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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


April 2007: Coastal Comm'n Alternate Member Says He Wasn't Told Why He's Being Replaced By LB Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal

April 2007: Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal Is Appointed Alternate Member On CA Coastal Comm'n

April 2007: Council Committee Recommends Doubling Campaign Contribution-Funded, Incumbent-Dispensed "Officeholder Accounts" For Councilmembers + Big Increase For Citywide Elected Officials; Committee Also Proposes Lobbyist Registration

Feb. 2007: Perspective: Mayor Bristles, Belittles Brouhaha Over Bundling Ballot Measures

Jan. 2007: Council Votes To Bundle Ballot Measures, See Grouped-Choices Council Will Offer LB Voters

Jan. 2007: Council OK's For Ballot Proposed City Charter Changes That Could Create "Salary Comm'n" (Which Could Raise Council Pay Without Council Vote), Ease Term Limits For Incumbents & Give Mayor Line Item Budget Veto; Council Declines To Pursue Creating Inspector General Over LBUSD

Jan. 2007: Proposed Changes To LB City Gov't -- Including Mayoral Line Item Budget Veto (w/ 2/3 Council Override), Easing Council Term Limits & Creating "Compensation Comm'n" (Which Could Raise Council Pay); Removal Of City Commissioners (On Council Majority Vote) -- Advance For Possible May 07 Special Election Ballot

  • LB Teachers' Union Proposal To Create "Inspector General" To Oversee LBUSD Is Forwarded By Councilwoman Reyes Uranga

    Jan. 2007: Mayor Foster/State of the City: "I'll Ask Council & City Mgmt To Work With Me To Find Money To Fund Add'l 100 Police Officers in FY 08 Budget"; We Post Text

    Aug. 2006: LB Chamber 06-07 Board Chair On Group's Future Relationship With City Council

    Feb. 2006: Perspective: Restoring Rights Lost

    Feb. 2006: While City Hall Negotiates To Renew LB Cable TV Franchise, City Auditor's Office Contends Firm Underpaid City Hall Nearly Half a Million Dollars 2002-04; Charter Communications Disputes Audit's Conclusions

    Jan. 2006: Public Comment Portion of Jan. 5 Council Session On Negotiating Contract With Non-Public Safety City Employees Will Begin at 5:30 p.m. In Main Council Chamber

    Sept. 2005: How LB Ranked Among "100 Best Communities For Young People"; We Post Text of City of LB's Application

    April 2005: Tale of Two Cities: SD Mayor Announces Resignation Over Pension Scandal; We Present Two Views Comparing, Contrasting LB Pension Situation

    Sept. 2004: LB City Mgt. Holding Discussions w/ Chris Pook On Building LB Sea Festival Into Larger Event

    Aug. 2004: $22.5 Million Jury Verdict Against LB City Hall in McClure v. City of LB; Next Moves Pending

    June 2004: Empassioned Oratory, Heated Colloquy, Overflow Crowd: Council Resolution Opposing Fed'l Ban On Same Sex Marriage Fails 4-4

    May 2004: City Hall Launches Snazzy New Web Site

    May 2004: Councilmembers Baker, Lowenthal & Reyes-Uranga Want Council To Oppose Proposed U.S. Constitutional Amendment That Would Declare Marriage Is b/w Men & Women Only

    May 2004: City Hall Sues Five LB Activists in Small Claims Court Seeking $5,000 For City Services Re '03 March & Rally Opposing U.S. Military Action in Iraq

    May 2004: Council "Receives & Files" Charter Changes Suggested By City Hall Chosen "Gov't Reform Task Force"...With Some Councilmembers Expressing Support For Direct Public Discussion Of More Profound Charter Changes

    May 2004: City Hall Treasurer Sadro Leaving LB For La Habra Finance Director Post

    May 2004: Council Backs AB 2042 (Lowenthal Zero Net Increase in Port Air Pollution) & And Two Related Port-Pollution Bills

    May 2004: City Mgt. Release Details Dir. of Financial Mgt/CFO Bob Torrez Departure For Pvt Sector Investment-Banking Firm Dealing w/ Gov't Entities

    May 2004: (Article is updated, above)

    April 2004: Council OK's First-Ever MOU With LB City Mgt. Union

    April 2004: City Att'y Releases Handbook On Several Categories of Laws & Rules Governing Actions Of LB City Council & Commission Members

    April 2004: Dr. Paul Schmidt, City Charter Task Force Chair, Steps Down; New Voting Chair Will Be Elected From Other Members April 12

    March 2004: We List Spending By Councilmembers & Mayor To Run Their Offices, FY 02-03

    March 2004: We List Topics Proposed For Consideration By Mayor/Council-Selected "Gov't Reform Task Force"

    Oct. 2003: HUD Requires City Hall To Repay $1 Million In Grant For Low/Mod Income Housing Promised But Not Delivered

  • City Hall Made Grant Promises, Took Fed'l Taxpayers' Money, Then Wanted To Shift Funds To Other Projects; Feds Said No; City Hall Must Repay $1 Million Over Three Years
  • Read Correspondence b/w City Hall & HUD

    Sept. 2003: Yikes! U.S. Census Bureau Says LB:

  • 10th Nationally In % Of Residents Below Poverty Level
  • 61st Nationally (out of 69 cities ranked) In % of Owner Occupied Housing Units

    Aug. 2003: City Att'y Wins Big Reversal In Court of Appeal: Justices Say LB Campaign Reform Act Isn't Subject To Anti-SLAPP Suit Defense, Reinstate Prop M Enforcement Action Against CCNE (stemming from April 2002 election)

    Aug. 2003: Here's Labor Day Holiday Schedule For City Services

    July 2003: Freudian Political Slip? Mayor O'Neill On CNN Says LB Has Budget Plan, But State Governor, ER, State Government Doesn't

    July 2003: Mum's Morris: "It's the City (Hall) That Lost...I'll Go Another Round"

    July 2003: John Morris Verdict Reversal Of Fortune: Trial Court Vacates (Tosses Out) Judgment Against Former City Mgr. Taboada, Reduces Damages Against City Hall to $1, Giving Morris Option Of New Trial On Damages

    June 2003: Mayor Names Hankla To LB Harbor Comm'n; Appointment Is Subject To Council Vote; We List Other Mayoral Appointments

    May 2003: Punitive Damages Per Jury in Morris v. City of LB: $7,500 Against Former City Mgr. Taboada

    May 2003: "Mum's" Owner John Morris Wins $425,000 In Civil Suit Against City Hall, Jury Decides City Hall Punished Him For His Critical Views; Punitive Damages Could Follow Next Week

    Mar. 2003: Follow-Up To Jan. '03 Report On Council Office Spending:

  • Councilwoman Richardson Says Her Office's #2 Expense Ranking (Colonna Is Costliest) Results From Communicating To America's Most Diverse District In Most Diverse City, And More;
  • Receives Form From City & Keeps Track Of Mileage When City Vehicle Not Used On City Business And Believes Same Form Is Used By Other Councilmembers When Applicable

    Jan. 2003:

  • Despite Mounting Deficit & Post-Sept 11/01 Slump, Council Boosts Spending On Itself Oct 01-Sept 02
  • Frank Colonna, Laura Richardson, Costliest Council Offices, Consumed Roughly $370,000 Each in City Resources, More Than 45% Higher Than Most Frugal Council Office (9th dist.); See Rankings Of Council Office Spending
  • Most Council Offices Increased Spending Far Outpacing Inflation...But Councilwoman Bonnie Lowenthal Decreases Spending
  • 4 Councilmembers & Mayor Drive City Fleet Cars, 4 Take Monthly Allowance, Carroll Takes Neither (staffer gets mileage reimbursement)

    Oct. 2002: Two City Hall Events Collide Oct. 9:

  • Public Invited To Meet & Dialogue With LB Acting City Manager Jerry Miller From 6-9 p.m. @ Neighborhood Resource Center
  • Public Invited To Educational/Informational Forum On "Density & Housing" With Mayor And City Staff From 7-8:30 p.m. @ Cesar Chavez Park

    Oct. 2002: Oct. 1 Council Meeting Includes Presentations to Exiting City Manager Henry Taboada

    Sept. 2002: Councilwoman Richardson-Batts Agendizes Proposal For Closer Council Monitoring Of City Hall Financial Matters, Including Spending From Reserve Accounts...And Reiterates Specific Budget Proposals For Sept. 23 Council Meeting

    Sept. 2002: City Manager's Office Invites Public Input -- Including By Email -- In Selection of New Chief of Police

    Sept. 2002:

  • Council Votes In Closed Session To Dismiss City Manager Taboada Effective Oct. 4
  • Vote Comes After Offering Taboada Opportunity To Retire Voluntarily On or Before Dec 31, Which He Declines

    Sept. 2002:

  • Baker Moves, and Council Votes 6-3, To Hold Special Closed Session Sept. 4 To Evaluate Performance of City Manager Taboada
  • [update] Carroll & Colonna Move To Buy Time, Offer Taboada & City Mgt. Opportunities In Coming Weeks To Present City Management's Case Publicly

    August, 2002: LB City Services Labor Day Schedule

    July, 2002: Council Unanimously Elects Frank Colonna Vice Mayor; Motion by Carroll, seconded by Kell

    July, 2002: Council Gives Final OK (9-0) To Boost City Hall Employee Pensions

    July, 2002: With Virtually No Public Discussion, Scheduled As Last Agenda Item, Council Votes 9-0 To Increase City Hall Employee Pensions; Pending second vote, LB taxpayers will pay roughly $7 million annually starting 2004 in exchange for non public safety employee unions accepting no pay raise this year & 3% raise next yr.

    July, 2002: Councilman Webb Reveals City Hall Considering Proposed LB Property Tax Increase Measure (Prop 13 override) For Nov. Ballot, Promising New Fire Stations

    June, 2002: We List Mayor's Proposed Appointments and Reappointments to City Hall Non-Charter (Council created, not Charter required) Commissions, Boards, and Committees; Council Will Vote On Them June 18

    June, 2002: Mayor Names Her Choices For City Hall Charter Commissions; Civil Service Committee & City Council Will Vote On Them; We Post List

    June, 2002: City Hall Ethics Task Force Releases Draft Recommendations; Read Them Here And Comment On Line By Email

    June, 2001: "Listening to You" at Pyramid Draws Small Crowd But Gives City Hall an Earful; includes transcript excerpts

    Oct. 2000: Loehmann's Inc. Emerges from Bankruptcy; Could Be Good News For LB Taxpayers

    Sept. 2000: As Oil Prices Soar, LB City Hall Receives Windfall

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