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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


Nov. 2006: City Hall Ramps Up Anti-Graffiti Pgm, Now Using Graffiti Eradication Pros Citywide To Respond, Search & Destroy Tags

Sept. 2006: LBPD Says Newcomb Graffiti Was NOT Gang Related; Valdalism Was By a "Tagging Crew" Including a Specific Vandal

Sept. 2006: Graffiti Vandalism Strikes ELB's Newcomb Academy

Aug. 2006: Nino's Ristorante Hit By Graffiti Vandalism For Second Time

Aug. 2006: Nino's Ristorante Restores Mural Hit By Graffiti Vandals

Feb. 2006: LBPD Catches More Graffiti Vandals In NLB Industrial Area...Out of Towners Again

Feb. 2006: LBPD Busts Two Groups Of Alleged Graffiti Vandals -- All Adults -- In One Day In NW LB

Mar. 2003: San Diego Area Firm Invents High-Tech Anti-Graffiti Device, Spots Ultrasonic Signature of Spray Cans Used By Vandals, Relays Info to Cops

Feb. 2003: Council Gets City Mgt. Report On Graffiti Removal; Two Councilmembers & Mayor Comment; We Post Quotes

Feb. 21, 2003: Feb. 25: Council To Hear City Mgt. Report On City Hall's Graffiti Removal Efforts; We Post Written Report Verbatim

Jan 13, 2003: Postcard Size Promotional Piece Showing Child (Toddler Appearing Age) Holding Spray Can Promotes City Hall Sponsored Graffiti "Exhibit" At Long Beach Public Park

Jan. 13, 2003: Pres./Exec Dir. of Nat'l Anti-Graffiti Group Blasts LB City Hall's Graffiti Policy After Learning About "Wonder Women -- The Girls of Graff" Parks & Rec. Graffiti Event

Jan. 11, 2003: City Hall Turns Public Property At LB's MacArthur Park Into West Coast Version of 70's Graffiti Marked NY Subway Train; What Giuliani Stopped, O'Neill's Council Allows, Inflicting Double-Standard On Central LB Neighborhood

Jan. 3, 2003: Digital Editorial Cartoon: Regarding Press-Telegram Editorial: "Two Kinds of Graffiti"

Jan. 3, 2003: Graffiti, Add'l Follow-Up: Gang Graffiti Mark Alleys Just Blocks From MacArthur Park; 14th St. Vicinity Walnut & Gardenia

Dec. 27, 2002: Graffiti Follow-Up: See Photos Of What City of LB Allows -- and Encourages -- On Bldgs. In MacArthur Park (Anaheim St. @ Gundry Ave.)

Dec. 26, 2002: LB Dept. of Parks, Rec & Marine To Sponsor "Top 14 Women Graffiti Artists" of So. Cal In "Mural Collaboration and Gallery Exhibit," Calls It "Art of a New Generation"; Read the Press Release

Dec. 13, 2002: Outrage! Graffiti Vandals Attack Two ELB Churches

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