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    LBPD Detailed Reported Crime Data

    LBPD publicly releases crime data in two ways:

  • Citywide (combines neighborhoods from all parts of city)
  • By neighborhood size (roughly 1/4 square mile) crime reporting districts.

    Although City Hall provides "citywide" data online and to media outlets, the neighborhood-size crime data -- letting residents know what part(s) of town have the largest and smallest numbers of reported crimes -- is only available at the LB Library's main branch (101 Pacific Ave.) in pdf form. Residents (and have to go downtown, insert change in the library copy machine, and duplicate the file pages one by one to get the neighborhood-size crime data.

    In the public interest, provides the 2006 neighborhood crime well as comparison data from 2002 and 2001.

    If the neighborhood district data appear too small, use the size adjustment on the Adobe reader to enlarges or shrink the image. We've tried to balance resolution (visual clarity) with file size (computer loading time).

    How to use LBPD's neighborhood size crime data

    LBPD's neighborhood size crime data requires some sophistication to use properly. LB City Hall doesn't provide it in digital form, so it's not as user-friendly as we'd like.

    The LBPD has divided the city into small, neighborhood size reporting districts. In the downtown/central city area, the reporting districts are roughly a quarter square mile (1/2 mile by 1/2 mile). In other parts of the city, they are irregularly shaped and vary in size.

    LBPD reporting districts have three digit numbers: a main number surrounded by smaller districts. For example, an area with the main number "16" is surrounded by districts 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are districts 161, 162, 163 and 164.

    Broken dark lines indicate the border of each small district surrounding the main number. Solid lines indicate the borders of the main number.

    The LBPD map showing these districts citywide is so large that if we put in a single file, it would be very slow to load. Thus, we split the map into five panels below. For ease of use, the areas covered by some panels overlap each other.

    How to find the crime district of interest to you
    • Click on the geographic area hyperlinked below, for the area you want to see. You'll (hopefully) see a map panel in .pdf form.

    • Scroll around to find the area you want. Use the Adobe size magnifier (lower left of Adobe window) to show detail and locate the neighborhood you're interested in.

    • Identify the the LBPD reporting district number for the neighborhood.

    South (Port to Ximeno Ave., Pacific ocean to Hill St.)

    Southeast (Ximeno/Lakewood Blvd to Studebaker/east city limit, Pacific ocean to Willow)

    Northeast (Lakewood Blvd. to east city limit, Atherton Ave. to Carson St.) [FYI, the 605/Carson "Towne Center" (former Naval Hospital) is now designated district "695" but is not yet shown on the map].

    East-Central (Cherry Ave. to Bellflower Blvd., Willow St. to ocean (incl. much of Belmont Shore)

    West-Central (West city limit to Cherry Ave., Hill St. to Del Amo Blvd.)

    Northwest (Northwest city limit, east to Downey Avenue, south to Del Amo)

    How to get the crime data for the district you want

    • After you determine the number of the reporting district for the neighborhood(s) you're interested in, come back to this page (the one you're reading now) and you can access the crime data for that district, linked above.

    • The LBPD provides its data on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, which we've reproduced in pdf form. You'll see the reporting districts listed on the left side of the pages with reported crimes listed across the page. The reporting districts are in ascending order.
  • The following are the year-end statistics for 2007 Part I crimes include the following crimes reported to the State Bureau of Criminal Statistics:

    TYPE OF CRIMEYr-end 06Yr-end 07% of Change
    FORCIBLE RAPE1341383.0%
    AGGRAVATED ASSAULT18091741-3.8%
    GARAGE BURGLARY347278-19.9%
    AUTO BURGLARY31573029-4.1%
    GRAND THEFT884100113.2%
    PETTY THEFT84599718.0%
    BIKE THEFT295279-5.4%
    AUTO THEFT32812860-12.8%
    TOTAL PART I CRIMES16,28516,5121.4%
    TOTAL PART II CRIMES12,86814,0779.4%
    CITY-WIDE TOTALS29,15330,5894.9%

    Comparative Murder Stats (Source: Jan. 2007 LBPD release, with 2006 figure revised upward to 41 per annual reports + March 2008 released data).


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