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    Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


    July 2007: Editorial: LB Council Quietly Letting L.A. Council Advance Port-Favored Amendments Including Funding Entitlements & Pollution Loopholes In Sen. Lowenthal's Container Fee Bill

    July 2007: Editorial: Cambodia Town & Commandante Fidel

    June 2007: No To Latest Proposed Lawful But Execrable Sales Tax Kick-Back

    June 2007: Editorial: Real News, Not A Political Infomercial

    June 2007: Editorial: Debased "Debates"

    June 2007: Editorial: An Easy Date

    April 2007: Editorial: Common Ground On The Airport

    April 2007: Guest Opinion: Jensen: Too Big, Too Risky

    April 2007: Editorial: Developers First, Public Safety Second
    April 2007: Councilwoman Schipske responds, Councilwoman Schipske Responds

    April 2007: In Depth/Perspective: Credulity Then, Taxpayer Debt Now "Received & Filed" -- Read What 2006 Auditor's Report Said And Council Hasn't Pursued Re LB Museum of Art

    March 2007: Perspective: Brouhaha Over Blog And Bird S--t Shows Bigger Problems With LB DC Advocacy

    March 2007: Editorial: An Overdue Limit On Port Pollution...And Growth

    March 2007: Editorial: The Great Pretenders

    March 2007: Guest Opinion: Who's The Boss?

    March 2007: Perspective: Your Tax Dollars At Work: Read Response Of State Senator Alan Lowenthal's Office To Critical Editorial

    March 2007: Editorial: The Bodysnatchers Get Alan Lowenthal, And...

    March 2007: Guest Opinion: Pressburg: Abandoning No Net Increase = Faith Based Lawmaking On Port Pollution

    Feb. 2007: Editorial: Realism, Not Vanity, On The Bike Race

    Feb. 2007: Reply to Editorial: Response From Internet Venture's Co-Founder

    Feb. 2007: Editorial: Did They Get Your Email Address, And If So, From Where?

    Feb. 2007: Editorial: Free the Facts On Neighborhood Crimes

    Feb. 2007: Perspective: Mayor Bristles, Belittles Brouhaha Over Bundling Ballot Measures

    Jan. 2007: Editorial: Congress Debates, Council Cowers, On Port Container Security Measures

    Jan. 2007: Editorial: State of the City: Public Duty, Not Private Fundraiser

    Dec. 2006: Editorial: A Reward Isn't Enough

    Nov. 2006: Editorial: "Free" Day At LB Aquarium

    Nov. 2006: Editorial: She Was Right

    Nov. 2006: Editorial: Doing Our Job

    Nov. 2006: Editorial: No More "Plans" And Promises; Real Changes At City Hall...and Police for Taxpayers

    Nov. 2006: Editorial: Send Them A Message: NO on Prop 1B Because...

    Nov. 2006: Editorial: Our Ballot Views, Your Choices

    Nov. 2006: Editorial: Re-Election Earned: Norm Ryan For Water Replenishment District Board Because...

    Oct. 2006: Sacramento Bee Editorial re Prop 1-B: "Port-Barrel Spending"

    Oct. 2006: Editorial: Our Math On The Police Pay Raise...And Thereafter

    Oct. 2006: Editorial: Suckers

    Sept. 2006: Editorial: National Attention, Local Silence: Long Beach Mayor, Council Mute As U.S. Senate Debates Container Inspection Bill

    Sept. 2006: Editorial: New School Year, New School Board, New Attitudes

    Sept. 2006: Editorial: Some Free Advice On Televising School Board Meetings

    Aug. 2006: Editorial: If Sac'to Dems Kill "No Net Increase" Bill, Voters Should Kill Port Expansion Bond

    Aug. 2006: Editorial: Stopping Dems Who Stop Lowenthal Port Bills

    Aug. 2006: Editorial: Vandals Prefer LB Because...

    Aug. 2006: Editorial: FY 07 Mgmt-Mayor Proposed Budget: DOA On Police

    Aug. 2006: Editorial: Calling A Tail A Leg
    CounterPunch: Yes On Vice Mayor Lowenthal's Worker Comp Claim

    July 2006: Editorial: Public Office, Public Documents, Public Rights

    July 2006: Guest Opinion: Pine Ave. Pioneer John Morris On What's Needed In Closing Pine Ave. To Cruisers

    July 2006: Editorial: An Approaching Mushroom Harvest

    July 2006: Editorial: Unsustainable Spending, Unavoidable Consequences

    July 2006: Editorial: Assessing LB's Property Values

    July 2006: Editorial: Avoiding a Trainwreck At The Airport

    July 2006: Perspective: Who Celebrated Mayor O'Neill's Tenure

    July 2006: Perspective: Mayor O'Neill...In Her Own Words

    July 2006: Editorial: Inviting A Tea Party

    July 2006: Photo Editorial: On July 4, Whom Do You Respect More?

    July 2006: Editorial: Respecting Democracy In ELB's Fifth Council District

    June 2006: Editorial: Reverse the "Golden Handshake"

    June 2006: Editorial: Fairness Flouted

    June 20: The City Council has voted 7-0 to reappoint Parks & Rec Commissioner Harry Saltzgaver to another term along with all of Mayor O'Neill's choices for Charter Commissions.

    June 2006: Editorial: No On This Commissioner

    June 2006: Perspective: Redevelopment Agency Schedules First Annual Town Hall...While We Say City Hall Pursues "Stealth Lobbying" Against Eminent Domain/Redevelopment Reform

    June 2006: Editorial: A Fire Bell In The Night At The Airport

    June 2006: Editorial: Common Ground At The Airport

    June 2006: Editorial: Your Home Is Their Castle

    May 2006: Guest Opinion: Private and Public Sector Unions Are Not Equal

    May 2006: Perspective: House-Passed "SAFE Port" Act Neuters Local Control, Gives DC Control & Industry Interests Clout In Mandated Protocols Favoring Swift Return To Trade After Terrorist Attack

    Election Opinion

    May 2006: Editorial: Colonna Bashing, Clashing Messages

    May 2006: Perspective: ELB Now At Ground-Zero In Showdown Council, School Board Races

    Editorial: Kiss of Death in Second District?

    Editorial: Correcting Damages Done -- On Police (third in a series)

    March 1994. Use of screen shot courtesy Straight Talk Productions, Inc. whose permission does not imply or suggest its agreement with the opinions expressed in our editorial.

    Foster v. Colonna On Police (second in a series)

    The Election: Restating The Obvious (first in a series)

    Election Sound Off

    Guest Op-Ed: 100 Officers Isn't Enough...But Foster Is Honest And I Trust Him, Says Former Mayoral Candidate/Retired Councilman Doug Drummond

    Guest Op-Ed: Foster's At-Least 100 More Cops In 4 Yrs. Do-Able, Colonna's 300 More Cops In 4 Yrs. Impossible, Says Lt. Steve James, President LB Police Officers Ass'n.

    Your Words Replying To Ours

    Final Ballots Counted

    3rd Council dist: Loftin Will Face DeLong in June Runoff; Ryan Endorses Loftin

    Loftin in runoff Apr 21/06

    9th Council dist: Lerch Widens Apparently Winning Lead Over Neal

    Lerch wins Apr 21/06

    1st dist LB School Board: Incumbent Stanton Edges Out Challenger Deaton By 135 Votes; Teachers Union Indicates It Will Demand Recount

    Stanton vote count Apr 21/06

    Updated results (now certified) from City Clerk, click here

    March 2006: Editorial: Flunking First Amendment At School Board Candidates Forum...And Fixing It; Update: Includes statement by LB League of Women Voters rep Bea Antenore

    March 2006: Editorial: Don't Mark Your Absentee Ballot Yet

    March 2006: Redeeming A School Board Election Trashed

    Feb. 2006: Editorial: An Election Scoffed, Voters, Taxpayers, Schoolchildren Scorned

    Feb. 2006: Wanted: Councilmembers Who'll Show LB Laws Are Not For Sale

    Feb. 2006: Editorial: Public Deserves Real-Time, Not Bureaucratically Neutered Pollution Data

    Jan. 2006: Editorial: LB's Unmentionable Crime Stats

    Jan. 2006: Editorial: Unplugging LB's Taxpayer-Milking Machine

    Dec. 2005: Editorial: LB's Laws Are Not For Sale

    Dec. 2005: Editorial: Junket First, Council Business Second, As Stealth Lobbying Continues Against Eminent Domain Reforms

    Nov. 2005: Appreciation: A Better Balance For Long Beach

    Nov. 2005: Editorial: Port of LB's Stealth Lobbying Provides More Reasons For An Elected, Recallable Harbor Commission

    Nov. 2005: Yes on Prop 77, And...

    Oct. 2005: Editorial: Propagandizing At Public Expense

    Oct. 2005: Questions Appropriate, Answers Needed, About Airport "Economic Impact" Report

    Sept. 2005: Editorial: Well Done -- City Hall LNG Report Faces Tough Grader In Sac'to...Which Cites It To Feds

    Sept. 2005: Editorial: Comparison

    Sept. 2005: Editorial: An Unbalanced Budget

    Sept. 2005: Editorial: "High-Consequence, Low Probability"

    Aug. 2005: Editorial: Stopping Stealth Advocacy On Eminent Domain

    Aug. 2005: Guest Op-Ed: Eminent Despotism (Author: State Sen. Tom McClintock

    Aug. 2005: Editorial: Thank You, PoLB

    Aug. 2005: Editorial: No To Political Butt-Covering, Buck-Passing On LNG

    Aug. 2005: Editorial: Pork Chop

    Aug. 2005: Editorial: Invoke The Contract; Put LB City Hall's DC Lobbying Contract Out To Bid

    Aug. 2005: Editorial: No To Political Butt-Covering, Buck-Passing On LNG

    July 2005: Opinion/Editorial Forecast: September 2008: LB Celebrates Designation As Federal Right Of Way

    June 2005: Editorial: A Respectable, Not Rubberstamp, Hearing For Mayor's Harbor Nominee

    June 2005: Editorial: Mayor's Mushroom Maneuver Re Port Post Requires Principled Council Response, Not Rubberstamp

    June 2005: Editorial: 8-1, Not 5-4

    June 2005: Editorial: "Independent Study" Of LB Redevelopment Is Up...and Redevelopment's Time Is Up

    May 2005: Editorial: "Chicago By The Sea"

    April 2005: Guest Op-Ed: Pressburg: More Police, Now

    April 2005: Digital Editorial Cartoon: City of LB Advocacy 2003-2005 Re Proposed Port LNG Terminal

    April 2005: LNG Fed'l Fiasco Calls For Rethinking Poisoned PoLB Pork...And Those Who Sell It

    April 2005: Editorial: For A Better LB Summer, Without Getting Burned

    March 2005: Editorial: Stopping the Poisoned Pork

    March 2005: Editorial: No More Excuses: Council Should Tell Port: Commit To No Net Increase In Pollution Or We Won't Support Fed'l Projects That Increase Your Capacity

    March 2005: Editorial: Outting The Queen Mary's Chambermaids

    March 2005: Editorial: On Public Health & Safety, A Council That Is Master, Not Servant, Of Its Port

    March 2005: Editorial: Bravo, Chief Batts...Now, For The Council On Public Safety...

    Jan. 2005: Editorial: More Cogs in the Airport Terminal Machinery

    Jan. 2005: Editorial: The Airport

    Jan. 2005: Guest Opinion: Proposition 13 Has Saved Local Government

    Jan. 2005: Editorial: A $200 Million Blank Check That Risks Expanding Redevelopment

    Jan. 2005: Editorial: The Council's Rightful Role Re The Mayor's "State of the City"

    Dec. 2004: Editorial: Redevelopment

    Dec. 2004: News / Perspective: Awakening A Sleeping Giant: LB Activists Vow To Empower Nuisance & Crime-Impacted Neighborhood And Hold City Hall Accountable

    Nov. 2004: Editorial: Open This Meeting

    Oct. 2004: No To A CVB Bailout, Because...

    Oct. 2004: NO On Measure A (County Sales Tax Increase): It Holds Public Safety Hostage And Doesn't Guarantee One Add'l Police Officer

    Sept. 2004: Editorial: Saying "No" To Port Expansion

    Aug. 2004: As We Begin Our Fifth Year

    July 2004: Guest Op-Ed: Good Policy Or Royal Pain? LB Reps. Vote to Deny Financial Aid to Saudis

    July 2004: Editorial: A Vote Not Worth a Bucket Of Warm S#it?

    July 2004: Editorial: Auditing Animal Control, Omitting Animals

    July 2004: Editorial: Chumps?

    July 2004: Editorial: No On Kell For Vice Mayor

    June 2004: Editorial Photo: Pike @ Rainbow Harbor, June 2004

    June 2004: Editorial: Biting Back: Our Suggestions Re WNV in LB

    June, 2004: Editorial: Rae Gabelich For 8th district Council Because...

    May 2004: Editorial: Not in Long Beach's Name

    April 2004: The Ruling Class

    April 2004: Editorial: Rubber Words?

    April 2004: Editorial: The Consent of the Governed

    April 2004: Analysis/Perspective: The Mayor's Letter: The Power of Myth

    April 2004: Reports Of Her Death Greatly Exaggerated, Parts of Her Story Not Told

    Mar. 2004: Editorial: No on 56

    Feb. 2004: Editorial: Traci Wilson-Kleekamp: An Appreciation

    Feb. 2004: Not a Shortfall, Not a Surprise

    Feb. 2004: Funding Cops vs. Fiddling At Gang Summit

    Jan. 2004: Editorial: Queen Mary Iceberg, Titanic Course

    Jan. 2004: Editorial: Letting The Sunshine In At City Hall

    Jan. 2004: Editorial: Click to See Our Opinion Of City Council's Recent Action On Public Safety

    Jan. 2004: Editorial: Councilman Carroll, Public Words, Public Votes And Public Safety

    Dec. 2003: Editorial: Memory Hole In Management Budget Memo

    Dec. 2003: Editorial: Stopping $130,000 in Wasteful Words, Giving Taxpayers Needed Police

    Dec. 2003: Editorial: Charlie Brown, Lucy and the Football...Again

    Nov. 2003: Digital Editorial Cartoon:
    Bad Dream Prevented: ECOC in Stearns Park

    Oct. 2003: Editorial Reply: Gene Lassers, Leader In Independent Citizens Task Force on the Boeing Project (PacifiCenter), Replies To Editorial

    Sept. 2003: Editorial: Thank You, Chief Batts

    Sept. 2003: Editorial: An Accident Waiting To Happen

    Sept. 2003: Editorial: The Mushroom Treatment (a continuing series): Drawing the Line @ LBUSD

    Sept. 2003: Editorial: An Asteroid Budget

    August 2003: Pictorial / Perspective: Lt. Gov. Bustamante's Long Beach/CA Coastal Legacy

    Aug. 2003: If Those Opposing PacifiCenter Can't Answer This Question, Be Concerned

    July, 2003: Showing What The Council's Voted Word Is Worth

    July 2003: Solvency, Sloganeering and the Sounds of Silence

    June 2003: Editorial: Speak Up, Council: Don't Be Cowed By Sacred Cows

    June 2003"Editorial: Re LGB, Where Is That Report?

    June 2003: Editorial: Censure Kell

    June 2003: Editorial/Photo Essay: Cantrell Park

    May 2003: Diana's Map, Rae's Map

    May 2003: Editorial Challenge: Help Identify LB's Enablers Of These Fine Messes

    May 2003: News/Perspective: Sounds of Silence: Read Transcript of Council Action On Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (MOU for discussions of future long-term gas contract and feasibility of gas pipelines to proposed LNG facility & to facilitate marketing potential of LNG facility @ LB)

    May 2003: Opinion: Some "Speak Out" Comments on LB Airport The PT Didn't Print

    May 2003: Editorial: FAA v. LB

    April 2003: 710 Fwy. "Mushroom Treatment" Merits State Law Requiring Web Posting For Impt. Gov't Reports

    Mar. 2003: Senator Karnette's Execrable Vote, City Hall's Excellent Opposition, PT Editorial's Exclusions

    Feb. 2003: How To Handle A Council That Paved A Beach, Erased Park Land...And Is Now Expanding The Airport

    Feb. 2003: Digital Editorial Cartoon: Possible Future Result Of Feb. 18 Council Hearing To Expand Airport-Related Parking Eastward To Clark Ave. @ Conant St. On Part Of Veterans Stadium Lot?

    Jan. 2003: Con The Constituents, Ready the Recalls

    Jan. 2003: The Hobbs Report...and the Real State of the City

    Jan. 2003: City Hall Turns Public Property At LB's MacArthur Park Into West Coast Version of 70's Graffiti Marked NY Subway Train; What Giuliani Stopped, O'Neill's Council Allows, Inflicting Double-Standard On Central LB Neighborhood

    Jan. 2003: Regarding Press-Telegram Editorial: "Two Kinds of Graffiti"

    Dec. 2002: Editorial: A Park Shrinks in LB

    Nov. 2002: Not Going Gently Into That Long, Dark Night

    Oct. 2002: Put the Airport In Prime Time; We've Outgrown Packed, Puerile "Airport Advisory Commission"

    Sept. 2002: L.A. County Board of Supervisors OKs Motion by Knabe & Antonovich Supporting LB City Council's Resolution Urging Use of Outlying Airports With Underutilized Capacity As Alternative To Increasing Flights At LB Airport

    Sept. 2002: Baker, Lowenthal, Lerch Help Restore Democracy and Balance...While Colonna, Carroll & O'Neill Become Part of the Problem and Part of the Past

    August, 2002: Ending LB School Board's "Mushroom Treatment": Show Us Your Meetings

    July, 2002: Editorial: Where Is That Report the Council Requested Over Two Months Ago on LB Airport's Environmental & Other Issues?

    April, 2002: Open Letter From a 6th District Resident To Councilwoman Laura Richardson-Batts

    Feb. 2002: LB Parks: Iron Bulldozers, Rubber Words

    Mar. 2002: Ballot Recommendation: No On Property Tax Hike Measure E

    Oct. 2000: QW Bay Fiasco Gives LB Opportunity; Here's Our Plan

    Sept., 2000: CVB: Not Minor, Not Easily Correctable

    August, 2000: PT "Geezer" Epithet: Beneath LB

    August, 2000: Dennis Carroll: Committed Candidate, Credulous Councilman


    Aug. 2000: Ann Cantrell: Death by a Thousand Cuts

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