoral Candidate Doug Drummond Backs Bob Foster For Mayor

    Election Opinion

    Editorial: Kiss of Death in Second District?

    Editorial: Correcting Damages Done -- On Police (third in a series)

    March 1994. Use of screen shot courtesy Straight Talk Productions, Inc. whose permission does not imply or suggest its agreement with the opinions expressed in our editorial.

    Foster v. Colonna On Police (second in a series)

    The Election: Restating The Obvious (first in a series)

    Election Sound Off

    Guest Op-Ed: 100 Officers Isn't Enough...But Foster Is Honest And I Trust Him, Says Former Mayoral Candidate/Retired Councilman Doug Drummond

    Guest Op-Ed: Foster's At-Least 100 More Cops In 4 Yrs. Do-Able, Colonna's 300 More Cops In 4 Yrs. Impossible, Says Lt. Steve James, President LB Police Officers Ass'n.

    Your Words Replying To Ours

    Final Ballots Counted

    3rd Council dist: Loftin Will Face DeLong in June Runoff; Ryan Endorses Loftin

    Loftin in runoff Apr 21/06

    9th Council dist: Lerch Widens Apparently Winning Lead Over Neal

    Lerch wins Apr 21/06

    1st dist LB School Board: Incumbent Stanton Edges Out Challenger Deaton By 135 Votes; Teachers Union Indicates It Will Demand Recount

    Stanton vote count Apr 21/06

    Updated results (now certified) from City Clerk, click here

    March 2006: Auditor Challenger Wilson-Doud Lambastes Incumbent Burroughs' Record on Queen Mary; Burroughs Says QM Lease Didn't Let Him Audit Detailed Books & Records; We Post Lease Portion So You Can Decide...Along With Views Of Retired Deputy City Attorney McCabe

    March 2006: Blair, Myown Lead In Fundraising For 2d District Special Election; Blair Amasses Nearly $50k In Roughly 3 Wks; Myown At Roughly $10k; We List Some Salient Contributors

    March 2006: LB Area Chamber of Commerce Sues City of LB In Fed'l Court, Wants LB Campaign Reform Act (1994 Voter-Approved Prop M) Limiting Contributions Declared Unconstitutional/Unenforceable Applied To Chamber & Other Non-Candidate Controlled Groups

    March 2006: Eleven Candidates Qualify, Add'l Candidates' Paperwork Review Pending, For 2d Council district June Special Election

    March 2006: Drummond, Continuing To Fume Over "Pension Spike," Endorses Laura Wilson Doud For City Auditor

    March 2006: 17 Potential Candidates Thus Far "Pull Papers" For 2d district Council Seat

    March 2006: Conducting Special Election For School Board Seat Suja Lowenthal Indicates She'd Abandon If Elected To Council Would Cost...

    Feb. 2006: Suja Lowenthal Dropping Out of School Board Race To Seek 2d district Council Seat

    Feb. 2006: Bry Myown Launches 2d District Council Bid With Endorsements Of Councilwoman Rae Gabelich And...

    Feb. 2006: Former Baker Chief of Staff Taylor Resigns As Foster for Mayor Campaign Manager

    Feb. 2006: Perspective: Restoring Rights Lost

    Feb. 2006: Public Vote, Not Council Appointment, Will Decide Next 2d District Councilmember

    Feb. 2006: Four Former Baker Council Office Staffers Out At City Hall; Mayor Says...

    Feb. 2006: Gabelich Endorses Colonna For Mayor As Colonna Unveils 10-Point "Neighborhood Bill of Rights"

    Feb. 2006: LB Police Officers Ass'n President James Responds Re His Investment With Then-Councilman Baker & Media Coverage Surrounding It

    Feb. 2006: Former Baker Chief of Staff Taylor Resigns As Foster for Mayor Campaign Manager

    Feb. 2006: Four Former Baker Council Office Staffers Out At City Hall; Mayor Says...

    Feb. 2006: Public Vote, Not Council Appointment, Will Decide Next 2d District Councilmember

    Feb. 2006: Perspective: Restoring Rights Lost

    Feb. 2006: First On LB Police Officers Union Foresees Spending $280,000 In Coming Months To Back Half-Cent LB Sales Tax Increase + Elect POA-Endorsed Mayoral + Council Candidates + Deal With State Political Matters; Officers Vote $200/Officer Assessment To Raise $180,000

    Feb. 2006: Pundit Program Note: Latest Mum's the Word With Host/Retired Councilman Robbins Features Opinions Of Retired Councilmembers Kellogg & Donelon

    Feb. 2006: Superior Court Strikes Out Portions Of Candidate Statements By Schoolboard Challengers Barton & Ellis As False Or Misleading, Leaves 10 of 14 Other Statements Intact...With Caveat

    Feb. 2006: LB's Major Mayoral Candidates Tangle On Straight Talk TV (With Cable, Webcast & Podcast Access)

    Feb. 2006: Yes, Sheriff Baca Has Endorsed Two Candidates For LB Mayor & Two For Third District Council

    Feb. 2006: Follow The Money: Who Wants Whom As LB's Next Mayor; We Link To Campaign Contribution Details

    Jan. 2006: LB Firefighters Ass'n Supports Re-Electing City Attorney Bob Shannon

    Jan. 2006: Colonna Reports Raising $190,000+ Thru Jan...And Is Endorsed By LB Lawyer Skip Keesal

    Jan. 2006: LB Firefighters Union Releases Council Endorsements

    Jan. 2006: Colonna Endorsed For Mayor By Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n PAC & LB Harbor Comm'n President Topsy-Elvord

    Jan. 2006: L.A. County Democratic Party Endorses Bob Foster For Mayor; We Post Release Verbatim

    Jan. 2006: Mayor O'Neill Endorses Gary DeLong for 3d District City Council

    Jan. 2006: One Will Be LB's Next Mayor; We Post What They Said In Detail At First Mayoral Candidate Encounter

    Jan. 2006: Justin Rudd Halts Run For 3d District Council

    Jan. 2006: Responding To Drummond's Pension Pounding In Mayoral Debate, Colonna Says New City Employee Contract Includes...

    Jan. 2006: Laura Wilson Doud Announces Run Against Incumbent City Auditor Gary Burroughs

    Jan. 2006: Rudd Enters 3d District City Council Race

    Jan. 2006: Confirmed: Justin Rudd Is Mulling 3d district Council Run

    Dec. 2005: LB Firefighters' Union Leadership Endorses Foster For Mayor

    Dec. 2005: Patrick Steinhauser, Older Brother of LB Schools Chief Chris Steinhauser, Enters 5th District Council Race

    Spotted at Belmont Shore Xmas Parade riding in State Senator Alan Lowenthal's car: LB Mayoral candidate Bob Foster (foreground).

    Xmas parade Lowenthal/Foster

    Nov. 2005: 3d district Council Candidate Gary DeLong Reports $20k+ Fundraiser; His Total Raised This Year Now Tops $90k+

    Nov. 2005: Norm Ryan Is Running For 3d District Council; Says LB Taxpayers Overtaxed & Underserved, If Elected Will Seek "No Sacred Cows" Audit Of City Hall Finances By Outside Firm, Not City Hall's Auditor

    Nov. 2005: Foster, Endorsed By LB Police Union, Says He'll Add 100 Cops During "Term In Office"; Colonna & Drummond Respond

    Nov. 2005: Mark Taylor Takes Extended Leave As Councilman Baker's Chief of Staff, Now Campaign Manager To Mayoral Candidate Bob Foster

    Nov. 2005: LB Police Officers Ass'n Endorsing Foster For Mayor

    Nov. 2005: Kell Quietly Exits Council Chamber Before Vote On Resolution Re Props 74, 75, 76; Colonna Leaves Early In Meeting, Aide Cites Family Emergency; Lerch Blasts Council For Taking Position On Ballot-Box Issues, Then Exits On Vote

    Oct. 2005: LB Area Chamber Of Commerce Offers 06 LB Election Endorsements

    Oct. 2005: Mayoral Candidates Show Their Internet Stuff: Drummond Launched Website In July; Colonna Launches Wirelessly In October; Foster Joins With Site In Progress

    Sept. 2005: Laura Wilson Doud, C.P.A. Enters Race For LB City Auditor

    Sept. 2005: Councilwoman Lowenthal Announces Re-Election Bid

    Sept. 2005: Councilman Lerch Announces He'll Seek Re-Election

    Sept. 2005: Bob Foster Makes It Official: He's Running For Mayor

    Sept. 2005:Bob Foster's Friends: Some Campaign Contributions

    Aug. 2005: Mayoral Candidates Comment On Randal Hernandez's Exit From 06 Mayoral Run

    Aug. 2005: Randal Hernandez Bows Out Of Race For LB Mayor; Here's His Statement

    Aug. 2005: Vice Mayor/5th District Councilwoman Jackie Kell To Seek Third Term On Council As Write-In Candidate

    July 2005: Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Seeking Reelection With Endorsement of State Senator Alan Lowenthal

    July 2005: Gathering Storm: Norm Ryan Forms Exploratory Committee To Gauge Support for Third District Council Run; Gary DeLong Reports Raising $50k+, Launches Website, Lists Campaign "Advisory Council" With Multiple VIPs; Charlie Legeman Also In Race

    July 2005: Councilman Frank Colonna Announces His Mayoral Candidacy; "Environmental Protection, Public Safety and Empowering Our Neighborhoods Will Be My Priorities"

    June 2005: Colonna Publicly Leaning Toward Mayoral Run

    June 2005: Gerrie Schipske Announces Candidacy For 5th District City Council

    May 2005: Drummond Mayoral Campaign Announces Endorsement Of Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald

    May 2005: City Attorney Shannon Formally Announces Re-Election Bid

    May 2005: Mayoral Candidate Randal Hernandez on LGB & LB Alliance

    April 2005: L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca Endorses Retired Councilman/Vice Mayor Doug Drummond for LB Mayor

    March 2005: Randal Hernandez, Former Aide to Gov. Schwarzenegger & Mayor O'Neill, Announces He's Running For Mayor, Is Promptly Endorsed By County Supervisor Knabe

    Feb. 2005: Gary DeLong Announces 3d District Council Candidacy

    Jan. 2005: Former Councilman/Vice Mayor Doug Drummond First To File Papers To Run For Mayor In '06

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