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June 2007: Sampling For Depleted Uranium Conducted At Boeing Facility...With Councilwoman Schipske Observing

April 2007: Boeing Says It's Developing Sampling Plan With State Agency To Address Concerns Raised About Depleted Uranium Counterweights Used At Former ELB Plant; Councilwoman Schipske Commends Boeing's Action

Sept. 2006: FY 07 Defense Appropriatons Conf. Report Includes Funding For 10 More C-17s, Brings Total Procurement To 22 New Aircraft

Aug. 2006: Boeing Says C17 Production Could End In Mid-2009 Unless Congress Orders More Planes

May 2006: Councilman Colonna Voices Concern, Will Bring May 23 Council Item Re Boeing Realty Decision Not To Include 200 Single Family Homes (And Build All Condos/Townhomes) In Residential Component Of Mixed-Use "Douglas Park" Development

May 2006: Boeing Realty Says It Plans Up To 1,200 Condos/Townhouses As Residential Part of "Douglas Park" Mixed-Use Development

May 2006: Boeing Realty Changes Plans, Won't Include Single Family Homes, Now Only Condos/Townhomes As Residential Part of "Douglas Park" Mixed-Use Development

June 2005: Lakewood Village Neighborhood Ass'n Presses Legal Action Challenging LB City Hall's Approval Of Douglas Park EIR

Feb. 2005: ELB Traffic Alert: Lakewood Blvd. b/w Carson & Conant Will Be Closed Feb. 14-18 To Dismantle Boeing Overcrossing Bridge

Jan. 2005: Boeing Will End 717 Production at LB in 2006

Dec. 2004: Council Approves Douglas Park; Kell Dissents On Inclusion Of Housing

Dec. 2004: FAA Accepts With Caveats Residential Component Of Douglas Park Project; We Post Letter

Dec. 2004: Douglas Park Council Hearing Rescheduled For Dec. 14, Will Include EIR Appeal And City Staff Discussion Of Land Use Issues

Nov. 2004: Follow-Up: City Att'y Says No Reportable Action From Closed Council Session Re Strip of Boeing Property Adjoining LB Airport

Nov. 2004: Council & City Mgr. To Hold Closed-Door Session On Price & Terms Of Payment For Strip of Boeing Property Adjoining LB Airport

Oct. 2004: Douglas Park Council Hearing Postponed At Boeing Realty's Request To Respond To FAA Inquiry Re Project's Compatibility With Airport

Oct. 2004: City Att'y Office Plans To Confer With FAA Over Agency's Contention That Douglas Park's Proposed 1,400 Housing Units Is Incompatible Land Use; City Staff Backs Project, Says It Meets Legal Req'ts.

LB Marathon Finishers Includes Teens And Seniors

Oct. 2004: High Ranking FAA Official Calls Housing @ Douglas Park Incompatible With Airport Uses

Oct. 2004: Planning Comm'n OK's Douglas Park Project, Sends It To Council

May 2004: More On Mystery of Parks & Rec's "Douglas Park": 3.24 Acre Greenspace @ Conant/Clark Is Called "Douglas Park" In Open Space Element & Recently-Dedicated City Park Land...But No Record To Date Showing It Went Thru Official Park-Naming Process As "Douglas Park"; May Be A Working Name

May 2004: LB Currently Has A "Douglas Park" @ Conant/Clark; No Visible Marker Or Monument But Greenspace, Trees & Web Page on Dept. of Parks & Rec Web Site

May 2004: Boeing Realty Will Pursue Less-Dense Alternative @ Lakewood/Carson Capped At 1,400 Residential Units Incl. 11 Acres Of Parkland, Renamed "Douglas Park"

March 2004: LB Area Chamber Backs Housing @ Boeing PacfiCenter (SW corner Lakewood @ Carson) While Some Airport Business Leaders & Lakewood Homeowners Want Housing Out

Feb. 2004: B-1B Bomber Arrives In LB For Boeing Visit

Feb. 2004: Draft EIR Details Preferred Choice And Alternatives For Boeing Realty's PacfiCenter (Lakewood Blvd. @ Carson St., SW corner)

Dec. 2003: Boeing Will Do Final Assembly Of New 7E7 in Everett, Washington

Nov. 2003: Boeing CEO Condit Quits

Aug. 2003: Lkwd. Village (ELB) and Lkwd. Country Club Area Homeowners Hold Overflow Meeting, Oppose Housing Density Proposed @ Boeing PacifiCenter

July 2003: Lakewood Village/Country Club Area Group Organizes To Oppose Boeing PacifiCenter @ Long Beach

June 2003: Boeing Realty Corp. Unveils Newly Designed Web Site For PacifiCenter @ Long Beach

June 2003: Boeing Lakewood/Carson Corner Pix; Company Plans Site For New PacifiCenter

March, 2002: Boeing Reality Corp. Announces Changes in "PacifiCenter @ Long Beach" Team

July, 2001: Boeing Realty "PacifiCenter" Draft EIR May Assess Impacts of 2,500 to 3,800 Residential Units But Co. Says Range Is For EIR Planning Purposes And No Firm Plan Yet on How Many Residential Units Within That Range Master Plan Will Contain

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