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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


July 2003: Read Briefs By Both Sides In City of LB Appeal Of Lower Court Dismissal Of City's Prop M (LB Campaign Reform Act) Civil Enforcement Action Against CCNE

July 2003: Court of Appeal Hears Oral Argument In CCNE / LB Campaign Reform Act Case

Nov. 2002: Nov. 2002 Local Election Results:

  • LB city propositions T (Recreation Comm'n) and U (Preference in bidders) pass
  • Norm Ryan is elected to the Water Replenishment District Bd. of Directors, Division #3.
  • LB area Assembly incumbents Jenny Oropeza & Alan Lowenthal are returned to office.
  • Incumbent Congressmembers Juanita Millender-McDonald (37th district, Democrat) and Dana Rohrabacher (46th district, Republican) are elected to newly drawn districts; Millender-McDonald will represent roughly 80% of LB; Rohrabacher will represent eastern part of ELB, Los Altos and Belmont Shore; Royce will continue to represent El Dorado estates area

    Sept. 2002: Court Dismisses City of LB Civil Suit Against "CA Citizens For Neighborhood Empowerment"; City Att'y Shannon Says He Will Appeal, Indicates Future of LB's Voter Enacted Prop M Campaign Reform Act re Independent Committees Could Be At Stake

    July, 2002: City Attorney Shannon Says No Settlement Talks Ongoing With "CA Citizens for Neighborhood Empowerment" And City Is Proceeding With Certain Discovery

    June 2002: Reyes-Uranga Wins 7th Council District Seat In Final Vote Count; Beats Donelon by 63 votes (roughly 1.3% of vote)

    June 2002: Updated June 11 Vote Tally Shows Total Turnout Was 23.4%; Details of absentee and polling place votes by Council district

    June 2002: Updated June 11 Vote Count, Includes Absentees & Provisionals, With Turnout & Absentee Figures By Council District

    June 2002: June 4, 2002 City Election Results (as of June 5, 3 a.m.); O'Neill Re-elected, Baker Finishes Second, Ryan Third; Choura Wins ELB School Board Seat ; 7th Dist. Cliffhanger: Uranga Edges Donelon by 16 Votes So Far (w/ add'l ballots to be counted Monday)

    June 2002: 28 Polling Places Have Been Changed For June 4 Election; Here's How To Find Your Polling Place

    June 2002: ELB School Board Candidate Choura Seeking City Hall Approval For 1,244 sq ft. Lounge/Bar Expansion at El Dorado Golf Course

    June 2002: Right On: Write in Ryan For Mayor

    May, 2002: Jeannine McManigal-Ball for ELB School Board

    May, 2002: Mayor & Council Thumb Noses At 5th Dist. Residents...and ELB Voters Should Respond At Ballot Box On June 4

    May, 2002: ELB School Board Race: Choura Campaign Flier Questioned

    May, 2002: May 29 Final Mayoral Forum in Bixby Knolls:

  • Baker Says Any Discussion of Airport Expansion, Including Expanding Facilities To Allow More Flights, Should Go To A Vote of the People
  • Ryan Irks O'Neill By Ridiculing Mayor's "3 T's and an R" And In Closing Says He Doesn't Want Town Destroyed by "Greed and Corruption" Of A Few Insiders
  • O'Neill Says City Employees Aren't Crooks, Portrays Ryan as Angry and Herself as Consensus Builder

    May, 2002: Two Political Faces of Beverly O'Neill: Details of Separate Mailings Sent To LB Dems & Repubs

    May, 2002: State Senator Karnette Endorses Uranga for 7th District Council

    May, 2002: Grabinski Endorses Uranga in 7th District Council Runoff

    May, 2002:Former Republican Gov. Deukmejian & Two Democrat State Legislators (Karnette & A. Lowenthal) Endorse O'Neill for Mayor

    May, 2002: CA Republican Party Fires Back, Calls City Atty's Civil Suit Frivolous, Barred Under Prop. 34

    May, 2002: City Attorney Shannon Sues CA Republican Party, Seeks Injunction & Civil Damages, Charging Party Accepted Contributions Exceeding LB Campaign Reform Act Limits For Independent Expenditure In Mayor's Race

    April, 2002: 5th Dist. Councilwoman Jackie Kell Issues Statement on Re-Election, Upcoming Goals

    April, 2002: Last Word on April Election? Charter Cable Channel 3 Equipment Goof Cuts Off Councilman Carroll For Penis Enlargement Infomercial

    April, 2002: City Prosecutor Reeves Asks D.A. To Handle Investigation of Alleged Campaign Violations by CA Citizens for Neighborhood Empowerment

    April, 2002: Final Election Tally (Counting Provisional & Add'l Absentee Ballots)

    April, 2002: City Attorney Shannon Sues "California Citizens for Neighborhood Empowerment," Seeks Triple Civil Fines, Alleges Acceptance of Contributions Grossly In Excess of LB Campaign Reform Act; Prosecutor Reeves & Shannon Agree Civil Penalty Is Best At This Stage of Proceedings

    April 2002: D.A. Says Propriety of Independent Expenditure Supporting Baker Under LB Contribution Limits Is An LB, Not D.A., Matter

    April, 2002: Court of Appeal Denies Ryan Writ re Mayoral Runoff Ballot; Ryan Vows Write-In Campaign

    April, 2002: Leaders of Two National Groups -- U.S. Term Limits & Nat'l Tax Limitation Committee -- Blast O'Neill's Court Attempt To Get Name on Ballot

    April, 2002:Grabinski Endorses O'Neill for Mayor

    April, 2002: Trial Court Rules Only Baker's Name -- Not Ryan's Or O'Neill's -- Can Be Printed On June Mayoral Runoff Ballot; We Post Court's Decision

    April, 2002: LB Ballot Battle Escalates: O'Neill Sues To Get Her Name On Ballot

    April, 2002: LB Ballot Battle In L.A. Superior Court:

  • Ryan Sues To Get His Name On June Mayoral Ballot
  • In Response, O'Neill's Lawyer Says She Belongs On Ballot w/ Baker but Not w/ Ryan
  • City Att'y Says Only Baker's Name Should Be On Ballot
  • Showdown Court Hearing Set for April 25

    April, 2002: City Attorney Shannon Sues "California Citizens for Neighborhood Empowerment," Seeks Triple Civil Fines, Alleges Acceptance of Contributions Grossly In Excess of LB Campaign Reform Acts

    April, 2002: Norm Ryan Says He's Running In Mayoral Runoff, Either on Ballot or as Write-In

    April, 2002: City Attorney Says O'Neill, Ryan Can't Have Names On June Mayoral Runoff Ballot

    April 2002: April 9, 2002 Election Results: Mayor: O'Neill write-in finishes first, Baker second, Ryan third, Grabinski fourth; race marked by low voter turnout; 3d dist: Colonna re-elected; 5th dist: Kell re-elected; 7th dist: Donelon & Reyes-Uranga headed for runoff; 9th dist: Lerch elected NLB's new Councilman; ELB schoolboard: McManigal Ball finishes first, Choura second; LB Community College Board: Kellogg ousts Thorpe

    April 2002: Editorial: City Council Endorsements: 3d district: Diana Mann; 5th district: John Donaldson; 7th district: No on Donelon & Smith, but no endorsement; 9th district: Val Lerch

    April 2002: Editorial: Norm Ryan for Mayor

    April 2002: Editorial: Grabinski Campaign Claims Re Prop J: The More They Say, The Worse He Looks

    April 2002: Grabinski Campaign Consultant On Basis For Prop J Campaign Claim

    March 2002: Editorial: Jeannine McManigal-Ball for ELB School Board

    March 2002: Editorial: Darwin Thorpe for LB Community College Board of Trustees

    March 2002: Grabinski Campaign Tells Voters He "Supported Measure J": We Provide Salient Facts, You Decide

    March 2002: List of Some Current and Former LB Officeholders In Ad Supporting Property Tax Hike (Prop E)

    Mar. 2002: March 5, 2002 Election Result: Prop E Property Tax Hike Passes; Havice loses Congressional primary bid to Loretta Sanchez's sister

    Mar. 2002: 5th District Council Race: Selected Campaign Contributions & Data

    Mar. 2002: 3d District Council Race: Selected Campaign Contributions & Data

    Mar. 2002: More Money for Mayor: Selected LB Campaign Disclosure Data

    Mar. 2002: Ryan Supports, O'Neill and Grabinski Uncertain On, Charter Amendment Letting Voters Say "No" To Future Council Increase In Allowable LB Airport Flights

    Mar. 2002: 5th District Council Challengers Support Charter Amendment Letting Voters Stop Any Attempted City Hall Increase In Allowable LB Airport Flights, But Incumbent Kell Says Measure Not Needed

    Feb. 2002: ELB Council Candidates On Parks During Televised Forum

    Feb. 2002: 7th District Council Candidate Forum, Transcript Excerpts

    Feb. 2002: 5th Dist Council Candidates On Parks During Televised Forum

    Feb. 2002: 7th District Council Candidate Forum Set For Sat. Morning, Feb. 16

    Feb. 2002: Follow the Money for Council: Selected LB Campaign Disclosure Data for 7th district

    Feb. 2002: Los Altos Neighborhood Ass'n South Holds Mayoral Candidate Forum; Candidates Field Questions

    Feb. 2002: Donelon Campaign Claim Questioned: "I Voted To Hire 150 Additional Police Officers Citywide."

    Feb. 2002: Court of Appeal Denies Ryan's Writ re Baker Ballot Designation

    Feb. 2002: LB City Attorney's Office Urges Appeals Court Not To Grant Ryan Writ on Baker Ballot Designation, Saying Imminent Printing Deadline Means Delay Would Substantially Interfere With Election

    Feb. 2002: Court OK's Baker's Amended Ballot Description as "Long Beach Councilmember/Vice-Mayor"

    Jan. 2002: Follow the Money for Mayor: Selected LB Campaign Disclosure Data

    Jan. 2002: Mayoral Candidates Field Host's Questions On Cable Channel 3

    Jan. 2002: LB Police Officers Ass'n Endorsing Dan Baker For Mayor

    Jan. 2002: Delegates to L.A. County Democratic Committee Recommend Endorsing Dan Baker For Mayor, Suja Lowenthal & Jeannine McManigal-Ball for LB School Board & Darwin Thorpe for LBCC Bd of Trustees

    Jan. 2002: Prop J Utility Tax Cutter & Mayoral Candidate Norm Ryan Again Sues City Hall Over Its Election Practices, Contends City Hall Is Letting Mayoral Candidate Dan Baker Use "Vice Mayor" In Ballot Designation Contrary to State Law

    Jan. 2002: Candidates for LB Offices: April 2002

    Jan. 2002: NLB Councilman Jerry Shultz Won't Make 9th Dist. Write-In Run, Endorses NLB Neighborhood Activist Val Lerch

    Jan. 2002: Baker Will Face Deposition In Ryan's Suit Over Ballot Designation

    Jan. 2002: Prop J Utility Tax Cutter & Mayoral Candidate Norm Ryan Sues City Hall Over Letting Mayoral Candidate Dan Baker Use "Vice Mayor" In Ballot Designation

    Jan. 2002: Ryan Gets First Spot In Ballot Listing of Mayoral Candidates, Baker Last, In Sequence Decided by Sec'y of State's Randomized Alphabetical Order Applicable Statewide

    Jan. 2002: LB School Board Races Shape Up

    Jan. 2002: Darwin Thorpe, Only LBCC Trustee To Oppose Property Tax Hike Ballot Measure, Faces Election Challenge From Former LB Councilman Jeff Kellogg

    Jan. 2002: John Donaldson, Who Sued City Hall Seeking Rebates For LB Consumers For Last Winter's Gas Bills, Files to Run for 5th District Council Seat

    Jan. 2002: Espinoza Won't Seek 9th District Council Seat, Endorses Val Lerch

    Jan. 2002: Diana Mann Files to Run for 3d District Council Seat

    Jan. 2002: Espinoza Readies 9th District Council Run

    Nov. 2001: Historic First: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n PAC Endorses Norm Ryan for LB Mayor

    Sept. 2001: Former Council Incumbent Donelon Announces Exploratory Committee for 7th Dist. 2002 Council Run

    Aug. 2001: Schipske says she'll likely not advance her ballot measure if LBCUR proceeds with its utility tax cutting measure

    Aug. 2001: Selected Campaign Contribution Data in LB Mayor's Race

    July, 2001: Vice Mayor Baker Walking Through ELB In Campaign For Mayor; Includes postcard mailing

    June, 2001: Val Lerch, Veteran NLB Neighborhood Improvement Activist, To Run For 9th District City Council Seat

    June, 2001: 9th Dist. Councilman Shultz "Seriously Considering" Third Term Write-In Candidacy; Says He'd Step Aside If "Well Qualified" Candidate Steps Forward; Denies inconsistency with his previous pledge made during Council discussion of now-defeated ballot measure not to seek third term

    June, 2001: Norm Ryan, Leader of Prop J/Utility Tax Cut Drive, Declares He's Running For Mayor

    June, 2001: Councilman Grabinski Announces He's Running For Mayor

    April, 2001: Colonna Says He Won't Run For Mayor As Long As O'Neill Wages Write-In Re-Election Campaign

    Feb. 2001: Mayor O'Neill Says She'll Seek Third Term By Write-In Vote; Releases Three Page List of "Selected City Achievements" and Endorsement Letter Signed by Nine Supporters; We post her Achievement List and Endorsement Letter verbatim

    Jan. 2001: LB Environmental/Grassroots Activist Diana Mann Says She Will Run For Mayor in 2002

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