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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


June 2007: By The Numbers: Richardson Trounced Oropeza In Compton & Carson

June 2007: With Video: Assemblywoman Richardson Finishes First Among 11 Dems; Has Video Of Her Victory Remarks; She Proceeds To August Runoff Against Repub Kanaley, Green Brezenoff and Libertarian Peters

June 2007: Senator Oropeza Thanks Supporters, Says She'll Back Richardson As Dem, Urges Her Supporters To Do Likewise, Hears Silence

June 2007: LB Residents Report Receiving Recorded Phone Message Voiced By Sen. Oropeza's Husband, Tom Mullins, Calling Unfair Richardson Campaign Mailer Citing Assembly Absences Including Period Oropeza Was Battling Cancer

June 2007: Oropeza On Richardson Mailer Criticizing Absences Including Period Oropeza Was Battling Cancer: "Unfair, Unkind, Inappropriate To Criticize Somebody For Having Cancer & Needing Treatment"

June 2007: Richardson Mailer Hits Oropeza On Absences, Appears To Include Period She Was Battling Cancer

June 2007: With Extended Audio Coverage: Emotions Flare, Race Resurfaces In Final Days Before Special Congressional Election; It's About Respect, Not Race, Ass'ywoman Richardson Says

June 2007: With Audio Coverage: Major Firefighter Unions (Including LB Firefighters) Endorse State Sen. Oropeza For Congress, Stressing Need For More Fed'l Port Security Dollars; Sen. Oropeza Tells She Supports Tougher Container Inspection Req'ts But Not Inspection Of All Containers; Doesn't Support Desmond Bridge Replacement Without Practices In Place To Ensure Expansion Facilitated By New Bridge Can Be Handled In Way That Doesn't Add To Air Pollution

June 2007: Exclusive: Reparations For African-Americans? How Would Candidates Seeking To Become America's Next Congressmember Vote On Creating Commission To Study Issue?

June 2007: With Audio Coverage: 14 Congressional Candidates (Dems, Repubs, Green, Libertarian) Field Questions At League of Women Voters Forum; Independently Provides Extended Event Coverage

June 2007: Several Firefighter Unions Announce Their Endorsement Of State Senator Jenny Oropeza For Congress

June 2007: With Audio Coverage: Hear What 14-Candidates Said At June 12 Independent Non-Party Filtered Congressional Candidates Forum:

  • State Sen. Oropeza: If Elected, I'll Back Sen. Barack Obama's Iraq De-Escalation Act
  • LBPD Sgt Kanaley Says He'll Be Independent Voice, Reminds Independent-Minded Dems They Can Vote For Him As A Repub
  • Ass'ywoman Richardson Heard Via Speakerphone From In D.C., Where She Met With...

    June 2007: Richardson Campaign Says Poll Shows She Leads All Other Candidates...But We Notice "Don't Know" Leads All Candidates In June 5-7 Telephone Survey Of Likely Voters

    June 2007: For The Record: Hear Audio Of What Congressional Candidate/Ass'ywoman Richardson Said At June 7 Compton Forum That Ignited Off-Mike Words, Visible Upset Between Her & State Senator Jenny Oropeza

    June 2007: Extended Event Coverage With Audio: 13 Congressional Candidates (Dems, Repubs, Green, Libertarian) Seeking To Represent 80% of LB Face-Off In Compton; Hear Them On Demand

    June 2007: With Audio Coverage: LB Area Congressman Rohrabacher Calls Imprisonment Of Border Patrol Agents Ramos & Compean Betrayal of USA, Won't Endorse Any Presidential Candidate Who Doesn't Publicly Announce There'll Be Pardon, Urges Continued Opposition To White House-Backed Immigration Bill

    June 2007: Morning-After Fallout From LB Ass'ymembers Richardson & Karnette Casting Key Votes To Pass Bill Requiring Spay/Neuter Of Dogs/Cats; LBCVB Exec & Downtown Business Leader Fear Loss of Annual Dog Show Convention Revenue; Spay/Neuter Advocates Hail Commend Lawmakers

    June 2007: LB Lawmakers Richardson & Karnette Provide Key "Yes" Votes Passing Assembly Bill To Require Spaying/Neutering Of Dogs/Cats; Measure Advances To Senate

    May 2007: Sen. Kuehl Backs Sen. Oropeza For Congress, Blasts Ass'ywoman Richardson On LGBT Equality Issues

    May 2007: Richardson Endorsed For Congress By Ass'y Speaker Fabian Nuñez, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Former Ass'y Speaker/SF Mayor Willie Brown, CA Legislative Black Caucus And...

    May 2007: 11 Dems, 5 Repubs, 1 Green, 1 Libertarian, 1 Independent File Papers To Succeed Late Congresswoman Millender-McDonald

    May 2007: Councilwoman Schipske Withdraws Her Name As A Candidate In Race To Succeed Late Congresswoman Millender-McDonald

    May 2007: What Is The 37th Congressional District?

    May 2007: 5th Dist/ELB Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske Readying Run For Congress, Requests Candidate Papers & Launches web site In Bid To Succeed Millender-McDonald

    May 2007: Valerie McDonald, Daughter Of Late Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald, Enters Multi-Candidate Race To Succeed Her Mother In Congress

    May 2007: First Congressional Candidates Forum Tues. May 29, Organized By Jr. Chamber

    May, 2007: State Senator Jenny Oropeza (Former Ass'ywoman/LB Councilwoman) Enters Congressional Race To Succeed Rep. Millender-McDonald

    May 2007: State Legislator Betty Karnette ISN'T Entering Congressional Race

    May 2007: Ass'ywoman/Former LB Councilman Laura Richardson Enters Congressional Race Following Death Of Cong. Millender-McDonald

    April 2007: Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald Dies

    Jan. 2007: Cong. Millender-McDonald Explicitly Backs 100% Container Inspection Provision In New Dem House Homeland Security Bill; Measure Passes

    Sept. 2006: Senate-Passed "SAFE Port" Bill Sets No Deadline For Integrated Container Scanning System...And Doesn't Authorize It Unless It "Doesn't Significantly Impact Trade Capacity & Flow Of Cargo At Foreign Or U.S. Ports"; LB & L.A. Mayors Silent As Amendment To Require Hong Kong Style Anti-Nuclear Scanning Shelved

    March 2006: Assemblywoman Karnette Denied Permission To Attend Roundtable With Congressmembers & LB-LA Port Officials Re Proposed Fed'l SAFE Port Legislation; List Of Invitees Excludes LB & L.A. Councilmembers But Includes Multiple Port & Industry-Related Interests

    March 2006: In Depth/Perspective: Congressmembers Dan Lungren & Loretta Sanchez Meet With PoLB/PoLA & Fed'l Harbor Officials On Proposed SAFE Port Act; No LB Councilmembers Present (PoLB Blames It On Bureaucratic Snafu); Will Customs Duties Really Cover Proposed New Security Measures? We Ask About Container Fees...And Congressmembers Reply

    March 2006: Read What Congressmembers Said, Pro & Con, And See What LB Area Congressmembers Did, On Fed'l Bill To Let FDA Trump State Food Labelling Laws

    March 2006: House Approves Fed'l Legislation For Nat'l Food Labeling That CA Att'y Gen'l Lockyer Warned Could Undermine Tougher CA Food Labeling Req'ts.; LB-Area Congressmembers Millender-McDonald & Rohrabacher Both Vote "Yes"

    March 2006: CA Att'y Gen'l Lockyer, Senators Feinstein & Boxer Say Bill Co-Sponsored By LB-Area Congressmembers Millender-McDonald & Rohrabacher Would Weaken CA Food Safety Notice Laws, Including Food-Related Prop 65 Notice re Carcinogens

    Dec. 2005: Wishing "Merry Christmas," Dissing "Happy Holidays": House Votes 401-22 For Resolution Encouraging Use & Protection of Christmas Symbols; LB Area Congressmembers Millender-McDonald & Rohrabacher Vote "Yes," Southbay's Harman Votes "No"

    Nov. 2005: LB Delegation Meets w/ Top Air Force Official Urging Pentagon To Keep Purchasing Boeing C-17s

    Nov. 2005: LB-LA Port Cong. Rohrabacher Co-Sponsors Resolution To Condemn China's Laogai Prison Labor System As Gulag-Style Tool Of Suppression, Resolution Charges Goods Produced With Forced Labor Continue To Be Exported To U.S.

    Nov. 2005: Senate OK's Continued C-17 Production While Pentagon Studies U.S. Airlift Capabilities

    Sept. 2005; About That $1.672 Million In Fed'l Transportation Bill For LB Museum of Latin American Art To Build "Intermodal Park & Ride Facility," Cong. Millender-McDonald Says...

    Sept. 2005: Port, City Hall Officials Praise Congresswoman Millender-McDonald At Luncheon Thanking Her For Delivering Fed'l Funds For Desmond Bridge Rebuild, I-710 Expansion

    July 2005: LB Mayor O'Neill, PoLB Harbor Comm'n President Topsy-Elvord React To Final Version Of Fed'l Trans. Bill

    July 2005: Updated: Fed'l Trans. Bill Includes Desmond Bridge, Alameda Corridor East As Projects of "Nat'l & Regional Significance" With Funding At Levels Lower Than Sought; House Passes It, Senate Passage Expected

    July 2005: LB DC Legislative Advocacy Team Spends Intense Day On Capitol Hill Re Fed'l Transportation Bill (I-710/Desmond Bridge) & Energy Bill (LNG)

    July 2005: LB Delegation Heads To DC For Final Advocacy On Fed'l Energy Bill (LNG) and Fed'l Transportation Bill ("Mega Projects")

    July 2005: LB-Area Congressmembers Vote For Resolution Expressing Concern Over Chinese State-Owned Firm's Move To Takeover Unocal; Top Chinese Gen'l Says He Thinks Beijing Would Use Nukes If U.S. Moves Militarily Over Taiwan; Foreign Ministry Says Gen'l's Words Are "His Own" But Doesn't Disavow Them

    March 2005: LB-Impacting Items Included In House Fed'l Transportation Bill

    Dec. 2004: Sen. Feinstein To Re-Introduce Federal Anti-Gang Legislation

    July 2004: House Votes 233-194 For Statutory Curb On Same-Sex Marriage; LB Reps. Rohrabacher Votes Yes, Millender-McDonald Votes No

    July 2004: LB Area Congressmembers Rohrabacher & Millender-McDonald Vote To Block Financial Assistance to Saudi Arabia

    July 2004: DNC Names Cong. Millender-McDonald A Vice Chair Of Upcoming Dem. Nat'l Convention

    June 2004: House-Senate Negotiators Press For Massive Fed'l Highway Bill, Defy Bush Veto Threat; Big Ticket LB City Hall, Port Desired Projects At Stake

    June 2004: U.S. Postal Service To Issue Reagan Stamp

    June 2004: LB Area Cong. Rohrabacher Proposes Putting Pres. Reagan On $20 Bill

    April 2004: House Defies Bush Veto Threat, Passes Nat'l Transportation Bill Incl. Millender-McDonald's "Projects of Nat'l & Regional Significance"

    March 2004: Congress May OK $600,000 In Fed'l Dollars For "Landscape Enhancement" Of Atherton St. Culvert; Some Residents Want Culvert Covered; Issue Raised In 4th District Council Race (Subsequent development, click here)

    March 2004: Mayor O'Neill in DC On Task Force To Speed Fed'l Security Money

    March 2004: Cong. Millender-McDonald, Ass'yman Lowenthal & Vice Mayor Colonna w/ Gateway Council of Gov'ts Schedule LB Forum On Strains To Transportation Infrastructure, Air Quality & Quality of Life From Region Becoming Nation's Primary Trade Gateway

    March 2004: Five LB Councilmembers Travel To DC For Lobbying and League of Cities Meeting

    Feb. 2004: House Passes Unborn Victims Bill

    Feb. 2004: Senator Feinstein Urges Two-Year, Not Permanent, Moratorium On Internet Access Taxes; Would Let Cities & Counties Tax Internet Phone Calls & Other Telecommunications Services

    Feb. 2004: Cutting Edge Nat'l Internet Issue Comes to LB: Vice Mayor Colonna Urges Clarified Stance On Legislation Re Taxing Internet Transactions:

  • Colonna Opposes Sales/Use Taxes On Web Transactions, Urges Preserving City's Right To Keep Receiving Revenue From Current Utility Taxes
  • Colonna & Baker Agree To Refer Issue To Joint Meeting of Their Fed'l & State Legislation Committees For Further Proceedings

    Jan. 2004: Kerry Presidential Campaign Giving Visibility To LB Area Congresswoman Millender-McDonald

    Jan. 2004: Text of President Bush 2004 State of the Union Address

    Jan. 2004: Follow-Up On What Was Discussed, And By Whom, At LB Airport Meeting Involving Mayor & House Aviation Subcommittee Chair

    Jan. 2004: Mayor O'Neill Meets At LB Airport With Powerful House Aviation Sub-Committee Chair

    Jan. 2004: Public Pounds Port-Related Pollution At Congresswoman Millender-McDonald "Open Mike" Town Meeting

    Dec. 2003: We List LB Projects Included in Massive Fed'l Spending Bill Passed by House

    Nov. 2003: Cong. Millender-McDonald Successfully Includes Amendment In $87B Iraq-Afghan Military/Reconstruction Bill To Provide Counseling for Returning U.S. Soldiers & Their Families

    Nov. 2003: Mayor O'Neill Lobbied In DC For Millender-McDonald Goods Movement Bill HR 3398 During Conf. of Mayors Event After Deflecting Public Questions About City's Lobbying Role At Council Meeting

  • Cong. Millender-McDonald Seeks To Make HR3398 Part of Six-Year Omnibus Nat'l Transportation Bill

    Nov. 2003: Mayor O'Neill Attends DC Press Event As Part of U.S. Conf. of Mayors' Support for Proposed $375 Billion Transportation Bill

    Nov. 2003: Reaction Pro & Con To Cong. Millender-McDonald's Proposed HR 3398 To Create System Of Fed'l Funds Fueling Goods Movement Projects of Nat'l Significance

  • Neighborhood Activist Confronts Mayor, Asks What Lobbying City Hall, U.S. Conf. of Mayors & Regional Gov't Groups Played in the Proposed Legislation
  • LB Area Chamber of Commerce Issues "Call To Action" With Suggested Form Letter Supporting the Bill

    Nov. 2003: Cong. Millender-McDonald Introduces Legislation Proposing System Of Fed'l Funds Fueling Goods Movement Projects of Nat'l Significance

    July 2003: Cong. Rohrabacher Gets House Subcommittee OK For Gerald Desmond Bridge Rebuilding And Alameda Corridor Re-Fi On Fed'l Loan

    July 2003: House Votes To Block Mandatory Meat Labelling "Country of Origin" Rules; We Post House Vote & Debate

    June 2003: Cong. Millender-McDonald Moves Bill To Rename Post Office @ 2300 Redondo Ave. As Stephen Horn Post Office Bldg.

    Oct. 2002:

  • LBReport Posts LB Area Congressmembers' House Debate Statements and Recorded Votes re White House Favored Resolution on Use of Force in Iraq; We Also Post Resolution Text

    June, 2002: Concerned Parents & Teachers of LB & LB Safe Streets Foundation Host Welcoming Reception for Cong. Juanita Millender-McDonald

    Sept. 2001: Horn Tells Redistricting Issue Is For Public To Decide

    Sept. 2001: Mayor O'Neill Tells Sacto Legislative Hearing: Change Proposed New U.S. Cong. 37th dist. & CA Senate 27 dist. to Include Port of LB; we provide transcript excerpts

    Sept. 2001: LB Cong. Steve Horn To Retire At End of Current Term (Jan. 2003); decision comes after CA Ass'y Committee proposes erasing LB's 38th Cong. dist.

    Sept. 2001: Assembly Committee Map Proposes Stripping Away LB's 38th (Steve Horn) Congressional District

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