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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


July 2006: Two Fatal Crashes Within Six Hours: Midnight At Studebaker/Los Coyotes, Dawn On 710 Approaching Downtown LB

June 2006: Super-Sized Cargo-Carrying I-710 Advances As MTA Board OKs Preparation of EIR/EIS

Aug. 2005: Overturned Tanker On 710 Transition to 405 Spills Diesel Fuel Into L.A. River, Storm Drain

July 2005: LB Mayor O'Neill, PoLB Harbor Comm'n President Topsy-Elvord React To Final Version Of Fed'l Trans. Bill

July 2005: Updated: Fed'l Trans. Bill Includes Desmond Bridge, Alameda Corridor East As Projects of "Nat'l & Regional Significance" With Funding At Levels Lower Than Sought; House Passes It, Senate Passage Expected

July 2005: Truck vs. Motorcycle On 710 Drags Cycle & Rider Under Rig With Sparks Flying, Starting Fire...And Motorcycle Rider Appears Uninjured

Nov. 2004: Key Gateway Cities Panel Backs I-710 Expansion Plan, Stops Short of Tier 2 Recommendation To Condition Project On Meeting Fed'l & State Air Quality Stds. First

Nov. 2004: Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Seeks Backing For Sweeping I-710 "Tier 2" Report That Advises Making Health Overriding Consideration In Capacity-Increasing Corridor Upgrades

Oct. 2004: 710 Fwy "Tier 2 Advisory Committee" Unveils 80-Page Report; Vice-Chair of Gateway Council of Gov'ts' Oversight Policy Committee Responds

Aug. 2004: Local Officials Have Apparently Discussed Potential For "Truck Inspection Facility" on 710 Fwy North of 405; Details Sketchy

Aug. 2004: One Person Dies, Another Injured, As Their Car Leaves Roadway Exiting South 710 Onto East Willow Offramp

March 2004: Wrong-Way 710 Driver Killed, His Two Passengers Critically Injured, When Their Car Smashes Head-On Into SUV

March 2004: See Enlarged Graphic Illustrating Proposed Locally Preferred Strategy for 710 Fwy Expansion

Dec. 2003: Feds Suspend Support for 710 Fwy. Extension Thru South Pasadena To 210/134 Fwys. Until Comprehensive New Environmental Study

July 2003: 710 Weekend Closures End...As Caltrans Finishes Fwy Pavement Rehab Early

May 2003: 710 Fwy Action:

  • Key I-710 Oversight Policy Committee Directs Drafting Of "Hybrid" Plan Using Parts of Five Alternatives Based On "Guiding Principles"
  • Vice Mayor Colonna Gets "Guiding Principles" Amended To Include Substance Of LB's Council-Adopted Principles; We Post Adopted Text
  • Dissent: City of Commerce Announces It Favors "No Build" Alternative...And Compton Councilwoman Says Her Council Favored "No Build" In Study Session And May Vote This Way Soon

    May 2003: Alameda Corridor Exec Says Adding SR 47 1.7 Mile "Truck Expressway" Might Reduce 710 Fwy Truck Traffic About 10%; More Reductions Depend On Changes to Transportation System

    May 2003: Alameda Corridor CEO Hankla Testimony & Colloquy at LB City Council 710 Fwy Study Session, May 20, 2003

    May 2003: Major MTA Vote On 710 Fwy...With Alameda Corridor Fallout

  • MTA Board (Incl. Sup. Knabe) Backs Sup. Molina's Motion Urging Removal Of Parts Alts. C, D & E That Would Take Home & Biz Parcels, Preference For Alt. B Arterial Improvements
  • Motion Amended To Include Forming Resident Advisory Committee
  • Adds Request For Report On Performance of Alameda Corridor
  • May 2003: More 710 Fwy. Fallout: LB Area County Supervisor/MTA Boardmember Don Knabe Says He'll Back Supervisor Molina's MTA Motion To Ditch Parts Of 710 Alternatives That Would Take Home & Biz Parcels, Seeks Hybrid That Doesn't Eat Houses

    May 2003: Major 710 Fwy. Move:

  • L.A. County Supervisor & MTA Boardmember Molina Gets Motion Thru MTA Committee Urging Removal From Consideration Parts Of Alts. C, D & E That Would Eat Home & Biz Parcels
  • Expresses Preference For Alt. B Arterial Improvement Option & Work For Hybrid of C, D & E Without Impacting Homes & Biz
  • Motion Now Heads To Full MTA Board...Which Includes All L.A. County Supervisors
  • We Post Motion Verbatim

    May 2003: Mayor O'Neill In DC, Tells House Subcommittee Gerald Desmond Bridge, I-710 Are Projects of Nat'l Economic Significance Meriting Fed'l Funds

    May, 2003: Mayor & City Mgr. Send Joint Memo With New 710 Fwy Marching Orders: Reconsider Each Build Alternative To Minimize Potential Negative Consequences For Neighborhoods, Residential Areas & Open Space

    May, 2003: Councilwoman Reyes-Uranga Wants Council To Take "Constructive Steps To Protect Residents" In 710 Fwy Expansion Plans, Calls For Formation of Council Committee

    May 2003: 710 Fwy. "Town Hall" Meeting, Tues. May 27 @ Veterans Park in Wrigley District, 7-9 p.m.

    April 2003: City Mgt. Request To Continue Paying City Staffer To Work At "Gateway Cities Council of Gov'ts" -- Revised To Reduce City Cost To Half of $100,000/Yr Annual Salary -- Removed Before April 22 Council Discussion; Will Likely Return in May

    April, 2003 WLB Meeting Fumes At 710 Fwy. Expansion Impacts And Treatment Of Public In Process

    April 2003: Digital Maps Showing Impacts Of 710 Fwy. Expansion Options Posted By Gateway Cities Council Of Gov'ts; Links To Them; Click For Details & Caveats

    April 2003: Following Article On $100,000/Yr. LB City Mgt. Staffer Working At "Gateway Cities Council of Gov'ts," City Mgt. Asks Council To Renew The Deal...At Half The City Cost

    April 2003: "Community Open House" Re 710 Fwy. Expansion Options Scheduled For LB April 28

    April 2003: NLB Crowd Packs Meeting To See Maps Previously Under Wraps Showing 710 Fwy Expansion Option That Could Eat Area Homes

    April 2003:

  • LB Taxpayers Paying Approx. $100,000 Per Year For LB City Mgt. Employee To Work At "Gateway Cities Council of Gov'ts," Group Under Fire For Failing To Make Details Of 710 Fwy Options More Accessible
  • Deal Twice Approved By Voted Council Actions (Oct. '01 & Oct. '02)
  • Arrangement Expires April 18/03...And City Mgt. Plans To Seek Council Approval To Extend It

    Mar. 2003: Starting This Weekend: 710 Fwy. Will Be Closed Or Restricted From 405 To PCH For 11 Weekends For Repaving

    Mar. 2003: 710 Fwy. Will Be Closed Or Restricted From 405 To PCH For 11 Weekends Starting March 28 For Repaving; We Provide Details & Info

    Feb. 2003: See Pix, Get Details, Of Horrible 710 Freeway Crash Near Del Amo; 1 Dead, 2 Seriously Injured...and 2 Freeway Workers Narrowly Avoid Death

    Nov. 2002: Update on LB Activist T.J. Norcutt, Seriously Injured in November 3 Chain Reaction Accident On Fog Shrouded 710 Fwy

    Nov. 2002: Nov 3: Massive Multicar Wrecks On 710 Fwy North of 405; Roughly 190 Vehicles Involved! Closes 710 Freeway From 405 to 91

    July, 2002: 710 Freeway Now Has Artwork On New Concrete Median Between PCH and 405

    May, 2002: 710 Fwy. Future To Be Discussed At "Major Investment Study Workshop," Council Chambers, May 28, 2:00-3:30 p.m.

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