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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


Aug. 2007: Got E-Waste (Computer/Electronic Junk)? Dispose Of It At E-Waste Collection, El Dorado Senior Center, Sat. Aug 25, 1-4 p.m And Attend Free Tech Fair

July 2006: Kowabunga! Councilwoman Schipske's El Dorado Skate Park Agenda Item Won't Be Heard July 3 But Will Be Rescheduled

June 2007: Sampling For Depleted Uranium Conducted At Boeing Facility...With Councilwoman Schipske Observing

June 2007: New Speed-Feedback Street Signs Will Show LB Drivers Their Speed, Sending Message: Slow Down

June 2007: Fatal ELB Crash, Wardlow Rd. @ Clark Ave., As Passenger Car Is Rear-Ended By SUV

June 2007: Lakewood Blvd/Carson St. Accident Lands Another Vehicle At Entry To Flower Shop

June 2007: 12-Yr Old Girl Struck By Vehicle At Bellflower Blvd/Monlaco Rd Wasn't In Crosswalk, LBPD Says; Investigation Continues

June 2007: Councilwoman Schipske Uses Her Independent Internet Blog To Tell Constituents & LB Taxpayers With Whom She's Met During Past Week

April 2007: Boeing Says It's Developing Sampling Plan With State Agency To Address Concerns Raised About Depleted Uranium Counterweights Used At Former ELB Plant; Councilwoman Schipske Commends Boeing's Action

March 2007: Living History: "Rosie the Riveter" Park Named @ Clark/Conant; Real Life "Rosies" + WWII Vets + Familymembers Attend

April 2007: Five Neighborhood Branch Libraries To Restore Hours Starting Sat. April 14; Main Library Reopens Seven Days A Week Monday

March 2007: "St. Baldrick's Day" @ Tracy's in ELB: 200+ LB-Area Men, Women & Kids Shaved Bald To Raise Money In Fighting Childhood Cancer

March 2007: ELB Eyesore To Begin Dropping Out Of Sight: City Hall Plans To Start Covering Atherton Street Ditch

Feb. 2007: Councilwoman Schipske Describes "Real Life Lesson In Public Safety" Re ELB Auto Burglaries On Her Internet Blog

Feb. 2007: Cars Burglarized Outside El Dorado Estates Homeowners Meeting; Naples Also Sees Auto Burgs

Feb. 2007: First-ever (to our knowledge) "State of the 5th District" presentation by Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske...which was unprecedented in several respects. The first 25 minutes were presented (using a laptop computer) by virtual-reality animated (talking/moving) computer characters. The computer characters described what the Councilwoman did in her first six months in office...which includes compiling a detailed computer database/inventory of conditions on 5th district neighborhood streets and their infrastructure needs. The computer characters then introduced Councilwoman Schipske in-person who used more computer graphics to detail several 5th district initiatives that she plans to launch in 2007. Councilwoman Schipske also announced creation of a new website for 5th district neighborhood groups (in addition to her ongoing internet blog) and fielded audience Q & A. Among city officials attending (not a complete list): Councilmembers O'Donnell and Reyes Uranga; reps from the Mayor's office and other Council offices; senior management from several departments (including Police Chief Batts, Parks/Rec Dir Phil Hester), City Prosecutor Reeves.

Jan. 2007: One Of Last Remaining Large Orange "76 Balls" To Be Replaced At ELB Service Station

Jan. 2007: 4th District "Snow Day" Draws Large Crowd @ Whaley Park

Jan. 2007: Councilwoman Schipske Unveils New 5th District Sidewalk Repair Technique; Pilot/Test Project Could Expand To Other Districts

Jan. 2007: Another Vehicle Goes Into Los Cerritos Channel Exiting 22 Fwy Onto Studebaker Rd.; SUV Didn't Submerge & Driver Is OK

Dec. 2006: LB Barbershop Is Personally-Built Museum To Movies, Music & More...And Draws A Nearby LB Celebrity

Dec. 2006: Two Recent ELB Sexual Assaults Trigger LBPD Warning; Councilwoman Schipske Calls Dec. 4 Community Meeting @ Marshall Middle School, 6:30 pm., To Discuss Recent ELB Sex Crimes

Nov. 2006: Three 17 Yr-Olds (Two Girls, One Boy) Wounded In Weekend Shooting Outside Heartwell Park Golf Course

Nov. 2006: Awful ELB Wreck, LBFD Performs Complex Extrication

Nov. 2006: ELB (Spring/Palo Verde Area) Armed Robbery At Electronic Games Store...And Merchandise Allegedly Demanded By Robbers Includes "PlayStation 3"

Oct. 2006: 5th District Councilwoman Schipske Using Internet -- Including "Blog" -- To Communicate With Eastside Residents; Recent Meeting On Broken Sidewalks & Needed Fixes Draws Large Crowd

Oct. 2006: 5th District Residents Invited To Oct. 25 Launch Of "5th District Infrastructure Advisory Council" To Discuss Broken Sidewalks, Needed Fixes

Oct. 2006: Big Explosion With Fireball, Pyrotechnics & Helicopter Activity Expected In El Dorado Park Glider Park Area As City Hall Grants Permit For "CSI Miami" Filming

Sept. 2006: LBPD Says Belmont Shore/Naples Elderly Residents Targeted In Scam; Learn Details, Be On Alert

On the evening of Sept. 26 there was police activity in NE LB (approx. 10:30 p.m. and therefater) into predawn hours with SWAT, canine units and some LASD at the Towne Center (Carson west of 605). Police responded to a report of an armed man possibly in one of the buildings in the area of the WalMart. After several hours of work, the search ended without locating the suspect.

Sept. 2006: LBPD Says Newcomb Graffiti Was NOT Gang Related; Valdalism Was By a "Tagging Crew" Including a Specific Vandal

Sept. 2006: Graffiti Vandalism Strikes ELB's Newcomb Academy

Sept. 2006: ELB Hit & Run, Bellflower Blvd @ 29th (just south of Spring); Suspect SUV Flees After Colliding With Two Other Vehicles

Aug. 2006: AQMD Says That Mystery Aug. 23 Area-Wide Odor Was...

Aug. 2006: What Was That Mystery Area-Wide Odor? AQMD Dispatched Investigators, Info Pending; Here's How Some Of Our Readers Described It

Aug. 2006: Planning Comm'n Votes 4-0 (Three Absent) To Certify Studebaker/Loynes ("Home Depot") EIR With "Statement Of Overriding Considerations" For Negative Impacts; Appeal to Council And Possibly Court Loom

Aug. 2006: LBPD Serves Search Warrant In ELB Bellflower/Wardlow Area; Finds Alleged Marijuana-Growing Operation

July 2006: Former Councilwoman Kell Responds Re Records Removed From 5th Dist. Council Office Prior To Councilwoman Schipske Taking Office

July 2006: First on Councilwoman Schipske's Staff Says Virtually All 5th Dist. Council Office Files & Records Removed Prior To Her Taking Office

July 2006: Yikes! This Happened When Someone Was Driving on Studebaker Rd. Near El Dorado Park

July 2006: 5th District Councilwoman-Elect Schipske Offers Some Initial/Preliminary Thoughts Re Possible Future Uses For Willow/Grand Army Reserve Facility

July 2006: ELB 5.5 Acre Army Reserve Center, 3800 E. Willow, Declared Surplus And City Hall Is Soliciting Notices Of Interest From Homeless Service Providers, State & Local Gov't Entities & Non-Profits

June 2006: Accident, Willow St @ Los Coyotes Diagonal Leaves Vehicle On Its Side, Prompts LBFD Extrication

June 2006: Several ELB Elderly Residents Victimized In Multi-Suspect Scams/Thefts; LBPD Issues Warning & Gives Details

June 2006: Collision @ Studebaker/Willow; LBPD Says One Car Failed To Yield

May 2006: Councilman Colonna Voices Concern, Will Bring May 23 Council Item Re Boeing Realty Decision Not To Include 200 Single Family Homes (And Build All Condos/Townhomes) In Residential Component Of Mixed-Use "Douglas Park" Development

May 2006: Boeing Realty Says It Plans Up To 1,200 Condos/Townhouses As Residential Part of "Douglas Park" Mixed-Use Development

May 2006: Boeing Realty Changes Plans, Won't Include Single Family Homes, Now Only Condos/Townhomes As Residential Part of "Douglas Park" Mixed-Use Development

May 2006: Big Desert Tortoise Is Loose in ELB. Have You Seen Her?

Feb. 2006: Bicyclist Killed By Car, Lakewood Blvd. Near Conant St.

Feb. 2006: Beloved LB Crossing Guard Retires At Age 81...After Helping Kids Safely Walk to LB Schools For 36 Years

Jan. 2006: House Fire Near ELB LBCC

Jan. 2006: Car Flips @ ELB Wendy's

Jan. 2006: Big Crowd Attends 4th District Snow Day @ Whaley Park

Jan. 2006: ELB Sidewalks Uprooted With Promise To Be Restored As Verizon Installs Cutting-Edge, Blazing-Speed Fiber Optic Lines Offering Residents Add'l & Media Options

Jan. 2006: Driver Dies As Vehicle Exiting 22 Fwy On 7th St. At Studebaker Rd. Goes Into Los Cerritos Channel

Nov. 2005: See Los Altos Pre-Dawn, Post-T'giving Shopping Madness

Nov. 2005: ELB Resident Celebrates T'giving With Fresh-Caught Ahi Tuna...Six Of 'Em Weighing About 200 lbs. Each, Caught Off Cabo San Lucas

Nov. 2005: ELB Willow/Palo Verde Crash

Nov. 2005: What To Do & How To Help Re Root Weevil, Whether You're Inside Or Beyond Southeast LB Quarantine Zone

Nov. 2005: Root Weevil Found In Southeast LB Prompts CA Agriculture Agency To Declare Plant/Soil Quarantine Zone

Photo source: University of CA Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources publication 8131, Diaprepes Root Weevil

Oct. 2005: Bicyclist Falls, Cars Collide In Lakewood Blvd. Tunnel South of Spring

Oct. 2005: Tragic Accident: Pedestrian Is Killed in ELB Crossing Atherton St., West of Park Ave.

Oct. 2005: High Speed Chase From Cypress Ends With Crash At Wardlow @ Los Coyotes, Suspect Collides With Innocent Victim.

Oct. 2005: Car Goes Into Atherton Ditch Near Palo Verde

Sept. 2005: Dawn Sunday Sept. 18: Car Goes Into Clark Ave. Flood Control Channel

Sept. 2005: El Dorado Park South Neighborhood Holds Katrina-Aid Fundraiser

Aug. 2005: Overnight Blast From Incendiary Device Rocks Burcham Elementary School & ELB Neighborhood

Aug. 2005: ELB Open Culvert On Atherton May Finally Be Covered Via Project Included In Massive Federal Transportation Bill

Aug. 2005: Memorial Shrine On Atherton For Marine Who Perished In Motorcycle Crash Near Whaley Park

July 2005: Lakewood Center Macy's, Los Cerritos Center Robinsons-May Among Several Southland Locations Closing In 06 In Corporate Post-Merger Plan

July 2005: Donations From Fans + Vice Mayor Kell's Donation Of Part Of Her Charter-Mandated Raise Will Fund Elm Street Band Concert in El Dorado Park Aug. 12

July 2005: Stolen Car vs. Bellflower Blvd. Power Pole = Blackout In Part of ELB

July 2005: Friends of Man Who Sparked Bellflower Blvd. Pursuit & Died In Crash Put Up Homemade Memorial

July 2005: July 1 Afternoon Sheriff's Pursuit Ends With Crash @ Bellflower/Spring; Multiple Vehicles Involved

June 2005: Add'l Photo & Details On Good Samaritans Who Helped Rescue Injured LBPD Officer After Los Coyotes/Palo Verde Crash

June 2005: LBPD Alert: East Division Reports Scams Targeting Seniors Esp. in Los Altos Area; LBPD Offers Tips For You And/Or Your Parents To Avoid Becoming Victims

June 2005: ELB Alert: CalTrans Plans Northbound 605 & Katella Ramp Closures/Restrictions June 25-27; Reason: New Bridge Deck & Carpool Lanes

June 2005: Bizarre Six-Vehicle Crash, Lakewood Blvd. @ Spring St.

May 2005: El Dorado Area Driver Encounters Duct-Tape Wielding Kids...And Sticky Nuisance

May 2005: Horrifying High Speed Chase Roars Thru Long Beach, Ending At Redondo/Anaheim With Suspect Exiting Car, Armed with Handgun. Police Open Fire, Killing Suspect

May 2005: El Dorado Park Estates Area Crash, Spring St. @ Claremore

April 2005: Outpouring Of Prayers, Sympathy Following Shocking Crime: ELB Neighbors -- Aided by Local Lowe's Employee -- Build Heartfelt Shrine on Woodruff, Stream of Visitors Appears

April 2005: ELB Murderer Is Dead, Shot & Killed By Westminster PD in Fierce Gun Battle; Hours Earlier, He Killed His 4 Yr-Old Son & Tried To Kill His Wife on ELB's Woodruff Ave.

April 2005: ELB Farmers Market Starts Thursday Afternoons @ LB Health Dept., 4:00-7:30 p.m.

March 2005: Vehicle Mishap Knocks Out Power In Part Of ELB

March 2005: ELB & Vicinity Feel 2.6 Quake, Three Miles ESE of Seal Beach

March 2005: Fatal Crash, Spring St. @ Karen Ave. (east of Studebaker)

March 2005: LB Kids, Cops & Other Volunteers Have Their Heads Shaved In "St. Baldricks Day" Fundraiser To Fight Childhood Cancer

Feb. 2005: Another Terrible Accident, Wardlow @ Studebaker: 94 Yr-Old Man Riding Motorized Cart Crossing Street Is Struck & Seriously Injured

Feb. 2005: ELB Traffic Alert: Lakewood Blvd. b/w Carson & Conant Will Be Closed Feb. 14-18 To Dismantle Boeing Overcrossing Bridge

Jan. 2005: Confirmed: It WAS A Tornado On December 29 That Downed Trees & Branches in ELB

Jan. 2005: Horrific Crash, Studebaker @ Wardlow; Driver Of One Car Perishes, The Other Survives

Dec. 2004: Dec. 30, 1:58 a.m.: Car Crashes Into ELB Norse Way Area Businesses

Dec. 2004: We Post Readers' Emailed Storm Photos...And Report Tree Damage At Henry Elementary School

Dec. 2004: [Updated, see above] Thunderstorm Type Winds Hit ELB: Trees, Branches Downed In Area of Woodruff/Wardlow; Other Areas Also Affected; Power Interrupted For Period Across Large Area

Dec. 2004: Fierce Winds & Rain Lash LB; Shore & Peninsula Areas Hardest Hit

Dec. 2004: Les Robbins Retires After Thirty Years with L.A. County Sheriff's Dept.

Oct. 2004: Gala Opening Of Upgraded Skylinks Golf Course

Oct. 2004: ELB Geyser, Clark Ave. & Wardlow Rd.: Car Hits Hydrant, Travels Across Home's Front Lawn, Lands At Garage

Oct. 2004: Councilman O'Donnell Launches Monthly District Meetings, Nov. 3

Sept. 2004: ELB Tragedy: 94 Yr-Old Driver Strikes & Kills 86 Yr-Old Pedestrian Attempting to Cross Palo Verde Ave. Out of a Crosswalk

Sept. 2004: What Will ELB Site @ Bellflower/Spring Become? Click To Find Out

Aug. 2004: If You Felt Aug 16 ELB Quake, Seismologists May Want To Hear From You

Aug. 2004: Yes, It Was A Small ELB Earthquake Just Before 1 a.m. Aug. 16

Aug. 2004: Truck Flies Off N 405 Offramp To N Bellflower Blvd., Crashes Into Home Backyard

July 2004: Comm'l Center Planned, East of PCH b/w Studebaker & SG River

June 2004: CPR Sunday" Gives Public Chance To Learn Lifesaving CPR June 6 @ LBCC ELB Campus

May 2004: LA TV News Helicopters Hover Over ELB's LBCC Campus At Midday Monday; Here's Why

May 2004: Bellflower Blvd. South of Conant: Driver Collides w/ Four Teens Refueling Parked Car; Cellphone Texting May Be A Factor

May 2004: Red Light Cams @ Bellflower/Willow & LB Blvd/Anaheim Being Upgraded w/ High Resolution & Progressive Scan Cameras

April 2004: Grassroots Shrine Rises On Lakewood Blvd. @ Arbor Rd., Site of Fatal Hit & Run

April 2004: University Park Estates Homeowners Prez Says It May Make Sense To Study Feasibility Of Gating His Community In Response to Proposed Home Depot-Anchored Comm'l Dev'ment On Studebaker @ Loynes

April 2004: Meeting On Proposed Home Depot Dev'ment (Studebaker/Loynes) Draws Overflow Crowd, Speakers Raise Traffic, Noise, Pollution & Other Issues

April 2004: Sheriffs Pursuit Ends in El Dorado Park Estates Area, Alleged DUI/Impaired Driver Arrested; Heavy Law Enforcement Presence Rattles Neighborhood Nerves

March 2004: Congress May OK $600,000 In Fed'l Dollars For "Landscape Enhancement" Of Atherton St. Culvert; Some Residents Want Culvert Covered; Issue Raised In 4th District Council Race (Subsequent development, click here)

March 2004: Tank Farm @ Studebaker/Loynes Proposed As Site Of Home Depot Anchored Comm'l Center

March 2004: Yikes! Bees On Busy Bellflower Blvd.

'March 2004: Good ELB News: 10 Yr-Old Boy Walks Away From Home Vicinity Palo Verde/Willow; LBPD Helicopter Makes Announcement, Two Minutes Later, Boy Found OK

March 2004: L.A. County Planning Agency Sets March 17 Hearing On Downsized Woodruff Ave. Townhouse Development

March 2004: Missing Elderly ELB Man Found Alive in Los Altos Near 405

Jan. 2004: Belmont Shore Area Resident Launches Web Site In Crusade to Bring NFL to LB; Proposes ELB Stadium On Boeing Property West of Lakewood Blvd., South of Carson St.

Nov. 2003: ELB Business Helps Brighten Thanksgiving For Needy LB Families

Nov. 2003: ELB Power Outage Affected Clark/Wardlow Area & Periphery Near Airport (Gulfstream + Airport Parking/Rental Car Areas); Airport Terminal & Airlines Continued Operating, Some On Backup Power

Nov. 2003: LBPD Discovers Suspected Small Methamphetamine Lab Items in ELB

Oct. 2003: Part of ELB Hit By Power Outage

Oct. 2003: Oops: Woman Presses Gas Instead of Brake, Car Goes Into 7-11 @ Palo Verde/Atherton

Oct. 2003: Woodruff Ave. Townhome Development Being Downsized, Developer Says; Goal Now 48 (Instead of 88) Residential Units

Sept. 2003: Colonna & Kell Ask City Att'y To Review Process For Annexation of L.A. County "Island" in ELB Area

Sept. 2003: Midday Murder Near El Dorado Park Estates, Man Shot & Killed In Wardlow/Norwalk Shopping Plaza Parking Lot (near drugstore)

Sept. 2003: Police Need Help In ID'ing Victim of ELB Suicide Attempt, Entry To Park Estates From Bellflower Blvd. South of Atherton St.

Aug. 2003: ELB Attempted Kidnapping @ Palo Verde/Atherton; Suspects Try To Pull 16-Yr Old Girl Into Strange Suspect Vehicle: 1950s-1960s Panel Van

Aug. 2003: Woodruff Townhome Developer Anastasi Proposes Discussing Slightly Reduced Density...And Gets An Earful From Residents And ELB Councilwoman Kell. We Post Pix...And Sound Clips

Aug. 2003: He Qualifies! ELB Satellite Project Mgr. Michael Jackson Will Be On Gov. Recall Ballot...But 100 Yr. Old Mathilde Karel Spak's Name Isn't On Final List Of Candidates Certified by Sec'y of State; 135 Names Will Be On Ballot

Aug. 2003: Lkwd. Village (ELB) and Lkwd. Country Club Area Homeowners Hold Overflow Meeting, Oppose Housing Density Proposed @ Boeing PacifiCenter

Woodruff Townhome Developer Anastasi Proposes Discussing Slightly Reduced Density...And Gets An Earful From Residents And ELB Councilwoman Kell. We Post Pix...And Sound Clips

Aug. 2003: Woodruff Townhouse Developer Anastasi To Hold Public Meeting Mon. Aug. 18 "To Review Revisions to Our Original Plan...And Demonstrate How Our Current Plans Would Benefit You."

July 2003: Big Samoan/Pacific Islands Festival Scheduled For ELB Vets Stadium, Aug 8-9

July 2003: Success Story: ELB Reader Tells Us 23d St. Repairs Need Re-Doing; City Staff Sees It, Agrees & Takes Action

July 2003: Anastasi Development Co. Statement re Proposed Townhouse Development @ 3800 Woodruff Ave., Posted In Its Entirety

July 2003: Ass'yman Lowenthal Views Proposed Woodruff Ave. Townhouse Site, Meets Carson Park Residents, Will Try To Facilitate Negotiation Process With Developer

July 2003: Ass'yman Lowenthal Views Proposed Woodruff Ave. Townhouse Site, Meets Carson Park Residents, Will Try To Facilitate Negotiation Process With Developer

July 2003: Denny's On Bellflower/Near Spring Begins 24 Hr Operation With City Hall Approval

June, 2003: Woodruff Ave. Townhouse Development Controversy Hits LB City Council

May, 2003: Overflow Crowd Packs Carson Park Community Group Meeting, Seeks Less Density In Woodruff Ave. Townhome Development

Dec. 2002: On ELB's Doorstep: Developer Proposes 88 Condo Units (27 Residential Bldgs. + 1 Rec. Bldg.) At 3780-3800 Woodruff @ Harco In Unincorporated L.A. County Area

July 2003: Pix of July 4, 2003 Fireworks Over ELB Vets Stadium

July 2003: LB Little League To Inaugurate New Scoreboard And Remember LBLL Supporter Mike Murphy, July 6 @ Stearns Park

June 2003: July 4th Vets Stadium Patriotic Fireworks Will Be From U.S.A...and People's Republic of China, France, Germany & More

June 2003: LB Muni Band Concerts Begin; Some Pix @ El Dorado Park

June 2003: Woodruff Ave. Townhouse Development Controversy Hits LB City Council

June 2003: ELB Accident on Wardlow Rd. @ Los Coyotes Diag.

May 2003: Field of Dreams & Mother's Day Joy: Coach Percy's Mom Gives Emotion Filled Update

May 2003: Overflow Crowd Packs Carson Park Community Group Meeting, Seeks Less Density In Woodruff Ave. Townhome Development

April 2003: Field of Dreams: ELB Baseball Fundraising Tournament Runs Thru April 26 To Benefit Pony League Coach Ron Percy, Injured In Traffic Accident

April 2003: ELB Pony League Baseball Will Hold Fundraising Tournament Apr. 24-26 For Ron Percy, Admired Coach Injured In Carson/Palo Verde Traffic Accident

April 2003: Workers Rupture Water Main, Stearns Near Mira Mar, Approx 1 Million Gal. Of Water Spew, Mix With Petro Type Material

April 2003: Palo Verde @ Carson St. Crash Kills One, Seriously Injures Two

Mar. 2003: Two Segments of 9-11 Victims Memorial Quilt On Display Now Through March 21 At ELB's Tincher Elementary (Preparatory) School

Jan. 2003: See Pix Of Cargo-Type Containers Stacked in ELB On Boeing Property West of Lakewood Blvd.; Boeing Says They'll Be Gone By End of January...But Won't Say Who's Storing Them Or Why They're There

Jan. 2003: Water Main Break On Bellflower Blvd. b/w CSULB and Atherton St. Snarls Traffic

Jan. 2003: Ancient Native American Skull & Remains Uncovered By Workers At ELB's St. Lukes Lutheran Church

Jan. 2003: ELB Resident Wins Grant For Street Median Tree Planting And Goes Beyond, Offers Homeowners b/w Bellflower/Woodruff, Wardlow/Carson Street Trees (b/w sidewalk and street) Planted For Small Charge: Here's How

Dec. 2002: Snow Day at ELB's Whaley Park

Dec. 2002: On ELB's Doorstep:

  • Developer Proposes 88 Condo Units (27 Residential Bldgs. + 1 Rec. Bldg.) At 3780-3800 Woodruff @ Harco In Unincorporated L.A. County Area
  • LB City Hall Urged Less Dense Development; We Post Letter to County from LB Planning & Building Dept. Chief Eugene Zeller
  • County Staff Reports Receiving 47 Letters From Surrounding Residents In Opposition, Two Adjacent Residences In Support
  • County Regional Planning Comm'n Tentatively OKs Project As Proposed By Developer With Minor Changes; Final Vote Pending, Could Be Appealed to County Bd. of Supervisors

    Dec. 2002: Outrage! Graffiti Vandals Attack Two ELB Churches

    Oct. 2002: ELB Noon Hour Bank Robbery, Los Coyotes/Wardlow Downey Savings branch inside Ralphs Mkt.

    Oct. 2002: Northwest Airlines To Close ELB Reservations Call Center

    August, 2002: Aug. 7: Large Chunk of Los Altos & Southeast LB Hit By Afternoon Power Outage

    July, 2002: Councilman Carroll Seeks Traffic Safety Report Re Outer Traffic Circle at Lakewood & Los Coyotes

    July, 2002: ELB Dog Run Over, Killed on Bellflower Blvd., Frightened by Illegal July 4 Fireworks; Owners Place Temporary Small Shrine North of Spring St.

    July, 2002: New ELB/Los Altos Gas Stn, Convenience Store Opens at Bellflower Blvd./Los Coyotes Diagonal

    July, 2002: Pix of July 4th Fireworks Over LB

    July, 2002: They Defied Power, Risked Death To Declare The People and Law, Not Elites and Decrees, Should Run Gov't;Re-read Timeless Declaration of Independence, Signed 226 Years Ago (July 4, 1776)

    June, 2002: Solar Energy Expo & Family Fun Fair, June 22 at El Dorado Nature Center Will Launch LB Energy Solar Rebate Campaign

    June, 2002: Eclipse Dims Late Afternoon Sun in LB

    May, 2002: LB Activist Ann Cantrell Blasts LB Officialdom For Not Following City Law On Holding Council Meeting In 5th District

    May, 2002: Kell, Mayor, Council & City Attorney Silent As Council Fails To Set 5th District Council Meeting

    May, 2002: Good News! LB "Critical Missing" Person Is Found

    May, 2002: LBPD To Hold ELB Community Forum On Recent Sex Crimes & Burglaries

    April, 2002: 5th Dist. Councilwoman Jackie Kell Issues Statement on Re-Election, Upcoming Goals

    Mar. 2002: ELB & NLB KMarts NOT Listed For Closing in Bankruptcy Reorg.

    Feb. 2002: Even More Volunteers Turn Out For Second ELB Tree Planting...Including LB Officials & Candidates

    Feb. 2002: Three Vehicle ELB Traffic Accident Feb. 21, Bellflower @ Wardlow; Some Injured, None Killed

    Feb. 2002: Volunteers Sought for Second ELB Tree Planting, Sat. Feb. 16

    Jan. 2002: Vice Mayor Baker, Councilwoman Kell Join Volunteers At ELB Tree Planting

    Jan. 2002: KMart Seeks Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization; ELB & NLB KMarts Open As Company Promises Business As Usual

    Jan. 2002: Volunteers Invited for ELB Tree Planting

    Dec. 2001: Bellflower/Los Coyotes SW Corner To Get Chevron Station w/ Convenience Store & Alcohol Beverage Sales, Subject to Conditions; We Post Conditions Proposed by Councilman Carroll & OK'd by Council

    Aug. 2001: ELB Gets Drive-Thru Starbucks

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