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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


April 2007: Downtown Death For Spare Change? 3 a.m. Pedestrian Crawls Close To Vehicle Waiting In Fast Food Drive-Thru Lane, Trying To Retrieve Money On Ground; Vehicle Drives Off, Striking & Killing Him

April 2007: Transient Resists, Stabs Two Alleged Robbers, Promenade @ 1st St.

July 2006: 5th District Councilwoman-Elect Schipske Offers Some Initial/Preliminary Thoughts Re Possible Future Uses For Willow/Grand Army Reserve Facility

July 2006: ELB 5.5 Acre Army Reserve Center, 3800 E. Willow, Declared Surplus And City Hall Is Soliciting Notices Of Interest From Homeless Service Providers, State & Local Gov't Entities & Non-Profits

March 2006: Human Bones Found Near 405 Fwy @ Lakewood Blvd. Are Contemporary (Not Ancient); ID & Gender Still Undetermined

March 2006: Coroner Examining Human Skeletal Remains Found Near 405 Fwy @ Lakewood Blvd.

Sept. 2005: Gov. Schwarzenegger Comes To LB To Announce "Initiative To End Long-Term Homelessness"; Apparently Includes Building Combined Homeless Housing/Social Service Projects

April 2005: Two Items Pulled From April 5 Council Agenda: (1) Request for Report re Food Distribution in Parks/Pub Spaces; (2) Consideration of Possible Agreement To Program & Manage Activities re Int'l Sea Festival

April 2005: Councilwoman Reyes Uranga Wants City Mgr. Report on Food Distribution -- Including in Parks -- & Strategy To Protect Public Safety & Minimize City Costs

Jan. 2005: Police Chief Batts Says He Believes Social Services Have Impacted 14th St. Park Area (Washington Middle School Neighborhood)

Aug. 2004: Census Says in 03 LB #7 Nat'lly In Percent of People Below Poverty Level; #6 Nat'lly In Percent of Children Under 18 Below Poverty Level; 46th Nat'lly In Median Household Income (approx. $36k)

Aug. 2004: In Depth: Council Votes 6-2 To OK Year-Round Homeless Shelter in Industrial Area, 1300 block Oregon Ave.

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