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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


May 2007: Final Ballots Counted & Dee Andrews Widens His Lead, Is Presumtive 6th District Councilman-Elect; Al Austin Doesn't Concede, Says He Looks Forward To Rep'ing 6th District

May 2007: Councilman-Possibly-Elect Dee Andrews & His Campaign Staffers On Election's Message

[Coverage of the 2007 37th Congressional district race to succeed the late Rep. Millender-McDonald is in our LB Congressmembers Archives/Reference section.]

May 2007: Dee Andrews: By The Numbers

May 2007: LB Special Election: The People Speak: Prop A (Stronger Mayor) Passes; Props B & C (Comm'n Decided Pay Raise, Eased Term Limits) Fail; Prop H (Increased Oil Producer Fee For Public Safety) Passes; 6th District: Dee Andrews Shows "Experts" Wrong, Bests Al Austin & Ahmed Saafir With Provisional/Add'l Absentee Ballots Still Remaining To Be Counted
For City Clerk's tally of results, click here

April 2007: City Att'y Shannon Sent Cease & Desist Letter To Saafir Campaign Re Mailer With Photo Of Police Chief Batts In-Uniform...Without Realizing Mailer Came From LB Chamber's Political Action Committee

April 2007: Pro-Saafir Mailer (That Used Photo Of Candidate With Police Chief Batts Who Hasn't Endorsed Anyone) Was Independent Expenditure By LB Chamber Political Action Committee

April 2007: Police + Firefighter Unions Spend $100k Combined, And Some Elected Officials & Corporate Entities Add Nearly $90k More, To Campaign For Public Safety Prop H

April 2007: Mailer Funded By Some Group Backing 6th dist. Council Candidate Saafir Includes Photo Of Him Alongside Police Chief Batts...Although Chief Batts Hasn't Endorsed Anyone In The Race

April 2007: New TV Ads/Mailers With Mayors Bob & Bev Push Prop A, Ignore Props B-G

April 2007: City Clerk Herrera Estimates Between 30-40,000 Total Ballots Will Be Cast In Citywide Special Election (Foresees Roughly 14-18% Turnout & Hopes He's Wrong); Warns Voters NOT To Write Any Comments, Initials Or Words On Ballot (Which Will Invalidate Voter's Entire Ballot Under State Law)

April 2007: City Clerk Says Nearly 20% Of Absentee (Vote by Mail) Ballots Issued Have Thus Far Been Returned

April 2007: City Auditor, LB Police & Firefighters In TV Ad Blitz For Prop H (Fee Increase On LB Oil Producers, Revenue For Public Safety)

March 2007: First On We Name Contributors -- Including Some BIG Spenders Inside & Outside LB -- Bankrolling Political Committee To Influence LB Voters To Approve Mayor/Council Bundled/Backed Props A-G

March 2007: First On Big Bucks Backing TV Ad Blitz With Mayor Foster Boosting Ballot Props A-G

March 2007: Gathering Storm In Council Race: Candidate Parker Says Mayor Foster Didn't Trust 6th Dist. Voters To Make Their Own Decision In Endorsing Austin; Candidate Saafir Is Endorsed By Former Mayor O'Neill, Sets Major Fundraiser

March 2007: Mayor Foster Endorses Al Austin In 6th Dist Council Race

March 2007: 6th Dist Council Candidates On Making Witness Intimidation An Automatic Felony, Ballot Measure To Give Them Likely Payraise...And Restoring "No Net Increase" In Port Pollution Legislation

March 2007: City Hall Dismisses Civil Suit Against Norm Ryan Stemming From 2002 Mayoral Campaign

Feb. 2007: 6th district Council Candidate Al Austin Endorsed By L.A. County Fed'n of Labor; Candidates Forum Featuring All 6th district Contenders Set For Wrigley Ass'n Monday Nite March 5

Feb. 2007: LB Chamber Board Endorses All Mayor/Council Proposed Ballot Measures, Backs Ahmed Saafir For Sixth District City Council

Feb. 2007: 6th district Council Candidate Lillian Parker Announces Endorsement Of Teamsters Joint Council 42

Feb. 2007: Grassroots Pressburg Brunch Draws 6th district Council Candidates

Feb. 2007: Perspective: Mayor Bristles, Belittles Brouhaha Over Bundling Ballot Measures

Jan. 2007: Council Votes To Bundle Ballot Measures, See Grouped-Choices Council Will Offer LB Voters

Jan. 2007: City Auditor Urges Raising LB's Oil Production Tax, DeLong Backs It & Wants Revenue Split Between Public Safety & Infrastructure Improvements

Jan. 2007: Council OK's For Ballot Proposed City Charter Changes That Could Create "Salary Comm'n" (Which Could Raise Council Pay Without Council Vote), Ease Term Limits For Incumbents & Give Mayor Line Item Budget Veto; Council Declines To Pursue Creating Inspector General Over LBUSD

Jan. 2007: Proposed Changes To LB City Gov't -- Including Mayoral Line Item Budget Veto (w/ 2/3 Council Override), Easing Council Term Limits & Creating "Compensation Comm'n" (Which Could Raise Council Pay); Removal Of City Commissioners (On Council Majority Vote) -- Advance For Possible May 07 Special Election Ballot

  • LB Teachers' Union Proposal To Create "Inspector General" To Oversee LBUSD Is Forwarded By Councilwoman Reyes Uranga

    [2006 elections have separate link, click here]

    May 2005: Council's Elections Oversight Committee Recommends Seeking City Att'y Opinion On Requiring Political Action Committees To Report Contribs Of $1,000+ On Behalf Of Ballot Measures...And Report Expenditures In Pursuit of Placing An Initiative On Ballot

    Nov. 2004: Registrar Results: Karnette Wins 54th Assembly Seat

    Nov. 2004: Registrar Results: County "Measure A" Sales Tax Hike Fails (2/3 needed)

    Nov. 2004: LB At Ground Zero In Kuykendall vs. Karnette Assembly Battle

    Oct. 2004: L.A. County Sheriff Baca, LBPD Chief Batts & Add'l Area Police Officials Urge Voters To Pass Measure A (Half-Cent L.A. County Sales Tax Increase For Public Safety Purposes)

    Oct. 2004: Candidate Kuykendall on AB 2042 (No Increased Air Pollution w/ Port Growth): What Would Kuykendall Do?

    Oct. 2004: Supervisor Knabe Says He's Voting "No" On Measure A (Proposed Half-Cent Sales Tax Hike For Public Safety Related Purposes) On Nov. 2 Ballot

    Oct. 2004: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n Gives Ballot Recommendations, Advises "No" on L.A. County Sales Tax Hike (Measure A)

    June 2004: Rae Gabelich Wins 8th District Council Seat, Decisively Defeats Mayor-Backed Incumbent Webb, 61%-39% (2,427 to 1,551)

    June, 2004: Editorial: Rae Gabelich For 8th district Council Because...

    June 2004: Rae Gabelich Wins Endorsements Of Teachers Ass'n of LB and LB School Bd VP Mary Stanton In 8th Council district Runoff

    May 2004: Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Confirms It: She Has Endorsed Rae Gabelich

    May 2004: Former 8th dist. Councilman Jeff Kellogg Endorses Rae Gabelich for 8th dist. Council Seat

    May 2004: Press-Telegram Endorses Rae Gabelich for 8th district Council

    May 2004: Terry Jensen Endorses Rae Gabelich For 8th Dist. Council

    April 2004: LB Police Officers Ass'n Endorses Rae Gabelich in 8th dist. Council Runoff

    April 2004: Challenger O'Donnell Decisively Defeats Incumbent Carroll In ELB 4th District Council Race

    April 2004: April 2004 LB Election Results

    April, 2004: Endorsements: They Earned It:

  • 8th district: Yes on Rae Gabelich
  • 6th district: Yes on Lewis Lester
  • 4th district: No on Dennis Carroll
  • Plus email responses

    April 2004: LBReport: As of April 6, City Clerk Hadn't Received Disclosure Statements Due April 1 From Council Campaigns For Terry Jensen, Kennedy Collins, Regina Chaney & Lewis Lester

    March 2004: City Employees' Union Endorses Council Incumbents Baker & Richardson (Dists. 2 & 6), Challengers O'Donnell & Jensen (Dists. 4 & 8)

    March 2004: Significant 8th Council District Candidate Forum, We Post Extended Excerpts

    March 2004: Here's TV Schedule for Council Candidate Forums

    Feb. 2004: 8th Dist. Council Candidates in First Forum

    Feb. 2004: LB Area Chamber of Commerce Endorses All Four Council Incumbents Up For Reelection On April 13...And Announces Establishment Of "Candidate Academy"

    Feb. 2004: March, 2004 Election Results

    Feb. 2004: LB Firefighters Union Endorses Council Incumbents Baker, Richardson & Webb...and Challenger O'Donnell

    Jan. 2004: LB Police Officers Ass'n Endorses 4th District Challenger Patrick O'Donnell, Seeking To Oust Council Incumbent Dennis Carroll

    .Jan. 2004: LB April 04 Election Stunners:

  • LB Council District 2: Councilmembers Vote 3-2 NOT To Declare Councilman Baker Elected Despite No Challenger's Name On Ballot, Will Force Baker To Face Write-In Challenger Sonny Bozeman
  • LB School Board Dist 4: Jon Meyer Has No Ballot Challenger
  • LB Community College Bd. Dist. 4: Dick Gaylord v. Doug Otto

    Jan. 2004: Kerry Presidential Campaign Giving Visibility To LB Area Congresswoman Millender-McDonald

    Jan. 2004: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n Speaks:

  • No on Prop 55 School Bond
  • No On Prop 56 (Calls It Threat To Prop 13; Lets State Lawmakers Approve Budgets Incl. Tax Increases With Less Than 2/3 Approval of Legislature)
  • Yes On Props 57 & 58 (Paired Schwarzenegger-Legislature Deficit Financing Bond & Balanced Budget Measure)

    Jan. 2004: Here's April 2004 LB Council Election Lineup:

  • 2d dist: Councilman Baker (will face write in opponent Sonny Bozeman)
  • 4th dist: Councilman Carroll v. Patrick O'Donnell
  • 6th dist: Councilwoman Richardson v. Lewis Lester, Regina Chaney & Dee Andrews
  • 8th dist: Councilman Webb v. Rae Gabelich, Terry Jensen & Kennedy Collins

    Oct. 2003: How LB Voted -- By Council District -- On Gov. Recall & Replacements

    Oct. 2003: Election Results From Secretary of State's Office in Sacramento

    Nov. 2002: LB Election Results Plus CA Offices and Congressional Results

    June, 2002: June 4, 2002 LB election results

    April, 2002: City Prosecutor Reeves Asks D.A. To Handle Investigation of Alleged Campaign Violations by CA Citizens for Neighborhood Empowerment

    April, 2002: April 9, 2002 LB election results

    April, 2002: City Attorney Shannon Sues "California Citizens for Neighborhood Empowerment," Seeks Triple Civil Fines, Alleges Acceptance of Contributions Grossly In Excess of LB Campaign Reform Act; Prosecutor Reeves & Shannon Agree Civil Penalty Is Best At This Stage of Proceedings

    April, 2002: What Supporters, Opponents of Prop K (Nov. 2000 Attempt to Change LB Term Limits Law) Said

    March, 2002: March 5, 2002 election results

    July, 2001: Divided Council carves new district lines; includes extended transcript excerpts

    July, 2001: ELB, Central City & Downtown Council Redistricting Heats Up

    July, 2001: 4th Dist. Councilman Carroll wants to take (or reclaim) El Dorado Park area south of Spring Street and adjoining neighborhood from 5th Dist.

    Dec. 2000: Council Votes "No" On All-Mail Ballot for LB Council District 1 Special Election

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