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July 2004: Council Names Jackie Kell Its Vice Mayor

May 2004: Councilmembers Baker, Lowenthal & Reyes-Uranga Want Council To Oppose Proposed U.S. Constitutional Amendment That Would Declare Marriage Is b/w Men & Women Only

March 2004: We List Spending By Councilmembers & Mayor To Run Their Offices, FY 02-03

Dec. 2003: Wow! City Hall To Launch System Letting Public Retrieve Streaming Video of Past Council Meetings, Including Specific Agenda Items

Oct. 2003: Councilwoman Reyes-Uranga Seeks Public's Use of Council Chamber's Audio/Visual Equipment At Council Meetings Subject To Guidelines And On Prior Request

July 2003: Charter Amendment Committee Meeting Abruptly Cancelled, Tentatively Rescheduled to August 5:

  • Mayor Says It's Because Some Members Weren't Able To Attend on July 15
  • Obtains Letter Dated July 15 By Councilman Carroll To Mayor, CC'd To Council, Saying He Won't Be Available July 15 Due To "Prior Employment Commitment" AND Does Not Support Creating Gov't Reform Committee Now & Urges Council To Forego It At This Time

    June 2003: Mayor, Council Getting Charter-Triggered Pay Raise Effective In July...But Councilman Lerch Calls It Inappropriate With Deficit And Refuses To Take Raise

    June 2003: Councilmembers Vote To Approve Mayor's Appointees To Commissions; No Councilmember Publicly Asks Any Appointee Any Question

    June 2003: Councilwoman Kell Criticized For Agendizing LB Voter Survey -- Funded By JetBlue -- As "Update" on JetBlue's "Community Outreach Efforts"

    April 2003: Vice Mayor Colonna Withdraws Council Item On Possibly Assigning More City Staff To Councilmembers Rep'ing City On Boards Or Committees Beyond Council Office Duties

    Mar. 2003: Councilmembers Dan Baker & Tonia Reyes-Uranga Propose Creating Mayor & Council-Approved Panel To Review Changes To City Charter, Structure Of Council Meetings & Local Governance...And Report Back Within 180 Days

    Mar. 2003: Letting The Sunshine In:

  • Council Votes 9-0 (Motion by Lerch) To Require Members of Several City Commissions/Boards And Enties Largely Funded By City Hall To File Statement of Economic Interest (Financial Disclosure) Form
  • Attempt By Carroll, Seconded By Colonna, To Send Proposal First To A Commitee Fails 4-5; We Post Yeas and Nays

    Jan. 2003: City Att'y Shannon Upholds Public Speakers' Right To Dissent On War With Iraq Within Discussion Of "Support Our Troops" Resolution

    Jan. 2003: Council Votes 7-1 (Lerch dissenting) To Get Report From City Clerk On Possible Council Meeting Changes, Examining Switching To Daytime Meetings, Holding Fewer Of Them, Ending District Meetings And Still Unspecified "Streamlining"

    Jan. 2003: Claiming Budget Concerns, Councilmembers Carroll & Kell Separately Agendize Items Proposing Review of Council Meeting Procedures; Could Eventually Mean Significant Changes:

  • Carroll: Wants "Council Meeting Policy Review" To Include District Meetings, "Streamlining Agenda & Council Meetings" & Meeting Only 3 Wks. Per Month
  • Kell: Asks City Mgr. To Determine Cost Savings Of: (1) Holding Two Council Meetings Per Month In the Morning; (2) Starting Meetings At 3 p.m. (with hearings at 5 p.m.); (3) Canceling Meetings on 5th Tuesday of Month (April, July, Sept. Dec. 2003); (4) Suspending District Meetings "Until Budget Deficit Is Balanced"

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