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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


Jan. 2007: LB Sees 7.1% Drop In Murders 2006 vs. 2005, 42.5% Reduction Since 2002, Fewest Murders Since '71...And No 06 Murders In East Patrol Division (Cherry to East City Limits)

Oct. 2006: LB and L.A. Again Worse Than NYC And Several Southland Cities In '05 Reported Violent Crimes Per Capita; Lakewood Better Than Average; Mission Viejo Third Best; Compton Fourth Worst

Nov. 2005: News/Perspective: Crime Data Show LB Violent Crime Per Capita Worsens Measured Against Most Other U.S. Cities...And Is Worse Than Many Area Cities

Nov. 2004: '03 Crime Stats Show LB Less Safe Than NYC But Safer Than L.A.; Lakewood Ranked Less Safe In '03 Than in '02 But Still Safer Than LB

Feb. 2004: Analysis: Citywide LB 2003 Crime Stats Show Crime Drops Since '02 But Increases In Most Categories Since 2000; Detailed Breakouts By Council Districts & Neighborhoods Pending

July 2003: LB Total Crime Citywide In First Half '03 Up 4.1%; Murders & Res Burgs Drop; Comm'l Burgs & Auto Burgs Up; Detailed Neighborhood Data Pending

Feb. 2003: 2002 LB Crime Data By Council District & Detailed Neighborhood Size Reporting Districts

Feb. 2003: See LB 2002 Crime Increases Citywide (combining safe and less safe parts of city) Since 2001: Murder, Rape, Robbery & Assaults, Res Burg, Auto Burg & Grand Theft All Up; Plus What Others Didn't Report: Crime Changes When Measured Since 2000

Dec. 2002: For Second Year, LB Under Mayor O'Neill Less Safe In Murder, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary & Motor Theft Than NYC Under (now former) Mayor Giuliani; Compare LB To Other Area Cities In Morgan Quitno's Latest Annual Rank of Safest U.S. Cities; Uses FBI Crime Stats

July, 2002: LB Crime Stats for Jan-Mar '02 Show Disturbing Rise in Aggravated Assaults & Comm'l Burlaries...And Nearly Double the Murders Over Jan-Mar 2001

Mar. 2002: Detailed LBPD 2001 Crime Data Reveal Info Not Visible In "Citywide" Crime Stats

Mar. 2002: City Hall Releases "Citywide" 2001 Crime Totals; Neighborhood and Council District Data Forthcoming

Dec. 2001: LB Falls Further Toward Unsafe In Morgan Quitno's Latest Rank of Safest U.S. Cities; LB Now Ranked Less Safe Than New York City

Dec. 2001: New LBPD Crime Stats Show Total LB Crime Up -- Again -- In Every Council District; 8 Districts Show Rise in Serious Crimes Against Persons, 6 Show Increase in Serious Crimes Against Property

Aug. 2001: LB Crime Data for Jan-Jun 2001 Analyzed; total reported crime up in every Council district

Aug. 2001: LBPD releases mid-yr citywide crime stats [detailed neighborhood crime data posted subsequently]

March, 2001: Using FBI Crime Data (from 1999), Nat'l Publisher Ranks Safest U.S. Cities, Puts LB 199 Out of 322 U.S. Cities over 75,000 pop.; Lakewood ranked 124

Feb. 2001: Link to LBPD 2000 & 1999 crime data by Council district and by LBPD neighborhood size reporting district

Feb. 2001: LB Reported Crime Data for 2000 Analyzed

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