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    News in Depth/Analysis

    LB Crime Data for Jan-Jun 2001 Analyzed

  • Total reported crime up in every Council district

  • 1st district: Highest total reported crimes. Highest total serious crimes against persons (but lower than same period last year). Highest number of murders (7). Second highest total serious crimes against property
  • 2nd district: Second highest total reported crimes. Highest total serious crimes against property (but lower than same period last year)
  • 3d district: Serious property crimes up in every category except bike theft. Total serious crimes against property increase significantly
  • 4th district: 3d highest number of murders. Murders increase from 1 to 4 in six month period
  • 5th district: Total serious crimes increase. Total serious crimes against persons increase. However, total reported crimes and total reported serious crimes against persons are lowest in city
  • 6th district: Lowest total reported serious crimes against property. Total reported serious crimes against persons is 2d highest in city (but lower than same period last year). Murders drop to 0 from 6
  • 7th district: 3d lowest totals of serious crimes against persons and property, but total crimes against property up significantly
  • 8th district: 2 murders. Reported crimes increase marginally. 5th in highest total reported crime
  • 9th district: 2d highest number of murders, 3d highest total reported crimes, 3d highest total serious crimes against persons and 3d highest total serious crimes against property (all three totals up from same period last year)

    We also post detailed neighborhood crime data on line

    (Sept. 8, 2001) -- Reversing previous trends, an analysis of mid-year LBPD reported crime data by shows total reported crime has risen over the same period last year in every Council district and citywide.

    Crime in some categories in some Council districts declined amid the disturbing LB city trend. We post details below.

    In the public interest, provides LBPD reported crime data by Council district as well as detailed neighborhood size reporting districts for the first six months of 2001 (Jan 1-June 30).

  • Background & Methodology

    The LBPD, like other police departments nationally, uses a uniform system for reporting crime. Crimes are divided into Part 1 (serious or violent crimes) and Part 2 (other/less serious crimes).

    Part 1 (serious or violent crimes) are divided into crimes against persons (total murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery plus aggravated assault) and crimes against property (total residential, commercial and auto burglaries; auto, grand, petty & bike theft; plus arson).

    Data by Council district

    Analyzing crime data by Council district can provide useful insights, unavailable in "citywide" crime data (where safer areas necessarily offset data from areas in which residents and businesses are less safe than they deserve to be).

    Crime data by Council district also has the advantage of comparing areas of roughly equivalent population. To its credit, the LBPD reports crime data by Council district.

    The following data show crimes over the first half of 2001 and compare the period of January 1-June 30, 2001 with the period of January 1- June 30, 2000. Figures in red show crime increases.

    Part 1 Crimes Against Persons (ranked by Council district)

    Coun. Dist.Total P1 crimes
    against persons
    1269 (down from 275)7 murders (down from 9), 0 manslaughters (no change), 5 rapes (down from 12), 126 robberies (down from 134), 131 aggr. assaults (up from 120)
    6225 (down from 249)0 murders (down from 6), 0 manslaughters (no change), 8 rapes (down from 11), 103 robberies (down from 125), 114 aggravated assaults (up from 107)
    9219 (up from 205)5 murders (up from 2), 0 manslaughters, 7 rapes (up from 2), 103 robberies (up from 102), 104 aggravated assaults (up from 99)
    2179 (down from 229)2 murders (down from 6), 0 manslaughters (no change), 7 rapes (no change), 88 robberies (down from 92), 82 aggr. assaults (down from 124)
    8169 (up from 164)2 murders (no change), 0 manslaughter, 4 rapes (down from 7), 75 robberies (down from 90), 88 aggravated assaults (up from 65)
    4167 (up from 148)4 murders (up from 1), 0 manslaughters (no change), 3 rapes (down from 8), 89 robberies (up from 69), 71 aggravated asaults (up from 70)
    7159 (down from 155)1 murder (down from 3), 0 manslaughters, 5 rapes (no change), 52 robberies (down from 67), 101 aggravated assaults (up from 80)
    371 (up from 65)0 murders (no change), 0 manslaughters (no change), 6 rapes (up from 2), 35 robberies (down from 36), 30 aggravated assaults (up from 27)
    541 (up from 35)0 murders (no change), 0 manslaughters, 1 rape (no change), 10 robberies (down from 16), 30 aggravated assaults (up from 18)

    Part 1 Crimes Against Property (ranked by Council district)

    Coun. Dist.Total P1 crimes
    against property
    21,059 (down from 1,089)154 res. burg (up from 139), 42 comm'l burg (up from 33), 273 auto burg (down from 319), 80 grand theft (down from 88), 234 auto theft (down from 241), 213 petty theft (up from 196), 53 bike theft (down from 62), 10 arson (down from 11)
    1946 (up from 902)94 res. burg (down from 115), 65 comm'l burg (down from 68), 213 auto burg (up from 193), 63 grand theft (up from 61), 250 auto theft (up from 184), 207 petty theft (down from 227), 40 bike theft (down from 43), 24 arson (up from 11)
    9905 (up from 826)143 res. burg (down from 194), 55 comm'l burg (up from 42), 184 auto burg (up from 130), 64 grand theft (up from 33), 276 auto theft (up from 245), 143 petty theft (down from 163), 12 bike theft (up from 10), 28 arson (up from 9)
    3834 (up from 673)145 res. burg (up from 123), 53 comm'l burg (up from 34), 198 auto burg (up from 157), 95 grand theft (up from 57), 150 auto theft (up from 131), 176 petty theft (up from 139), 14 bike theft (down from 29), 3 arson (no change)
    4804 (down from 818)84 res. burg (up from 80), 42 comm'l burg (down from 56), 231 auto burg (up from 226), 39 grand theft down from 52), 201 auto theft (up from 194), 168 petty theft (down from 178), 23 bike theft (down from 24), 16 arson (up from 8)
    8782 (up from 781)165 res. burg (up from 158), 47 comm'l burg (down from 51), 143 auto burg (up from 140), 191 auto theft (down from 222), 155 petty theft (up from 140), 18 bike theft (down from 22), 17 arson (up from 4)
    7769 (up from 630)139 res. burg (up from 114), 40 comm'l burg (down from 53), 167 auto burg (up from 106), 51 grand theft (up from 40), 205 auto theft (up from 153), 141 petty theft (up from 138), 17 bike theft (up from 16), 9 arson (down from 10)
    5692 (up from 601)55 res. burg. (down from 67), 49 comm'l burg (up from 32), 196 auto burg (up from 119), 62 grand theft (down from 63), 180 auto theft (down from 188), 131 petty theft (up from 122), 8 bike theft (no change), 11 arson (up from 4)
    6654 (down from 673)88 res. burg (down from 115), 51 comm'l burg (up from 35), 140 auto burg (down from 142), 36 grand theft (down from 46), 174 auto theft (up from 149), 122 petty theft (down from 143), 27 bike theft (down from 32), 16 arson (up from 11)

    Total Reported Crimes (P1 + P2 crimes) ranked by Council district

    Coun. Dist.Total P1 and P2 crimes against property
    12,523 (up from 2,302)
    22,470 (up from 2,369)
    92,014 (up from 1,736)
    41,896 (up from 1,749)
    81,765 (up from 1,713)
    61,747 (up from 1,739)
    71,662 (up from 1,343)
    31,623 (up from 1,400)
    51,352 (up from 1,091)

    Data by LBPD neighborhood-size reporting district

    Although Council district data are more illuminating than "citywide" data, they have a similar shortcoming: they offset disparate areas (in this case, parts of the Council district) that may have different crime levels.

    For this reason, and because community based policing involves neighborhood-level issues, also posts LBPD's detailed, neighborhood level crime statistics on a link, below.

    To its credit, the LBPD also reports crime by relatively small, neighborhood-size crime reporting districts. These data can provide useful information for neighborhood groups and businesses.

    The LBPD's neighborhood size crime reporting districts in the central part of the city are roughly a quarter square mile (about 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile), although districts elsewhere in the city are irregularly shaped and larger. They provide greater detail but are not of equal population size.

    Neighborhood-size crime data provide the ultimate in neighborhood empowerment. They can dispel mythology and stereotypes and reveal neighborhood impacts masked by "citywide" or Council district crime data.

    The LBPD data are not (yet) published in digital form so they are less user-friendly than we'd like. To post them, we had to scan pages of LBPD's analog data and a large LBPD map into .pdf files.

    The result is unwieldy by today's digital standards. However, until City Hall digitizes the data, we'll do what it takes to bring the data to you as best we can.

    We will also assist neighborhood or business groups wishing to analyze their area's data. If you'd like assistance, contact us at

    You can access the detailed LBPD crime data for neighborhood reporting dstricts by clicking on Crime Data. This link is also available via the "Crime data" link on the left side of's pages.


    Crime statistics posted on do not assert or imply the safety or crime risk of any specific location or address. The data are public record and speak for themselves.

    Data can be interpretted in different ways. We urge readers not to draw inferences beyond the data. In our view, reported crime stats are analogous to an X-ray or ultrasound, an imperfect image but useful when used carefully.

    Finally, it behooves all of us to recall that these crime statistics represent real people -- LB residents, businesses, visitors or customers -- who were unjustly victimized in our city.

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