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June 2007: With On-Demand Video Access: See & Hear LB Fire Dept. Presentation (Includes Videos), Public Testimony, Council Discussion & Decision On Sprinkler Retrofit Of Large LB High Rises

June 2007: Fatal ELB Crash, Wardlow Rd. @ Clark Ave., As Passenger Car Is Rear-Ended By SUV

April 2007: Extended Audio: Hear LB Fire Marshal, Apt. Ass'n & Resident & Property Owner Reps As Public Safety Committee Considers Retrofitting LB High Rises With Anti-Fire Sprinklers

April 2007: No Councilmembers Speak (Except Gabelich, Dismayed) As Council Casts Final Vote Letting Developers With Pending Projects "In The Pipeline" Avoid Paying [Our Estimate] $4+ Million In Police/Fire Impact Fees

April 2007: Perspective: By Our Calculation, Council Vote Sparing Developers Police & Fire Impact Fees Attributable To Now-Pending Developments Could Cost Taxpayers $4+ Million; Second Vote Scheduled April 10

April 2007: Further Perspective: Councilwoman Schipske's Blog Cites Limits On City Hall Imposing/Using Developer Fees...And Says Council Needs Urgency Ordinance (To Prevent Rush Of Applicants Trying To Beat Effective Date)

April 2007: Posts Memos Showing 1990's LB City Hall Discussions Re Requiring High-Rise Sprinkler Retrofits

March 2007: Scenes From Inside Hellish High Rise Unit Where Fire Started; LBFD Believes Fire Began With Something In Kitchen Area, Exact Cause Still Pending

March 2007: Day After Deadly High Rise Fire: Councilman DeLong Says Questions Remain To Be Answered; Public Safety Chair/Councilman Lerch Says His Committee Will Meet April 3 Re LB Fire Safety Req'ts

March 2007: In Depth: After Dec. 06 NLB Apt. Blaze, City Staff Advised Letting Pre-1974 High Rise Buildings Avoid Sprinkler Retrofits For Up To Ten Years; Read What City Staff Told Council's Public Safety Committee...Still Considering Issue

Dec. 2006: LBFD responded to the 3200 block of 4th Street when a tree trimmer working about 50 feet up was hit in the head by a large mass of palm fronds, knocking him unconscious. LBFD arrived on-scene and began a high angle rescue. The worker regained consciousness as he was being brought down the ladder; he was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

Photo credit: LBFD Public Information Officer Will Nash

Dec. 2006: Heart Rending Scenes, Hellish Interior, Uplifting Responses After Major NLB Apartment Fire

Dec. 2006: Heroism In Face Of Horror: Hellish Blaze In 140+ Unit NLB Apartment Bldg; Two Dead, Two Transported In Critical Condition; Residents Rescued From Balconies As Flames & Smoke Pour From Structure; Fire Resources From Outside LB Summoned To Cover City As LBFD Converges on NLB

Dec. 2006: LB Firefighters Douse Bixby Hill House Fire

Nov. 2006: Awful ELB Wreck, LBFD Performs Complex Extrication

Nov. 2006: Holy Smoke: LB Firefighters Find Light Smoke Coming From Church Steeple

Nov. 2006: LB Firefighters Knock Down Two Dangerous NLB Blazes

Oct. 2006: LB Firefighters Dispatched To Horrific Esperanza Blaze; Click For Enlarged Satellite Image Of Massive Fire

Oct. 2006: 63rd/Paramount: Passenger Dies, Driver Lives After Horrific Crash Into Utility Pole

Oct. 2006: Suspicious Fires, LBFD Arson Investigators Seek Public's Help

Oct. 2006: LB Fire Dept. Deputy Chief of Operations Steve Lewis Is Newport Beach's Next Fire Chief

Sept. 2006: Mayor Foster, Police Chief Batts, Fire Chief Ellis & LB's First Responders Honor Fallen On 9/11

Sept. 2006: On Sept. 5, the City Council (motion by Councilwoman Schipske) voted to refer city management's report/recommendations re LB's Class II Fire Protection status to the Council's Public Safety Committee (Lerch, Gabelich, Schipske).

Sept. 2006: In Depth: City Mgm't Advises Against Seeking Class One ISO Rank for LB Fire Protection; Councilwoman Schipske Pens Op-Ed Saying LBFD Needs Class One Rating

July 2006: Suspected Arsonist Appears To Have Struck In Wrigley-Area; Help LB Arson Team Find Him

June 2006: Accident, Willow St @ Los Coyotes Diagonal Leaves Vehicle On Its Side, Prompts LBFD Extrication

June 2006: Worker Loses Footing At Downtown High-Rise Construction Site; Co-Workers Come To His Aid, LBFD Responds With Paramedics Who Treat Him & Get Him Down Safely

May 2006: City Mgr. Asks Fire Chief To Report On ISO Class One Public Protection Re Fire Issue

May 2006: Mystery: ISO Says It Searched Back To 1980s And Found No Confirmation That LB EVER Had "Class One" Public Protection Rating Re Fire

March 2006: Updated: Man Allegedly Sets Multiple Fires In Kress Lofts Building; Residents Help Apprehend Him; Bldg. Sprinklers Work & Help LBFD Douse Fires

Feb. 2006: Further On Fire @ ELB's Emerson School: LBFD Says Evidence Indicates It Wasn't Accidental

Feb. 2006: Car Goes Into Water Off Former Navy Mole; LBFD Responds

Feb. 2006: Horrific Multi-Vehicle Wreck On 405 Freeway Just South of L.A. River

Feb. 2006: NLB Fire, 6100 block LB Blvd.; LBFD Says Child Was Playing With a Lighter...

Jan. 2006: Driver Dies As Vehicle Exiting 22 Fwy On 7th St. At Studebaker Rd. Goes Into Los Cerritos Channel

Dec. 2005: Child Sets LB Apt. Unit On Fire With Lighter; LBFD Stresses Safety Lessons For Kids & Adults

Dec. 2005: Governor's Office of Emergency Services Certifies Regional Urban Search & Rescue Force Within LB Fire Dept. and L.A. Fire & Rescue (Santa Fe Springs area)

Dec. 2005: LB Firefighters Honorary Ass'n Delivers Christmas Food To Working Firefighters Across City

Dec. 2005: Up Close & Personal: LB Firefighters Share Harrowing Experiences In Rescuing Victims Of Gale St. Fire

Dec. 2005: Updated: LB Firefighters To Receive 15% Raise Over Three Yrs, Begin Paying Pay 2% Of Pension + Share Future Health Insurance Benefit Cost Increases In New Contract, Subject to Council Approval

Dec. 2005: Semper Paratus: Graduation Of LB Firefighters Recruit Class 2005A

Oct. 2005: RESCUE Youth Graduation Ceremony Cheers Graduates & Their Firefighter-Mentors

June 2005: Inside Legends Inferno With LB Fire Chief Dave Ellis; Councilman Colonna & Mayor O'Neill Praise LBFD's Pro & Heroic Response In Keeping Fire From Spreading

June 2005: Legends Sports Bar In Belmont Shore Destroyed In June 21 Morning Fire

June 2005: LBFD Believes Fireworks Started NLB House Fire, Displacing Family Of Seven

June 2005: "CPR Sunday" June 5 @ ELB's LBCC Offers Lifesaving Training

May 2005: City Mgt. Intends To Remove One of Two Downtown Fire Engines Approx. June 1 For Budget Savings; Firefighters Union Warns Public Will Feel Impacts

May 2005: Horrifying Crash, Miraculous Human Outcome

March 2005: Multiple Bug Foggers + Pilot Light = KaBoom!

Feb. 2005: Fire Services Review Advises Maintaining LB's Four-Firefighter Per Truck/Engine Staffing

  • LB Fire Chief Ellis Says He Will NOT Recommend Relocating Or Consolidating ELB Fire Stns Advised In Study
  • Many Study Findings Validate Current LBFD Practices, Others Offer Revenue Suggestions

    Jan. 2005: Jan. 10: LB Firefighters Spot & Rescue Man From Treacherous, Rain-Swollen L.A. River Channel

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