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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


Nov. 2004: Council Votes 8-1 (Baker Dissenting) To Restore Redlight Cams Under Flat Fee Contract & Simultaneously Refers Issue To Public Safety Committee

Nov. 2004: Redlight Accidents Went Up or Stayed Same In First Year Operation at Three Major LB Intersections w/ "Red Light Cams," LBPD Data Show

Nov. 2004: LB "Red Light Cams" Off Following Law By Ass'ywoman Oropeza Preventing Vendor Arrangements Based On Number Of Tickets; City Mgt. Wants Council To OK New Flat Fee Contract To Turn About Half The Cams Back On

May 2004: Red Light Cams @ Bellflower/Willow & LB Blvd/Anaheim Being Upgraded w/ High Resolution & Progressive Scan Cameras

Feb. 2002: Photo Red Cams OK'd To Start Round the Clock Enforcement At Bellflower/Willow, 7th/Redondo and Cherry/Artesia

Feb. 2002: Photo Red Cam Update:

  • Cherry/Artesia Enforcement Tentatively Set to Start Mid-February;
  • Bellflower/Willow & 7th/Redondo Enforcement Ongoing in Daytime;
  • Nighttime Enforcement On Hold As City (LBPD) Requires Further Measurements of Nighttime Spotlights

    Feb. 2002: Bellflower/Willow Photo Red Cam Nighttime Spotlights On For Software Tests; Could Be Operational Soon Pending Final Test Results

    Dec. 2001: Nighttime "Photo Red Cam" Enforcement at Bellflower/Willow and 7th/Redondo Postponed To Ensure Compliance of Nighttime Spotlights With State Law

    Oct. 2001: "Photo Red Cam" 30 Day Grace Period at 7th/Redondo Begins Oct. 15; Bellflower/Willow Photo Red Cam To Start Nov. 15 With No Grace Period

    Aug. 2001: City Hall says contractor installing "red light photo cam" accidentally cut phone cable, knocking out service b/w Redondo, Cherry, Anaheim & 7th

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