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July 2006: LB Power Disruptions; City Officials Open Two Cooling Centers; Mayor Foster Holds Afternoon News Conference w/ LBPD & LBFD; SCE Gives Public Few Specifics; Affected But Now Back Up

Sept. 2005: City Hall Says Higher Winter Gas Rates Coming Due Largely To Katrina

Aug. 2005: SCE Hits Part of LB With "Rolling Blackout" Aug. 25. Is Your Area Next On Their List? Find Out Here

Sept. 2004: Fed'l Appeals Court Allows Retroactive Refunds For CA Electricity Customers Who Paid Excessively High Prices During 2000-2001 "Energy Crisis"; Sends Issue Back to FERC

April, 2004: Reuters Reports Reliant Energy Subsidiary Indicted re 2000-2001 CA Energy Crisis

Sept. 2003: Court Dismisses Class Action Suit Seeking Consumer Rebates For LB City Hall's Elevated Dec 00-May 01 Natural Gas Bills; Court Grants City Hall Summary J'ment, Finds No Charter Violation, Fraud Or Abuse of Discretion

Dec. 2001: CA Auditor's Report Says State's Response to Electricity Energy Crisis Leaves Taxpayers With Financial Risks & Possible Higher Prices

July, 2001: July 4th Anti-Corporate Energy March Draws L.A. Media, LBPD and Roughly 120-200 Participants

April, 2001: CA Senate Bill Offers Taxpayers Rebates ($530 For Married Couples Filing CA Joint Tax Return, $200 For Individuals) to Offset Energy Costs Blocked in Committee; Future Reconsideration Granted; SB77 author Sen. McClintock tells Committee, "I'll be back."

March, 2001: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n Vows To Stop City Halls With Utility Taxes From Profiting From Electricity Rate Increase

March, 2001: Bill Supported by LB-area State Lawmakers Lowenthal, Oropeza, Havice & Karnette Quietly Laid Groundwork for Latest SCE Rate Hike; Ass'yman Lowenthal Reacts, Says if Core Residential Customers Significantly Impacted, He Thinks Legislature Will Consider "a Range of Options"

March, 2001: Norm Ryan (Prop J/Utility Tax Cut Author) Considering New Ballot Measure To End Utility Tax on City Hall-run Utilities (Gas & Water), Calls for immediate rebates and Council accountability

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