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GAS PRICES (Service Stations)

March 2007: Gasoline Price Blows Thru $3+/Gallon In LB-LA

March 2007: LB-LA Unleaded Regular Gasoline Average Pump Price Nearing $3.00/Gallon, Other Grades Already Beyond

Aug. 2005: Hurricane Hits LB At Gasoline Pump: Aug. 31 LB-L.A. Unleaded Averaging Approx. $2.823/Gal., Higher Grades Now $3.00+/Gal.

Aug. 2005: LB Unleaded Gasoline In Record Territory, Approx. $2.716/Gallon; Crude Oil @ $66+/Barrel, No Relief In Sight

April 2005: AAA Says LB-L.A. Gasoline Breaks Previous Record Price, Now (4/1) $2.454/gal. Unleaded

March 2005: Fed'l EPA Still "Evaluating" Governor Schwarzenegger's 2004 Request For Reformulated Gasoline Rule Waiver...As LB-L.A. Pump Price Busts 2.40+/Gal Unleaded

Feb. 2005: LB-L.A. Area Gasoline Prices Rise Approx. Twenty Cents In One Month, Now Nearing $2.20/Gal. Unleaded. What About That Fed'l Agency Waiver?

Oct. 2004: LB Gasoline Prices Soar! Meanwhile:

  • After Holding Hearings on Gasoline Prices, Assemblywoman Oropeza Authored Non-Binding Resolution Urging Feds To Adopt CA Fuel Stds To Increase Supply; Measure Passed Assembly, Went Nowhere in State Senate Transportation Committee
  • In April 2004, Gov. Schwarzenegger Asked Fed'l EPA To Waive Certain Clean Air Rules; Request Still Pending Despite Similar Request In 1999 By Former Gov. Gray Davis

    Oct. 2004: LB Gasoline Prices Surge Higher: Several ELB Stns. $2.30-2.40+/Gallon Unleaded

    June 2004: Fed EPA Still Mulling CA-Requested Gasoline Waiver

    May 2004: Reuters: Dem. Attorneys General in Eight States -- Including CA -- Ask Feds To Probe Gasoline Prices

    April 2004: Sens. Feinstein & Boxer Back Gov. Schwarzenegger Request for EPA Waiver On CA Gasoline Oxygenate Req't

    April 2004: Gov. Schwarzenegger Requests Fed'l EPA Waiver On Gasoline Rules To Help With Price, Production...And Air Quality

    March 2004: Assemblywoman Oropeza Holds Hearing On Soaring Gasoline Prices

    Jan. 2002: LB Gas Bills Now Lowest in CA, City Hall Release Says

    Dec. 2001: Dec. 30/01: Unleaded Regular Gas at 89.9 cents/gallon in ELB; Unleaded regular, cash price, self serve, at Woodruff/Los Coyotes

    Dec. 2001: Dec. 5: Gas Found At 99.9 cents/gallon in ELB; Unleaded self-service price spotted at Bellflower/Spring

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