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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


On Sept. 29, LB's Health Dept. expanded beach closures, now closing beaches to swimmers at Mother's Beach and Marine Stadium due to "unhealthy elevated bacterial levels." Meanwhile, the Colorado Lagoon beach area shows "a similar contamination pattern and will remain posted and closed to swimmers." LB's Health Dept. says "recent bacteriological testing at these locations is suggestive of human waste contamination of unknown origin." It adds that "water quality testing will be conducted daily to monitor the bacteriological contamination in the beach waters. Samples are collected daily, but the culture results may take up to 24 hours for bacteriologic confirmation." The Health Department will maintain beach closure postings at Mother's Beach, Marine Stadium and Colorado Lagoon "until water tests return to acceptable levels in compliance with State standards."

Aug. 2006: Whooping Cough Cluster Is Being Investigated By LB Health Dept.

June 2006: Two Cases Of Murine Typhus In Rose Park Area; LB Health Dept. Recommends Taking Anti-Flea Precautions

Aug. 2005: Parts of LB plus Signal Hill Utility/Phone Poles, Tree Trunks Being Squirted With "Male Annihilation" Pesticide-Laced Bait To Kill Guava Fruit Fly; Most People Won't Notice, Agency Says

June 2005: Second Possible U.S. "Mad Cow" Found, Further Tests Pending; Didn't Enter Human Food Or Livestock Feed Supply, Feds Say

Jan. 2005: Viruses, New Substances Added To Gov't List Of Cancer-Causing Agents

Jan. 2005: LB Health Dept. Offers Cautions On Beach Clean-Up

Nov. 2004: Yikes! Rabid Bat Found In Heartwell Park

Oct. 2004: LB Health Dept. Cancels Annual Public Flu Shot Clinics, Victim Of Nat'l Vaccine Shortage; Some Flu Shots May Be Available Thru Private Providers

June 2004: City Mgt. Sets July 1 Public Meeting Soliciting "Community Members' Assistance In Obtaining Health Data Reports & Issues For Consideration" In Completing Pending Citywide Health Risk Assessment

June 2004: CPR Sunday" Gives Public Chance To Learn Lifesaving CPR June 6 @ LBCC ELB Campus

March, 2004: Reuters: More Evidence Found of How Vitamins Prevent Cancer

Jan. 2004: Flu Shot Only 3-14% Effective In Preventing Virulent Fujian Flu But "Probably Offers" Some Immunity & Reduces Its Severity, CDC Says

Jan. 2004: CDC Says 93 Children Have Died With Evidence of Flu Since Oct. 2003...And 44% Had No Known Underlying Medical Conditions

Dec. 2003: Mad Cow Droppings: In July 03, Rohrabacher Voted "No", Millender-McDonald Not Voting, On Measure To Forbid Fed'l Approval For Human Consumption Of Animals Unable To Stand; Measure Narrowly Failed 199-202; We Post Debate & Recorded Vote

Dec. 2003: Reuters: Flu Deaths Hit Epidemic Level in U.S.

Dec. 2003: Reuters: Feds Move To Strengthen Mad Cow Regs Incl. Ban On Using "Downer" Cows (Unable To Stand) In Human Food

Dec. 2003: Reuters: Flu Deaths Hit Epidemic Level in U.S.

Dec. 2003: Flu & Pneumonia Deaths Reach Epidemic Threshold Nat'lly, CDC Says

Dec. 2003: LA County Health Dept. Says Flu Continues At High Levels Throughout County, Unclear If It's Peaked Or Will Continue to Climb; Most Cases Tested (77%) Are Strain Not Included In This Year's Flu Vaccine

Dec. 2003: Reuters: U.S. Expands Mad Cow Meat Recall, Now It Includes CA, WA, OR, NV + AK, MT, HI, ID & Guam

Dec. 2003: Transcript of Dec. 23 USDA News Conference re Mad Cow Disease Presumptively Found In Washington State Cow

Dec. 2003: First Mad Cow Disease Case Detected in U.S., Feds Now Tracing Where Meat Was Sent, Farm Quarantined; Disease Is 100% Fatal But USDA Says Risk To Humans "Is Extremely Low"

Dec. 2003: CDC Reports 42 Flu-Associated Childrens' Deaths Since October: Kids' Deaths Range From 9 Wks to 17 Yrs; 55% Were Under 5, 31% b/w 6-23 Months; 40% Had Underlying Chronic Medical Conditions

Dec. 2003: Flu Still Further:

  • CDC Says Flu Has Reached "Widespread" Level In CA; L.A. County Says Flu At High Levels Throughout County, Now Affecting Broader Range of Population

    Dec. 2003: Flu Spreads Further...And CDC Says Severe Pediatric Illness & Deaths Underscore Severe Consequences in Kids; Read CDC's Latest Update

    Nov. 2003: Fire Fallout, Mass Health Impacts, Antiquated, Inaccurate, Incomplete Public Info: What AQMD Didn't Tell LB & Southeast L.A. & Orange County Areas Until Too Late

    Sept. 2003: Detailed, Damning AQMD Data On LB Air Toxics Cancer Risk Released:

  • AQMD Says Parts of LB Have Among The Highest Long Term Cancer Risk From Airborne Toxics In L.A. Basin
  • It's Mainly Mobile, Mainly Diesel, Bad In S.E. LA County, Worse In Some WLB, Port & 710 Areas...And Includes Some Smaller Parts of ELB
  • We Post AQMD's Report & Air Toxics Cancer Risk Maps

    Dec. 2003: Reuters: U.S. Says It Is Considering Expanded Mad Cow Testing

    Dec. 2003: Reuters: Democrats Urge Ban on Sick Cattle for Human Food

    Dec. 2003: Reuters: USDA Says Mad Cow's Meat Was Sold In CA, OR, WA & NV & Animal Was Imported From Canada in Aug. 2001

    Dec. 2003: Reuters: USDA Isolates 2nd Herd in Mad Cow Probe; Investigation Will Broaden To Cover Other States

    Oct. 2003: Hallelujah! Morning Drizzle In ELB & Beyond, Oct. 30

    Oct. 2003: Heavy Ash Fall From San Ber'do Mtn. Fires in LB; See Pix

    Oct. 2003: It's Here: Dead Bird With West Nile Virus Found in LB

    Sept. 2003: Uh-Oh: Dangerous, Potentially Deadly West Nile Virus Spread By Mosquitoes Now Found in L.A. County: Dead Bird In San Gabriel Valley

    Aug. 2003: LB Health Advisory re West Nile Virus: (1) Take Precautions Against Mosquitoes (2) Advise Authorities of Dead Birds; See Details

    May 2003: LB Health Dept. Issues Mosquito Warning: Get Rid of Standing Water; Recent Rains, Warm Weather Mean Pests Have Started Breeding Early

    May 2003: "Mad Cow Disease" Found in Canadian Cow: FDA Bans Canadian Beef Imports; Read FDA & U.S. Agriculture Sec'y Statements

    May 2003: World Health Org Says SARS More Deadly Than First Thought

    April 2003: Council Gets LB SARS Update: No LB SARS Cases As Of April 8

    April 2003: U.S. HHS Sec'y Issues Statement On Presidential Exec. Order Adding SARS To List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases

    April 2003: Councilmembers Kell & Richardson Seek Report On SARS From LB Health Director @ April 8 Council Meeting

    Mar. 2003: Reuters: Doctor Who ID'd Killer Flu/Pneumonia SARS Virus Dies Of Disease

    Mar. 2003: CDC Now Says 51 Suspected SARS (Severe Flu/Pneumonia) Cases In U.S. Spanning 21 States, Including CA

    Oct. 2002: Probable First Orange County West Nile Virus Case; CA Health Authorities Believe Man Was Bitten By Infected Mosquito During Trip to Nebraska

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