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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


June 2007: Your News Photos: Dead Whale Washes Ashore @ Sunset Beach

June 2007: First in a Series: Expert Painstakingly Reverse-Engineers Plans For Legendary LB Cyclone Racer Roller-Coaster, Says "World's Greatest Ride" Could Be Rebuilt On Pier Linking Pike & Bay

April 2007: Coastal Comm'n Alternate Member Says He Wasn't Told Why He's Being Replaced By LB Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal

April 2007: Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal Is Appointed Alternate Member On CA Coastal Comm'n

March 2007: Yes: LBReport Readers Say -- And Feds Confirm -- It Was A Deceased Baby Whale That Washed Ashore At Bixby Beach

March 2007: Did Deceased Baby Whale Wash Ashore At Bixby Beach?

Jan. 2007: LB Health Officer Reopens Mother's Beach, Marine Stadium Beaches After Closure Due To Cerritos Channel Spill

Jan. 2007: Mother's Beach, Marine Stadium Beaches Closed Due To Cerritos Channel Spill

On Sept. 29, 2006 LB's Health Dept. expanded beach closures, now closing beaches to swimmers at Mother's Beach and Marine Stadium due to "unhealthy elevated bacterial levels." Meanwhile, the Colorado Lagoon beach area shows "a similar contamination pattern and will remain posted and closed to swimmers." LB's Health Dept. says "recent bacteriological testing at these locations is suggestive of human waste contamination of unknown origin." It adds that "water quality testing will be conducted daily to monitor the bacteriological contamination in the beach waters. Samples are collected daily, but the culture results may take up to 24 hours for bacteriologic confirmation." The Health Department will maintain beach closure postings at Mother's Beach, Marine Stadium and Colorado Lagoon "until water tests return to acceptable levels in compliance with State standards."

June 2006: Seven-Year Anniversary Of Monthly Beach Clean-Ups Draws Volunteers...Including Mayor-Elect Foster & First Lady Nancy

July 2005: Council Votes 8-1 To Ask Feds For Initial Study To See If There's Fed'l Interest In Studying Reconfiguration of LB Breakwater

June 2005: Alamitos Bay Area Beaches -- Except Mothers Beach -- Reopen After Sewage Spill

June 2005: [Subsequent developments above] Sewage Spill Closes Alamitos Bay Area Beaches Until At Least Mon. Midday; Other Beaches Open; Testing Continues

July 2005: Breakwater Battle Redux: Baker -- This Time With O'Donnell and Reyes Uranga -- Seeks Initial Study To Determine If There's Fed'l Interest In Reconfiguring Breakwater

May 2005: Heal the Bay's "Beach Report Card" on Water Quality Rates Most LB Beaches Above Average, Some Excellent...And One "Beach Bummer"

May 2005: Council Votes 8-0 To Give Newly Organized, Privately-Run "Sea Festival Ass'n" Authority To Attract & Manage New LB Summertime Events

April 2005: Two Items Pulled From April 5 Council Agenda: (1) Request for Report re Food Distribution in Parks/Pub Spaces; (2) Consideration of Possible Agreement To Program & Manage Activities re Int'l Sea Festival

March 2005: City Mgt. Retains Chris Pook As Consultant For Advice On Expanding LB Sea Festival; City Mgt. Memo Suggests Possibility Of Including Series Of Larger Summertime Events

Jan. 2005: LB Beaches Reopen After Massive L.A. Sewage Spill

Jan. 2005: More Oiled Birds Found Near Marina Del Rey & Beyond; More Volunteers Sought At San Pedro Cleaning Facility

Jan. 2005: Photos of Ongoing Rescue For Seabirds Fouled By Mystery Oil Source b/w Venice & Santa Barbara

Jan. 2005: Birds Fouled By Mystery Oil Source b/w Venice & Santa Barbara Being Rushed To San Pedro Facility; 1,000+ Oiled Birds Found; Volunteer Helpers Sought

Jan. 2005: LB Health Dept. Offers Cautions On Beach Clean-Up

May 2003: LB Beaches Do Well -- Some Very Well -- In Heal the Bay's 2002-2003 "Beach Report Card"

April 2003: State Lands Comm'n Sues LB City Hall, Says $70 Million In Oil Revenue Being Retained By LB Belongs To State of CA

Dec. 2002: CA Coastal Commission Is Unconstitutional, Court of Appeal Rules; Read The Actual Opinion Here

Dec. 2002: Dec. 17: Don't Go In The Water For 72 Hrs; LB Issues Post-Rainstorm Beach Advisory

August, 2002: August 1: LB Beach Water Access Reopened From 6th Pl. to 8th Pl. After July 30 Diesel Fuel Spill; Water Access Still Closed from 1st to 4th Pl.

July, 2002: July 30: LB Beach Recreational Water Area Closed For Roughly A Week b/w 1st Pl. & 8th Pl From Diesel Fuel Spill Into Ocean From Boat Fueling Stn. In Area Of Downtown Marina; Cause Uncertain and Under Investigation

May, 2002: Good LB Beach News With Caveats: Many LB Beaches Score "A"s in "Heal the Bay" Yr. in Review 2001-2002 Report Card; Colorado Lagoon (north) Does Poorly; Detailed Monitoring Histories Show Weekly Test Results Can Fluctuate Greatly

June, 2001: City Hall Asks Coastal Comm'n To Repeal Ban on New Financial Institutions in Belmont Shore; Imposes Conditions; Parking Impacts Discussed

June, 2001: Details on 2000-2001 LB Beach Water Quality Grades by "Heal the Bay"

June 2001: Surfrider Foundation LB Area Fundraiser, Rescheduled From Belmont Shore, Draws Healthy Crowd To Los Alamitos

May, 2001: Reference: Pertinent Text of Tidelands Grants to LB

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