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Jan. 2005: High Visibility: Mayor O'Neill + Grandson + Other Youngsters Will Be On LB's Rose Parade Float -- "A Day At The Beach" -- On New Year's Day

Oct. 2004: Council Votes 7-0 To Approve CVB Contract Extension to 2014, Increased Funding

Oct. 2004: City Auditor Re Aquatics Festival:

  • No Fraud, Misappropriation Or Anyone "Who Lined Their Own Personal Pockets Inappropriately"
  • City Mgr. Got Finalized Written Report Dated Oct 4; Council Didn't See It Until Hours Before Oct. 19 Council Meeting, Public Even Later; We Post Document Online

    Oct. 2004: City Auditor Told City Mgr. Of $1.7 Million In CVB Losses Related to Aquatics Festival On October 4; Some Council Offices Say They Haven't Received Auditor's Report Oct. 19 A.M. Despite Scheduled Council Vote To Extend & Increase CVB Contract Oct. 19 P.M.

    Oct. 2004: Proposed CVB Contract Extension Includes Verbiage Seemingly Letting Council End Agreement Annually

    Oct. 2004: City Mgr. Told Council During Summer That LB Convention & Visitors Bureau Faced Loss ($1+ Million) Surrounding Downtown Aquatics Event; City Mgr. Doesn't Favor Using City Tax Dollars To Cover CVB Loss; City Auditor Says He'd Support Using Taxpayer Money To Cover CVB Loss; Council Will Decide

  • Makes Freedom of Info Requests for Related City Docs

    Oct. 2004: City Mgr. Memo Asks Council To Extend Convention & Visitors Bureau Contract To 2014 & Increase '05 City Hall Payment To CVB By 200k; Doesn't Mention CVB Aquatics Festival Debts

  • City Auditor Agendizes But Won't Release His Report On Aquatics Festival Until Monday, One Day Before Council Meeting

    Sept. 2004: Who Governs the LB Convention & Visitors Bureau & Decides How Nearly $4 Million in Public Money Is Spent? We List LBCVB's Boardmembers

    Sept. 2004: Council May Require Convention & Visitors Bureau Boardmembers To File Public Financial Disclosure Forms

    April 2003: For the Record: CVB Boardmembers & Officers, 2002-2003

    April 2003: CVB's Goodling: Public Welcome To Attend CVB Board Meetings

    April 2003: Council Votes 5-3 To Reverse Part Of March Vote, Won't Direct Convention & Visitors Bureau Boardmembers To File Financial Disclosure Form

    Mar. 2003: Vice Mayor Colonna Moves To Reverse Recent Council Action Directing Convention & Visitors Bureau Boardmembers To File Financial Disclosure Form

    Mar. 2003: Letting The Sunshine In:

  • Council Votes 9-0 (Motion by Lerch) To Require Members of Several City Commissions/Boards And Enties Largely Funded By City Hall To File Statement of Economic Interest (Financial Disclosure) Form
  • Attempt By Carroll, Seconded By Colonna, To Send Proposal First To A Commitee Fails 4-5; We Post Yeas and Nays

    Jan. 2001: Posted For Reference:

  • (1) LB Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Chief Linda Howell DiMario's Jan 12, 2001 Letter Announcing Her Retirement Effective Sept. 30, 2001
  • (2) Full Text of City Manager's Jan. 16, 2001 Responsive Statement

    Oct. 2000: For Your Review: Some Published Fiscal Claims By LB Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Oct. 2000: LB Uses 50% of Transient Occupancy Tax (hotel room tax) for General Fund...and Gives Over 25% of TOT to LB Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Sept. 2000: CVB Audit Is Actually "Report of Independent Accountants on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures"

    Sept. 2000: Verbatim Text of Statement by LB Convention & Visitors Bureau Board Chairman, George Medak

    Sept. 2000: Verbatim Text of City Auditor Burroughs' Letter To LB Convention & Visitors' Bureau Board of Directors

  • Aug. 2000: Reference Document: Verbatim Text of Linda Howell DiMario Letter To LBACVB Members, Dated August 30, 2000

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