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Caveat: Use dated material accordingly.


June 2007: State Senate -- With Support From Senator Oropeza -- Passes "U.S. Out of Iraq" Bill To Put Advisory Measure On Feb. '08 CA Presidential Primary Ballot Asking If Voters Favor Ending U.S. "Occupation of Iraq" With "Safe & Orderly Withdrawal Of U.S. Forces"

May 2007: Cong. Candidate/State Sen. Oropeza Joins As Co-Author On Proposed Feb. 08 "Vote U.S. Out of Iraq" Advisory Ballot Measure

May 2007: LB Soldier Dies Serving In Iraq

April 2007: With Video: State Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata (D., Oakland) Will Introduce Legislation To Put Measure On Feb. 08 CA Presidential Primary Ballot Calling For Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From Iraq

March 2007: Via Reuters: House Approves 2008 Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

  • Dems Millender-McDonald & Sanchez Vote Yes; GOP's Rohrabacher Votes No. For full roll call vote, click here

    Feb. 2007: Here's Roll Call Vote On House-Passed Non-Binding Resolution Disapproving President Bush's Decision To Deploy 20,000 More Combat Troops To Iraq

    Feb. 2007: LB Soldier Killed In Iraq

    Nov. 2006: LB's First Congregational Church "Stop the War Ministry Team" Holds Pre-Vets Day Event Outside LB VA Hospital Urging U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

    June 2006: House Passes Resolution Opposing Setting Arbitrary Withdrawal Date From Iraq, Commiting To Complete Mission To Create Free Iraq & Prevailing In War On Terror: Rohrabacher "Yes," Millender-McDonald "No"

    March 2006: Updated text: Iraq War Opponents March Thru Much of LB, Part of 241-Mile TJ to SF Trek

    Aug. 2005: Moveon.Org Organizes Events In LB And Nationwide In Support Of "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan

    June 2005: Bush: "As The Iraqis Stand Up, We Will Stand Down"; Read Text Of President's Speech On Iraq

    Dec. 2004: President Bush Visits Camp Pendleton, Thanks Military Personnel; We Post His Full Remarks

    Nov. 2004: Federal Court Grants LB Eco-Activist Diana Mann & LB Area Peace Network Preliminary Injunction, Finds LB's Parade/Demonstration Ordinances Violate Free Speech, Enjoins Enforcement Pending Trial, Says Plaintiffs Have Likelihood Of Success On Merits

  • We Post Court's Ruling Verbatim

    Oct. 2004: LB Area Peace Action Network & ECO-Activist Diana Mann Sue LB City Hall In Fed'l Court, Charging LB Parade/Permit Ordinance Violates Civil Rights/Free Speech

  • Fed'l Suit Follows City Hall Small Claims Collection Action; State Court Upheld City's Right To Recover Costs Re 2003 Demonstration

    May 2004: City Hall Sues Five LB Activists in Small Claims Court Seeking $5,000 For City Services Re '03 March & Rally Opposing U.S. Military Action in Iraq

    May 2004: Tragic Taps: Cpl. Pat Tillman Likely Friendly-Fire Victim (Afghanistan)

    May 2004: President Bush Speech Outlines Coming Steps In Iraq; Read Complete Transcript

    May 2004: House Votes 365-50 (We Post Vote Tally) To Deplore Abuse Of Iraqi Prisoners, Demand Swift Justice & Express Appreciation To Honorable Members of U.S. Armed Forces

    Nov. 2003: Full Text of Pres. Bush's Remarks in Baghdad to U.S. Troops on Thanksgiving

    Sept. 2003: Pres. Bush: "We Will Do What Is Necessary...Spend What Is Necessary, To Achieve This Essential Victory in the War on Terror"; We Post Transcript of White House Address re Iraq & Terrorism

    July, 2003: Caution Graphic: Photos Released of Saddam's Sons Killed In Firefight With U.S.

    May, 2003: Pres. Bush Declares Major Fighting In Iraq Is Over, Vows War On Terrorism Will Continue; We Post Speech Transcript

    April 2003: ELB Neighborhood Sprouts Yellow Ribbons

    April 2003: Sights & Sounds of Rally Supporting "Our Troops, Country & President" At Heartwell Park

    April 2003: Pay Back On Iraq: Congressman Rohrabacher Backs Banning Fed'l Funds From Procuring Goods Or Services From Any French, German, Russian or Syrian Entity In Reconstruction Of Iraq

    April 2003: See Dept. of Defense Video of Air Strike On Home Of "Chemical Ali," Saddam Cousin Responsible for 1988 Iraqi Chemical Attack on Kurds

    April 2003: Chilling Details of P.O.W. Pfc. Lynch Rescue Mission

    March 2003: Text of Iraq War Resolution Passed by CA Assembly

    April, 2003: Heartwell Park Rally "Supporting Our Troops, Country & President" Scheduled Sun. April 6

    March 2003: See Flags Lining ELB South of Conant Neighborhood Street

    March 2003: Seen During Mar. 22 "Mass March & Rally Against the War On Iraq"

    Mar. 2003: City Hall Sources Indicate Both Proposed Council Resolutions Re Iraq Will Be Removed From Consideration At March 25 Council Meeting

    Mar. 2003: Councilman Lerch Circulates Proposed Amendment To Lowenthal/Baker/Reyes-Uranga Iraq Resolution -- Calling It "Unity Resolution" -- For Mar. 25 Council Meeting

    Mar. 2003: B. Lowenthal, Baker & Reyes-Uranga Propose Iraq Resolution Supporting Service Personnel While Urging "Every Avenue of Peaceful Resolution Including Negotiation or Mediation," Humane Post-War Policies Based on "Enduring Principles of Peace and Justice"

    Mar. 2003: Colonna and Carroll Propose Resolution Backing Congressional Resolutions Expressing Unequivocal Support & Appreciation To President For Decisive Action In Military Operations, To Troops Carrying Out Missions With Excellence, Patriotism & Bravery & To Their Families

    Mar. 2003: Capitol Hill Iraq Vote With City Council Implications:

  • LB Congressmembers Millender-McDonald & Rohrabacher Both Vote For House Con. Res. 104, Now Subject Of Colonna-Carroll Proposed Council Resolution Backing House Measure
  • H. Con Res 104 Expresses Unequivocal Support & Appreciation To President & Armed Forces In Ongoing Military Operations

    Mar. 2003: Bush-Blair News Conference: War Won't Stop Until Saddam Gone; We Post Transcript

    Mar. 2003: Transcript, Pres. Bush Historic Announcement: "Military Operations To Disarm Iraq, To Free Its People And To Defend The World From Grave Danger"

    Mar. 2003: President Bush Delivers Ultimatum: Saddam Hussein & His Sons Must Leave Iraq In 48 Hrs; Refusal Means War Will Commence At Time Of U.S. Choosing; We Post Transcript Of Historic Speech

    Mar. 2003: President Bush Radio Address Cites Anniversary of Saddam Hussein's Chemical Weapons Attack on Iraqi Village, Says It Shows Crimes Saddam Hussein Is Willing to Commit and Threat He Poses To World; Vows U.S. "Will Confront A Growing Danger, To Protect Ourselves, To Remove a Patron & Protector Of Terror, and To Keep the Peace of the World."

    Mar. 2003: U.S. Posts Photos (below) & Details on State Dept. Web Site, Marking 15th Anniversary of Saddam Hussein's Chemical Attack On Iraqi Kurdish Village of Halabja; We Post Them

    Mar. 2003: President Bush Delivers Somber, Resolute Statement on Iraq, Fields Questions At News Conference

    Mar. 2003: LB Council Avoids Civic War Over Requested Report On Iraq War's Potential Negative Impacts Locally:

  • City Management Offers Verbal Report, Council Votes 9-0 To Receive And File
  • Stream of Public Speakers Blasts U.S. Policy; No Individual Or Group Speaks In Support
  • Councilwoman Kell: "I Don't Think That We Should Put Our Men And Women On The Line...Because George Bush Wants To Get Saddam."

    Mar. 2003: Over Four Dozen CA Legislators -- All Democrats And Including LB Ass'ymembers Alan Lowenthal, Jenny Oropeza & CA Sen. Debra Bowen -- Send Letter To President Bush Opposing "A War on Iraq Without a Formal Resolution by the United Nations Security Council and a Declaration of War by Congress."

    Feb. 2003: Councilwoman Bonnie Lowenthal Agendizes Request That City Mgr. Investigate "Potential Negative Impacts" If U.S. Goes To War

    Feb. 2003: Gas Prices Top $2/Gallon In Much of LB As Oil Prices Reach Nearly $40/Barrel On Iraq War Fears

    Feb. 2003: President Bush Delivers Important Speech On Future of Iraq and Mideast

    Feb. 2003: Seen, Heard at LB Rally Opposing U.S. Military Action Concerning Iraq; Includes transcripts of remarks by Ass'yman Alan Lowenthal, Councilmembers Tonia Reyes-Uranga and Bonnie Lowenthal

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